Cuban to Piers Morgan: “Mavs knew they had it after Game 3”

by Micah Hart

In case you missed this the other night, Mark Cuban dropped by Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss, among other things, the Mavericks’ thrilling run to the NBA title in June.

I love that the Mavs’ players knew after Game 3 that they had Miami beat. I wish they would have shared that information with the rest of us. We might have slept a little easier during the Finals.

I know there is heady stuff to deal with right now with labor negotiations and whatnot, but you can see that Cuban is definitely still reveling in his team’s title run. As well he should.

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  1. lakerfan24 says:


  2. Sean says:

    Fair play to him! They deserved the win, and they deserve to enjoy their victory for as long as they like!

  3. Toly says:

    im glad the mavs won.. Celtics Fan..

  4. mb k says:

    Man,they didnt know anything

    • Moreeze says:

      I don’t think they knew KNEW, but they had a strong hunch. Once you made the observation that your opponent can’t bring anything new to the table to beat you, you kind of know that it is only you yourself who can beat you from that point onward.

      It’s not the same as knowing they would win, but it sure is knowing that they can win.

    • imad akel says:

      i think they knew they CAN win but not that they WILL win

      lets face it, it was a competitive series. it wasnt so much in the bag.

      i mean miami had home court advantage till the end, so no matter what anyone says it WAS close.

  5. John says:

    they surely didnt know anything lol

  6. al johnson says:

    I dont think they knew. but im very happy they won they beat the champs they deserve to be champs… Miami H8tr

  7. awesomeman says:

    damn wish we could repeat jason kidds biggest enemy is time

  8. KMill says:

    I’m very glad the Mavs won. I just can’t stand Mark Cuban. It’s too bad a jerk like Cuban, who had nothing to do with the win, benefits from what his players accomplished.

    • awesomeman says:

      very benine, hes an owner who cares about his players, and he makes the best moves on who to get and who to trade. It wasnt dirk nowitzki that brought in tyson chandler, it was marky mark. sure they had scouts, but he pulled the plug and made sure to support his players, providing good lockeroom environments and pretty much making everything 5 star for them. so go back and look at the owners of those really bad teams.

      maybe it takes a jerk to be an owner. hes the mavs biggest fan.

      • Myhand says:

        Exactly right!!!! Cuban puts the Mav’s first. He put the team together.

      • Paul says:

        Well Said ^^^

      • Ling Chow says:

        Wasn’t he the owner who said his point guard at the time was too old and washed up? What was that point guards name, oh yes, Steve Nash. It just goes to show how much Cuban really knows

      • imad akel says:

        cuban cares about his team winning

        i mean all owners care about profit, but u’d be surprised how much they care less if their team sucks as long as they profit

        dunno who owns the knicks but madisen square garden draws a crowd to a suck-fest

        and that cavs owner gilbert doesnt get worked up when his team is losing but rather only when his seats are getting empty

        cuban is one of the better owners.

  9. corey ellis says:

    They deserved to win especially after lebron and wade made fun of dirk but no repeat for them cuz Tyson Chandler is out to CHINA…smh…o by the way they swept my team so they had to win…TEAM LAKERS

  10. vek says:

    Have been a mavs fan for a long time…i remember 13 yrs ago when dallas mavericks was joke of the league..i remember the first time when nash and dirk were booed their rookie year.I saw the the transition where they transformed themselves as the heavy weights of the league..i cannot still forget the disappointment year after year…We are the champs now,and the only reason is we had an owner who believed in the team,his players and the fans…so deserves all that..he is one of the biggest element of our success.

  11. I was over the moon to see the Mavs win, and there was no better team to beat than the Miami Heat. It was the perfect battle of loyalty (Dirk re-signing and many thought that move would forever elude him of a title) versus the superteam filled with players who wanted the easy way out. I think the Mavs should still be allowed to brag, afterall, its better than hearing about the labout dispute going nowhere!!!

  12. barkley sucks says:

    I conceded the Heat had lost the finals at the end of game 2. bloody disgraceful to lose a lead like that after carrying on like they were gonna sweep the Mavs mid game.

    Good Work Mavs, congratulations Cuban.

    LBJ.. take notes. Many notes.

    A Heat fan.

  13. Doraemon says:

    Halfway after game one everyone knew the MAV’s had it. They kept coming back every lead….no matter how great LBJ and Dwayne Wade are you can’t sustain that intensity and effort for 48 minutes a night for 7 games that deep in the playoffs.

  14. Wilson, not Tyson says:

    Wilson Chandler is off to China, not Tyson. The Mavs could repeat.

  15. LucasPestz says:

    @ corey ellis excuse me??? its was wilson chandler of the Denver nuggets who’s heading to china. if lockout ends BULLS will rampage all over ALL i say ALL of You non BULLS fans! Rose and (how i wish) Andre Igodala in Bulls = CHAMPIUONSHIP 3 straight years baby!:)

  16. david rogers says:

    Pretty sure Wilson Chandler went to china….. but good for the mavs, as ive said since they’ve won. Let him brag until the start of the season, it’s only setting up more teams to want to shut him up… They won’t go into the playoffs this year as the underdog, and even if everything went right and everyone was healthy, i dont see them making it even to the WCF this year.

