The best short film about the crossover you’ll see all day

by Micah Hart

A brief history of the crossover, the NBA’s most killer move, with commentary and reflection from Pearl Washington, Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway, and Dwyane Wade. I couldn’t get the video to embed, so click on the image below to view the short, produced for the NY Times video section by Bedel Saget and Xaquín G.V.

I’m with D-Wade on this one – I think Hardaway’s was the best.

H/T NY Times

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  1. crossov3r says:


  2. Vancouver says:

    No way Hardaway’s cross is better than AI’s….. Timmy just froze you and left you with cement shoes with his quick cross which is pretty crazy, but Iverson literally made you sway back and forth side to side literally which is on another level.

    • Keepnitreal says:

      I agree, Ivo made you either made you fall or make… you lose balance. Tim was just 1-2 dribble and your froze…
      Wade’s crossover is good but nowhere close to Ivo’s

  3. rhein says:

    And what about Tony Parker´s crossover…?

    • Tek says:

      Well in that case, what about Manute Bol’s crossover…killer! for sure…oooo!! or Oliver Miller, there was a speed deamon of the NBA!

    • Jake says:

      Tony’s pretty sick, but he uses more of a hesitation move or spin move to get to the rim most of the time.

  4. ollie boombayay says:

    They didn’t even mention the “Killer Crossover” coined by Hardaway by throwing in between the legs dribbles. Would have been nice to hear MJ’s take on it. MJ barely needed any space on his crossover. The hand checking that is now a foul in the NBA made it so you had be master to even try it in the old days. Great little re-post though. You could make an extra 30 minutes of footage interviewing all the little guys and PGs that used this move. Magic Johnson probably would talk for 30 minutes by himself!

  5. I'm sorry, but... says:

    Iverson’s crossover was nothing but palming.

  6. allen iverson is the cross over king,

  7. Matt says:

    Love Iverson’s comment in the video about the cross on Jordan, where he acknowledges MJ’s greatness: “…even though I hit him with my best move, he still almost blocked it.”

  8. Alberto says:

    Iverson’s crossover…simply the best of all time!!! Iverson the best little (big) man in NBA history! We want you back in this league!!!

  9. 510 says:

    what about Jason Williams? Tony Parker has a crossover? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ronnys says:

    A.I The best killer crossover,step back,stop and you froze A.I is the Answer t

  11. khan says:

    baylor started it all but was made famous by tim hardaway. iverson’s crossover was the best in the business though.

    shoutout to jamal crawford for this one.

  12. joe says:

    Deron Williams has one of the best crossovers now if not the best ever

  13. blacktool10 says:

    well best crossover i ever saw was deroit piston #11 thomas

  14. Gary says:

    Give more credit to the originator.

  15. Diosdado says:

    How about Jamaal crawford killer crossover

  16. Uday says:

    Iverson’s crossover were above anything anyone has ever done. Wat a player he was in his prime, sad he had to leave the league the way he did. He deserved much better. Cross over KING, hands down!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. pakastallion says:

    this is pretty sweet.

  18. Baller says:

    We had some great guys like stephon marbury, steve francis, deron willians and Tim hardaway…. but none of them are better than AI….
    tony parker what??? are you for real???

  19. d-wade says:

    d-wade is just a king in killer crossover.

  20. doc says:

    Tim Hardaway all day – see hardaway leave stockton for dust! legend

  21. Unknown says:

    What about jr smith???

  22. Inkdman79 says:

    Stevie Franchise has one of the best crossover’s period.

  23. Baller says:

    steve francis crossing a guy six times before score….and stephon marbury making Yao Ming fall…

  24. tbug says:

    best crossover was Tim Hardaway’s UTEP two-step without a doubt

  25. Jake says:

    Anybody else think that Jordan’s uniform in that picture is sweet?

  26. .MaFox says:

    Thanks for posting this, madd video.

    shaq’s crossover is definitely the deadliest. Why d you think he only whipped it out during all star games, cause it put the league into chaos..

  27. rhein says:

    Francis, Marbury , Ai, they were ok…but Tony Parker has 3 rings…That´s all.

    Francis never reached the WCF and Marbury neither.

    Ai; Reached the Finals …that is a fact. Allen Iverson has the best crossover ever….

    You can´t forget Derrick Rose cross over. Bye

    Just my opinion.

  28. Tim&ZO says:

    Timmy’s crossover was the PIONEERING one. While other guys crossovers who came after him are nice, HE DIDNT PALM the ball while AI and others sure did. The TH factor, my 1st favorite player.

  29. Luo says:

    All comments above are invalid cuz the best crossover belongs to Michael forever…..Listen up Michael. “Bye”

  30. Rafh says:

    Michael? WTH

  31. Cejt says:

    All comments above are worthless

  32. Otstuff says:

    Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf…..ENUFF SAID!!!! HE was way before both Timmy and AI!!! Have a look on Youtube, you will not be dissapointed