NBA Finals Game 2: Create -a-Caption

by Zettler Clay

Blowing a 15-point fourth quarter lead has its merits. Fans, writers, photographers and producers alike benefit from a game filled to the brim with energy, drama and clutch plays.

But a look like this (courtesy of Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra) is what the Playoffs are made for.


  1. Miguel Inocencio says:

    This is what you call a finals game, lots of thrill and excitement , but the sad part is that Heat lost their precious home court advantage. but i thinks Heat will still win it in 5 or 6 games and will celeb in their home court … Lebron james is one of the greatest players ever played basketball that is why he is going to take pride in taking this finals in the edge

    • Magic4Turkey says:

      Posting a website which ranks lebron 5th all time,
      ruined whatever reputation and valued opinion you will go

  2. NiSo says:

    Haters hate, potatoes potate.

  3. OhMy says:

    yeah celebrate… for all we know they did celebrate their recent loss… pfffffffftttt…

  4. OzHeatFan says:

    Championship or not…. Spo should be replaced by Riley for next season…

    *fingers crossed for no lock-out*