Kevin Durant has no offseason

by Micah Hart

Kevin Durant may be done playing NBA games this season, but you won’t keep a gym rat like him off the court for long. After not picking up a ball for a week or so after the Thunder’s season came to an end in the Western Conference Finals, KD is back in action in the Goodman League, an outdoor summer league in the DC-area he apparently plays in every summer.

Here are some highlights from his first game back in action:

Durant tallied 41 points in the game, and pretty much looked like you’d expect the NBA’s best scorer to look when going up against a bunch of weekend warriors (though to be fair, the Goodman League does attract a fair amount of NBA and college talent). I give credit to the opposition though — if I showed up for a game and saw Kevin Durant on the other team, I’d probably just turn around and go home.


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  1. bigfish105 says:

    I really like Kevin Durant!

  2. jone says:

    he will get tired on this upcoming season..

    • Jake says:

      You think he’s going to be tired from playing in a couple of Rec league games? If that’s the hardest thing he does all offseason then he’s lazier than Jamarcus Russel. Please think before you post.

      • err yeah... says:

        and how do you know he’s not doing what everyone else is doing and playing in rec league on TOP of that? Please thingk before you post.

  3. John says:

    I know I sound like a hater (and I’m not a huge KD fan) but he should probably work on some post moves instead of relying on pull up 3 pointers. but at least he’s having some fun…nice to see him happy again.

  4. max h diaz says:

    i know this will be a long summer and KD will have time to do all those things he likes . but i really think he should hit the weights room realy realy hard.

  5. Derrick Rose says:

    I think KD is only going to improve in the years to come

  6. Chuck says:

    KD is but 22 and still an unfinished player but he will get stronger and wiser as he matures as will his 21 and 22 year old teammates. One thing you can be sure of: he will put up much better 4th quarter numbers the the King. MJ: Don’t worry. Your crown is safe from this pretender.

  7. Cody says:

    Guys, he will do all the things you think he should..he will hit the weights and work on post moves, nobody outworks KD, NOBODY! He is just having a little fun and being personable unlike 95% of other star athletes. Let him do his thing. And no he wont get tired next season, he wont have Fiba to worry about he will have more rest this summer than he did last.

    • Jordan L24 says:

      @Cody. I would have to disagree with ya when u said “nobody works harder than KD, NOBODY”. There are 2-3 players that work just as hard if not harder. And those players are Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, and MAYBE Ray Allen.
      Have u ever heard of Kobe’s crazy 666 workout; where he works out 6 hours a day 6 days a week 6 months out the year (or depending how long his offseason is) And he lifts weights for 1-2 hours, then he goes to the court and MAKES 1,000 jumpshots, then he finishes with running or cardio (he may go to a track and run sprints, or box, or jump rope). And D-Rose I think works harder than Kevin Durant becuz of D-Rose’s magical improvement and MVP this season and I’ve heard wat he does in the offseason. He works out about 4-5 hours and takes 400-800 jumpshots, and Rose even works on his athletism (and he’s already the most athletic player in the NBA!) Rose does agility ladders, squats, plyometrics, and full court sprints to get faster and jump higher. And Ray Allen; im sure yall know about how he comes to the arena four hours early and does a shooting workout for 3 hours and I heard that Ray Allen rides his bike 30 miles per day to stay in tiptop shape in the offseason.

      *I Know all this becuz I am trying to get better and I wanna combine NBA players workouts into mine.

  8. JK34 says:

    Did I just saw a one footed step back jumper in the clip? Well, he must have learned it from the Master in the Conference Finals. Dirka Dirk!!

  9. Hook Em says:

    As a Longhorn fan, I will always love KD, but it’s really time for him to hit the weights so he can become a better defensive player. He would be so unstoppable if he were stronger and played better defense.

    • Jake says:

      Just because he’s playing in a few rec league games doesn’t mean he isn’t going to spend time in the weight room. Plus, you don’t have to be huge to be a good basketball player…KD along with many others have proved that.

  10. Chuck says:

    A few of things to add. In the first two series close outs, KD scored 41 and 39. He had 15 rebounds in one game and was double and triple teamed through all three series. And of course, like his teammates, he is just a kid but one who wants to be the best and works on all of his weaknesses.

    In the Heat series now, we are seeing the difference between perception, hype and reality. KD is the real thing.

  11. Nada says:

    KD is great but as long as he plays along WB, He’ll never have a chance to be MVP or playing final…

  12. AusRob says:

    Initially I was a bit skeptical… commitment is admirable, but you can’t get obsessive either. You need rest, particularly at a young age in the NBA. If Kobe Bryant has his phone number I’m sure he can testify like few others can what extra mileage does to the body (three Finals series and an Olympics have made him one of the busiest players in recent years). I took the title to mean he was participating in something like the NBA summer league which even bench players don’t attend. But this is more just a shoot-around, maybe a cathartic exercise to purge those bitter emotions about coming up short against Dallas.

    I’d be very interested to see what path he chooses to go down in terms of physical workouts. Dwight Howard and LeBron (on a good day) are the two most physically-dominant players in the league, and they’re built like tanks. James barely resembles the kid who came into the league 8 years ago. If KD beefed up, he could learn to be a wrecking ball on offense and the Thunder would be just about unstoppable. On the other hand, you can just see he’s very much in the mould of another great player – Dirk. Nowitzki’s play is based around hitting shots that make him the hardest player in basketball to defend. It’s about to pay off with a ring (hopefully). If he can develop his own shot that he can depend on like bank interest, the Thunder will also be unstoppable.

    • Chuck says:

      AusRob, excellent thoughts here. The erroneous negative points almost everyone has had about KD is he is uniquely framed. Even Garnett was more muscular when he came in after high school. If you look at KD’s physique over the years you definitely can see the maturation. At Texas and in his first year, he spent as much time on the floor as on his feet, but that his starting to change. Against Artest last year, he could never free himself from his clutching and shoving but this year that strategy by Battier and Marion was not as successful.

      At his age, the pounds will start to stick as most of us can attest. It becomes a lot harder to get rid of weight than to gain it (alas.) KD himself has publicly stated gaining strength will be his number one goal this summer and given his driven personality to excel, it will be done.

      Also, it must be remembered that he has been playing alongside kids or 21 and 22 or barely out of college. They should grasp the subtleties of NBA basketball almost exponentially as they mature. As we are seeing with the Mavericks age and experience have their distinct advantages in playoff basketball.

      One other point is I am expecting a Perkins to recover and return to his Celtic form pre-injuries. We forget that he was a quick jumper and had good lateral movement before the knee problems. If you put all this together, with a likely quantum improvement in Westbrook, Ibaka and Harden and the other youngsters, and an improvement in the coaching plus a likely veteran pick up by Presti, the Thunder will be a giant handful come playoff time. We should know early in the season.

  13. Kalvin says:

    Kevin Durant is my dude all day. This dude is such a workaholic with so much game but he’s not the NBA’s best scorer. Carmelo Anthony is indeed the NBA’s best scorer. ‘Melo is the only player in the NBA that’s a better scorer than KD. Get it right.

  14. Raffy says:

    KD, dont let russell shoot many shots because hes inaccurate in making those easy shot and ballhog the ball because your the best scorer in the Nba…

  15. guysthink says:

    if he gains just 20 pounds of muscle…he’d be unguardable like early 2000s Tmac…

  16. Kalvin says:

    Lile I said, I love Kevin Durant and i’m one of his biggest fans but come on. LOL. We’re not gonna have this argument about the best scorer in the NBA now.

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