Wanna see every NBA Championship Ring? Good, here they are.

by Micah Hart

The guys at Hoopism have struck again, this time with an guests artists Robb Harskamp and Milton Un‘s rendering of every NBA championship ring in history, from 1947-2010. Check it out:

Check out the original post to get a closer look at each ring. I think my personal favorite might actually be the Lakers’ 2010 ring with the matching Larry O’Briens on each side. Simple but classy. And diamond-y. Conversely, the Lakers’ 2002 three-peat ring looks like something the Freemasons (or perhaps the Stonecutters) would wear to secret meetings.

NBA Championship Rings by Teams 1947 – 2010 [Hoopism]

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  1. bonik says:

    those bulls ring are nice! 🙂

  2. jone says:

    wow yeah right bulls rings are nice, oh that was my dwade ring in 2006! and had another chance this year, go heat!