Getting to know the participants in “The Kiss”

by Micah Hart

Though there were a flurry of minor trades throughout most of last night’s Draft proceedings, there wasn’t a whole lot that made the night particularly memorable. Perhaps one day we’ll look back on some of the picks or deals and discuss how earth-shattering they turned out to be, but for now, very little really stands out.

In fact the major event that continues to garner the most attention from the evening was the immediate aftermath of the Washington Wizards selecting Jan Vesely with the No. 6 overall pick, after which Vesely excitedly planted one on his girlfriend Eva.

Well the story didn’t end there. The guys at got some more behind-the-scenes footage of the two lovebirds last night, and if it isn’t just the cutest thing I don’t know what is. Roll it!

Love and Basketball Part II, coming to a theater near you?

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  1. gggffff says:

    most of us would have to stand on a chair to kiss her..

    • JaneCool says:

      In principle yes, but too many steudnt-athletes are more athletes than steudnts.It does suck when someone has a serious injury shortly after being drafted though. I mean seriously, how many healthy bones does Greg Odon have left ..

  2. jghjjyjyr says:

    dude its JUST a kiss lol