Ron Artest, champion of animal rights, victim of practical joke

by Micah Hart

Any time Ron Artest is involved with Jimmy Kimmel Live, you know something entertaining is going to go down. This time, it’s Kimmel (a notoriously talented prankster) pulling a fast one on Artest, getting the Lakers’ star to film a commercial for animal rights, which steamrolls out of hand in a hurry. Roll it!

Gotta give Artest much respect for keeping his cool in this situation. I was expecting him to go Samuel L. Jackson when the python came out.

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  1. brandon says:

    so glad i finally watched this! love the porcupine part, “she can hit you anywhere she want to hit you. i know cause i’ve seen that before.” reminds me of the table leg murder. ron artest knows the impossible is nothing because he’s seen it ALL.

  2. Airwind says:

    this is hilarious! i love Ron Artest on this! hahaha

  3. err yeah... says:

    lol why is the porcupine always walking backwards

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