Please let this happen tonight (or any other night of these Finals)

by Micah Hart

This is how you win a championship:

Apparently, this is from the Romanian league Finals, with Mobitelco Cluj Napoca using this buzzer-beater to top Ploiesti and win the championship series 4-2. Not bad, Mobitelco, not bad at all.

The Horry Scale would give this one five Horrys, no doubt about it.

H/T Deadspin

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  1. vlad says:

    i’m romanian! :))
    nice shot

  2. Anca says:

    Too bad you didn’t post just a few more seconds from the movie… the public frenzy of joy is an amaizing must see! Me and my friends were there and we’re still relieving those incredible moments. With Tyler’s shot, U Mobitelco BT beat Ploiesti – 7 times in a row champion… now that is something! Haide U!

  3. U-Fan says:

    The buzzer beater shot was made by Tyler MORRIS => Boston University Terriers 2010 and “U” Mobitelco Cluj 2011.

  4. Diffus says:

    The name of the team is not MOBITELCO !! Mobitelco is the sponsor .. “U” Cluj-Napoca is the real name of that team ! Please change that if you can .. Haide “U”