Looks like summer is catching up with Durant

by Zettler Clay

If you haven’t heard, Kevin Durant is a busy man.

In between ruling the asphalts and hardwood, Durant is making appearances around the country at various summer basketball camps. He was in Chicago earlier this week. Today, he was at his basketball camp in Oklahoma City, talking to reporters about the state of the NBA.

Seems obvious as to why right? I mean, he is Kevin Durant. But there’s another practical reason. He is OKC’s union representative. Being abreast of the minutiae of bargaining agreements and traveling to as many as four cities in a week schooling (physically and pedagogically) on the rudiments of basketball pretty much confirms what we know about Durant: that he’s pretty much a freak of nature.

But even nature has its hiccups.

Like most of us, he’s hopeful that an agreement can be made. Also like most of us, he “lost track of time” and didn’t realize the Collective Bargaining Agreement was set to expire tomorrow.


One one hand, he’s the team’s union face. In times of crisis, he is the face that mans the fort in the meetings. To let him completely off the hook would be coddling. However, there is a reason why only four All-Stars and names such as Jordan Farmar, Jared Dudley and James Jones (no offense to the latter three) represent their teams. Stars generally don’t have the time , desire, patience or incentive to lend toward the intricacies of an “billionaires vs. millionaires” caucus.

Even though it’s odd that KD would forget something this important, this scenario is refreshing in the sense that a horde of players exist to play ball and not worry about the rest. And really, isn’t unmitigated focus (enthusiasm?) for basketball what we want to see from professional athletes?

If you want, this is probably a perfect time bust out a “didn’t he have it written on a stone tablet in his backpack” joke. No? Cool.

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