Hollywood as hell T-shirts for sale

by Zettler Clay

In this finely-tuned capitalistic society of ours, any quote, non sequitur or shrug is grist for a business opportunity. If Joakim Noah didn’t know that before, he certainly does now.


Like these shirts*, “Hollywood as Hell” has the potential to stay in rotation for a while. On one hand, it’s a jab at a Heat team seen by many as entitled. On the other, it’s a compliment — or admission of guilt with sarcastic undertones. Everybody wins.

Thank you Noah.

*If the Cavs, er, Mavs beat the Heat in the Finals, I imagine this shirt will be popular in Cleveland for a long time.


  1. Gary says:

    Noah if your D is anything like your shooting I’m sure you don’t know what your doing and you are in fact fouling people.

  2. Tempo says:

    Hollywood as hell , but they r the best

  3. Heat ALL Day says:

    Too bad Noah just JEALOUS AS HELL ! blaaaaahahahahahahaha

  4. garyv says:

    Still….Go for the Ring Big 3..no matter what…1-2-3 WIN!!

  5. Tony says:

    I love it….HOLLYWOOD AS HELL! Whatelse can he say? Teams are finding out that the Heattles are the baddest team in the NBA! And if you can’t beat them might as well knock on them…They better get used to it for the next couple of years seeing the Heat dominate like this….

  6. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


    Never doubt this team!

    While your Superfriends were Celebrating TOO EARLY AGAIN Dallas finished you off …

    That is what t looks like to play with Heart and a team that NEVER GIVES UP (LEQUIT!!!!).
    Too bad Lebron didn’t do that in Cleveland, but Dirk DID IT IN MIAMI!!!

    EAT YOUR WORDS HEAT FANS!!! Dallas wins on your court!!!

    All that BRAGGING and trash talk and CELEBRATING YOURSELVES … You are FOOLS NOW!