Even NBA legends took funny high school photos

by Micah Hart

SI.com’s photo vault has an excellent series this week of high school yearbook photos (candid and posed) of some of your favorite athletes young and old. Can you tell who these guys are*?

It’s nice to know that everyone, millionaire world-beaters and regular everyday folk alike, wish they had a different haircut when they were 17.

*Larry Bird and Clyde Drexler, in case it wasn’t obvious.

H/T SI Photos

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  1. Jake says:

    Clyde the Glide was already lookin smooth when he was in high school.

  2. KMill says:

    Clyde needs the pick comb sticking out of the fro!

  3. Professional Athletes David says:

    Well the photos were quite funny and interesting since it is the old photos of two of the most popular players these present days. Indeed a picture paints a thousand words thus truly defining the meaning of it.