Conventional wisdom: June 10th

by Micah Hart

After each game day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is the current favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on its jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Friday, June 10.

Start planning the parade:

Dallas Mavericks

These Mavs know what they are doing, and clearly, they have figured out that they work best when they play from behind. Dallas just can’t stand the sight of prosperity; they have to be the underdog or everything falls apart.

Still don’t think the Mavericks are a team of destiny? Did you see the shots they were hitting in Game 5?

The Mavs are a very good team playing very good basketball right now, but most importantly, they are in the Heat’s heads, and ultimately, that mind control will end up putting them in control (once they get behind by a few buckets) in Game 6 and finally putting this thing away.

Give it up already:

Miami Heat

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The Heat? Not so much. For the second (third?) straight game, LeBron James disappeared in the clutch, and he could have had a quintuple-double and still no one would care when he only scores two (and a relatively meaningless two at that) points in the fourth quarter. This time, Dwyane Wade wasn’t there to save him.

You reap what you sew? LeBron is one game from reaping the hell out of what he sewed last summer. Dan Gilbert must be happier than a pig in slop.

Some sports psychologist is going to make an awful nice living shrinking King James’ head in the offseason to find out what makes him shrivel up like a raisin when the stakes get high. At least it’s only one more game before the nightmare ends.

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  1. James says:

    I think it’s “reap what you sow” not “sew”.