Heat, Mavs go back to the future

by Micah Hart

Say, did you know the Heat and Mavericks have played each other in the NBA Finals before? It’s true!

All Ball reader Shane from Down Under has shared with us his handiwork before, and returns again with this homage to one of the most talked about narratives of this year’s Finals, which begin Tuesday night in Miami:

Good on ya, as they say.

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  1. Heat ALL Day says:

    We are ***ALL*** Witnesses!

  2. malakingisada says:

    This is just a remake of the 2006 championship Movie just better and with king james adding spice on it. http://sportales.com/basketball/heat-versus-maverickswill-history-repeat-itself/ and according to a lot of sporwriters it would be the heat beating up the mavs in the finals of the 2011 season http://sportales.com/sports/miami-heat-the-2011-nba-champions/ and lebron james having his name printed boldly into the Guinness world of records hahahahah http://sportales.com/basketball/top-five-nba-players-in-all-time/ just kiiding .. nice article

  3. Lebron "leclutch" James says:

    hate him or love him lebron james is the best player in the league! Win or loose I will be a lebron fan.

  4. damon says:

    Wow, this was the worst officiating ever..

  5. Fair Play in the NBA? says:

    Man, I thought Game 5 in Bulls-Series was bad, But this one tonight was actual crime. I just cant believe that the Refs r that blind. These guys r the best in the world really. i jsut cant believe that they make so many mistakes during a game. Maybe the order came from Stern directly, to secure the win. Wasnt this the same guy from Portland-Series in Game 4? Here we go again, like 2006 the Refs r horrible. And in every of those Games with terrible Refs the Heat win the Game.

    In a fair League the Mavs would have won the Finals in 5. Lets see what they reach in the NBA.

  6. Marvin says:

    unfair calls? i didn’t see any. maybe the refs should call more fouls on the mavs next time. 😀

  7. Shane says:

    Nice work, Love it!

  8. Mavs Fan says:

    I am a big Mavs fan and I am hoping they win it all. But logic tells me that unless Dirk plays at the top of his game, the Heat are going to win this one. The Heat is a star-studded team with moderate team depth to boot. Still, go Mavs!

  9. Graeme says:

    Some people are born complainers.