Conventional wisdom: May 26th

by Micah Hart

Each day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is currently the favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on its jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Thursday, May 26.

Start planning the parade:

Dallas Mavericks

Sometimes it just seems like fate. Was there any doubt that the Mavs would corral that offensive rebound last night, and that the ball would end up in Dirk Nowitzki‘s hands, and that his three-pointer would begin the final comeback to put Dallas into the NBA Finals? It certainly felt pre-ordained.

The Mavericks just have too many weapons at their disposal to be stopped over the course of a playoff series, and they have proven in this postseason that their veteran poise will keep the team grounded in even the toughest of circumstances.

Dallas already beat the Heat twice this season — expect them to do it four more times in the coming weeks.

Give it up already:

Chicago Bulls

Perhaps the Bulls can extend the series tonight in Chicago, but there is no way they are winning three straight against this Miami defense. Derrick Rose has given it everything he can, but even the NBA MVP can’t do it alone — especially when he is settling for fadeaway jumpers in late-game situations.

The Bulls achieved to their fullest potential this season, and that potential’s ceiling is Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals.

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  1. jade says:

    This is a good blog i think heat will win the series and lebron tohether with wade and bosh will go to the finals and kick the mavs and dirk all the way to china

    • dirk45 says:

      This series is completely open. Look at the playoffs up to now. Both teams started against a team from a city that starts with P, then played against former champions that turned out to be beyond their peak, then battled young upcoming teams that were too young and inexperienced to defend big leads in the deciding games.

      Both teams are lead by a future hall of famer that has no ring, they both have another hall of famer at the side and they both were in the NBA finals just once – 2006.

      Both teams had players who were/are hurt for most of the season, both teams have a reigning world champion in their teams – and for both teams it may be the last shot at the title. Dallas will not get another season like this from Kidd and Miami will have to see what CBA means for them and if Chicago will make as many mistakes next year again.

      As a German I still go for the Mavs – but this final will NOT be predicted by matching stat lines from the players. I expect to see at least six games.