The D-Wade Fashion Tour Continues

by Zettler Clay

One of the more intriguing subplots of the past NBA season was the evolving wardrobe of Dwyane Wade. Seeing him side-by-side with LeBron James after every playoff game gave us an opportunity to see the sartorial splendor up close.

Here’s my personal favorite from 2009:

Well, in the illustrious words of the Sugar Hill Gang and Warren G and countless others, “ya don’t stop.”

At the Transformers 3 premiere in New York City on Tuesday night, he made an appearance. We’re not going to even bother with the “who” on his arm, because by many accounts, he’s pretty much Teflon in that area — kinda hard to beat Gabrielle Union.

As for his outfit and pink suede shoes, we’ll let you sound the gavel.


  1. Plastic Bins says:

    you really have a problem with this guy’s fashion? Do you not remember how NBA players dressed before this? Do a google image search of Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace, Kenyon Martin (just to name a few).

    Now, back to Wade. This guy has been voted by NBA players to be the best dressed guy in the league for many years running. He has also been named the best dressed in the League by GQ, Esquire named him one of the best dressed men in the whole world, twice!

    so while i’m sure this blog will get filled up with comments about how the heat choked and how lebron is the worst bball player ever, let’s try and remember what the current crop of Nba players did for the NBA’s image.

  2. NiSo says:

    Nice shoes, looks sweet

  3. paw paw says:

    Man made cloths, Chicago made style. Looking good homebro.