Shaq’s greatest (or at least funniest) moment

by Kevin McCormack

With news via the Twitter Machine that Shaq is finally retiring, much will be said and written in the coming days about The Big Diesel’s impact and significance to NBA history. And all of it will be worth reading. But for my money, nothing sums up what made Shaq so great than the below video. Shaq understood that above all else, pro athletes are entertainers — and when it came to putting on a show, nobody over the last 15+ years did it better than Shaq.

This still cracks me up two years later:


  1. LAKERFAN_88 says:

    LA and the entire NBA will miss you.

  2. Tanner says:

    What a great career, Congratulations and the best of luck to you shaq

  3. Daws says:

    Onya Shaq.

    He was cactus for years though.