Dirk Nowitzki shows off the arm

by Zettler Clay

On Friday night, King of the World and Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki graced the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for the opening pitch festivities. And while you’re thinking about this, I can assure you Dirk didn’t fare as badly.

But he wasn’t exactly Greg Maddux.

Live it up big man. Live it up. Your stock will never be higher.


  1. schri says:


  2. ZenMFFL says:

    Dirk Nowitzki deserves to celebrate. Way to live it up, Dirk! Hopefully no lockout will happen in July 1st, so that the Dallas Mavericks can re-sign all the KEY Unrestricted Free Agents they have this offseason. #LETSGOMAVS!

  3. KObeSUCKS says:

    I know and I guarantee Mavs will go for BACK2BACK… Bleed Blue MAVS NATION..ride BLUE..MAVS FOR LIFE!!!

  4. dasdas says:

    DIRK deserves a champion because he bats KOBE…

  5. dasdas says:


  6. Dirk! says:

    I love him…so humble!! Go Back to back baby, MAVS all day!!! REPEAT

  7. Maxie says:

    Dirk NoWITSKI ( not NowiNski), I hate that so many announcers pronouced Dirk’s last name as if it has an N located in the last name???? NO IT IS pronounced as NOWITSKI NO N in his last name. SO guys get it right. It is a German name. I am not a Mavs supporter, however, I am a Dirk supporter and was so glad to see him get what he deserves. He is the TEAM. The Mavs could have had a chapionship in 2004 and 2005, BUT Mark Cuban had what is known as a Brain FA— and allowed the Suns to grab Steve Nash (age at that time 32) Cuban said Nash at 32 was too long in the tooth, now who won the Championship for the Mavs?????Dirk age 32 and with the help of Jason Kidd age 38. Nash is now 37 a year younger than Kidd. So who cheated the Mavs out of two other Championships????Now he wants to give something other than a Championship Ring as the medal???What is Cuban’s IQ???? Remember Nash was the MVP for 2004 and 2005. Cuban just cannot be that good at poker.??????

    • guysthink says:

      u fool…nobody pronounced nowintzki….and its not pronounced nowitski anyways…its suppose to be prounced no-Vitz-Ki….NBA commentators are correct…ur the one who needs to take a chill pill…

  8. Maxie says:

    Larry Bird was a very smart owner to send Ron Artest packing after Artest jumped into the stands and took part in a fight against a fan. NOW that Dude, Artest want to change his last name????? Nothing between those ears. Needs rehab.