Where’s the best place to catch a game?

The Mavs’ arena is known to be fan friendly, but did it make the list?

by Micah Hart

While the Magic’s website were taking a glance back at the history of NBA team logos, Jim Eichenhofer over at the Hornets’ site was busy taking a look at the NBA’s finest arenas.

Polling a group of PR executives from around the league (who see every arena every season), Eichenhofer put together a list of the NBA’s top 10 venues based on their voting.

I won’t spoil which joint took the top spot, but I will say I was surprised to see the Pacers’ Conseco* Fieldhouse clock in at #2. I need to check that one out. Given the state of basketball in Indiana (pun not originally intented, then left in anyway), I suppose that should be no surprise. I hear the basket there measures 10 feet, just like anywhere else.

*I like to think the naming rights were bought by Jose Canseco, who promptly misspelled his own name on the building.

I’m lacking in the amount of NBA stadia I’ve been to in person — I think it’s limited to Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Memphis, and Los Angeles. 12/30 isn’t terrible, but clearly I gotta get out on the road more.

What are your favorite NBA arenas?

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