Dominique Jones sees your bicep tattoo, Jason Terry, and raises you a neck

by Micah Hart

We are all aware by now of the infamous Larry O’Brien tattoo Jason Terry got before the season. Now that Terry’s Mavs have made good on his promise, it seems his teammates are ready to get in on some of that action. Like Dominique Jones for example, who recently had this added to his neck:

Jones got no postseason minutes for Dallas, but no matter — he’s on the team and therefore a victor, and to the victor go the spoils. By the way, the new trend of getting a tattoo of the championship trophy, is that the new thing?

H/T Eye on Basketball

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  1. Plastic Bins says:

    this guy (who i have never even heard of before, and i watch a lot of basketball) looks like he first tried to be Deshawn Stevenson (with all the neck tatoos) and then changed his mind and tried to go the Jason terry route.

    he should try and be himself…. a benchwarmer

    • Sean says:

      i can see how this would bother people but the guy is still better at basketball then all the people reading this at home.
      hard to find minutes on a studded roster like dallas’s!

  2. lebron+ dwade+ bosh=0 rings

  3. Cha says:

    Arnold, you’re an idiot. WADE has one. More NBA ring than you’ll ever have.

  4. plastic bins says:

    lebron + wade + bosh does not equal 0 rings, genius……

  5. DeShawn should get rid of that Bloods tatoo on his forehead and cheek