Yao Ming’s career, appropriately remembered via Taiwanese animation

by Micah Hart

We are all sad that Yao Ming is hanging it up after nine years in the NBA, but if that is what it takes to get a little Taiwanese animation retrospective for the big man’s career, well, I guess that’s a fair trade.*

*Just kidding. We’d rather still have Yao. But we do love a good animated reenactment.

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  1. Adrixe says:

    I think that was cool animation,.

  2. Brian says:

    This is pitiful… If you’re going to do something such as this, at least have the talent to make the characters look somewhat close to the real people they’re supposed to be portraying.

  3. Weems M says:

    that was, in my opinion, disrepectful to Yao. terrible animation for a great NBA player, not a future HOF, but great bigman

  4. Professional Athletes David says:

    It is really sad for Yao Ming is retiring in the NBA scene. Indeed Yao is a pride of Asians since many people are expecting a lot of him after he joined in NBA. It is really quite a loss for Yao Ming is quite a good player especially in defense.

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