  17. QueenJAMEsCHOKE says:

    ——->Mavs knew after Game 3? I knew it before the season starts.. LETS GO MAVS NATION.. hope this lockout will soon end.. the MAVS wanted to give chance to Portland (you have to do better than that B.Roy), LAKERSwept ( not even a single win? probably the MAVS gonna give’em 1 win just to save them from humilation), Thunder (we NEVER fear the beard..and btw Durant, get rid of the backpack kiddo.), and to the HEAT.. (hey LeCHOKE, not 1?? not 2?? not 3?? not 4?? BUT NOTHING!!!) BLEED BLUE MAVS NATION!!!

    • MFFL Capo says:

      True fans are still smiling about this years championship. Besides all the stuff mentioned by the u the thing that made this for me (DFW native, San Antonio resident for school) is getting to watch the spurs get humiliated in the first round with all my spurs fan buddies while my team pretty much wreaked havoc on the WC and brought home their first ever championship.. Ill never forget this one. Thanks to Mark and my Mavs, lets get another one real quick.

    • Bryant says:

      Seriously, it’s ridiculous that fans like you who ramble on and trash on other teams after your team has any kind of success. Oh and you’re probably a bandwagon groupy after your team was either knocked off by the Heat or Mavs. Gave Portland a chance? Or maybe they actually put up a good fight and played some good basketball…? Give the Lakers 1 win to save them from humiliation? Um… which team has more titles…? Durant… a guy of his talent and caliber is welcome to wear a dress for all anybody cared. And finally the Heat, well I myself am from Dallas and been a MFFL, so after they joked about Dirk’s flu and their pre-celebration before the season started, I was looking forward to their downfall.

  18. Buck says:

    Tyson Chandler isn’t going anywhere….Wilson Chandler is the one going to China Mr. Ellis…

  19. Sammy says:

    Proud of them, next year could be very different if chandler and barea leave. Plus kid will be a year older.

  20. Alex says:

    piers morgan knows nothing about basketball, like most guys from the UK. Would of been funny to see Cuban actually ask him if he watched the game, or if he even knew it was happening.

  21. JM says:

    got the balls now eh? bout sayin’ that 4 months earlier

    • MFFL Capo says:

      The JET showed how much balls the team had with that tat he got on his arm

      • Trick Daddy says:

        Are you really calling the Jet here, the biggest weasel in the league? I am pleased Dallas won for Kidd, Chandler, and Nowitzki but hate the fact that his little stupid self had to get one too. Sure he played well and his play helped them to win but the guy is a douche!

  22. Nykfan1 says:

    Um Wilson Chandler is headed to China….Not Tyson Chandler, get the facts right

  23. Rolly Borres says:

    It’s a different Chandler going to play in China, not Tyson.

  24. Ginobili says:

    Give me a job at you guys need some more people who tell the truth.

  25. Ginobili says:

    I could have a blog where I talk about whatever. Call it, “The truth hurts” or something. We can work on it. First blog would be about Michael Vick and that its a shame he just signed a 100 million dollar contract and his jersey will begin selling again and to think he only killed a few dogs. Drowned em, choked em, murdered em. But whatever, that boy sure can run the football! Go Eagles!

  26. Ginobili says:

    And same goes for Kobe. Im sorry but we have to stop sucking his _____ sometime. He was accused of rape?! But a big ol ring and a couple more for L.A. should clear that right up.

  27. Ginobili says:

    What next Micah? Oh, if I was an owner I’d make my players attend school as part of the contract. Up next on SportsCenter, LeBron James has signed a 160 million dollar contract with a player option for the last year but he must finish his pre requisites and gen ed’s at a local commnunity college in Miami or he will forfeit the final 3 years and 75 million dollars of his contract.

    • Trick Daddy says:

      Boy, you are one jealous idiot for real. The man makes more money then you or your family will ever see in a lifetime and yet you think he should go to school. Maybe you have a masters, how is that working out for you blog boy?

  28. Ginobili says:

    Lol Im a bulls fan and I love D-Rose, and I even saw him tear up my highschool for the CPS championship, but boy I’d hand him a book next practice. Those post game interviews, “what can you learn from watching LeBron and Wade finish in the 4th quarter?” “Well i blame myself, need to play defence, i put it on me, coulda shot the ball better…(some mumbling)…better defence, its my fault.” “Okkkk, I asked what can you learn from le…”

    • Trick Daddy says:

      Wow, you must have had a full litre of hater-aid this morning, again, another man makes more then you ever will and is a better ball player then most. Oh no, his interview skills are not up to par, we should ban him from the NBA immediately!

  29. @corey ellis says:

    dude, anybody can beat the lakers. i mean c’mon, the cavs beat you. and with what you said, that means that like half of the league would win the championship.

  30. Heat Fan and Proud! says:

    Didn’t they lose Game 3……..

  31. JM says:

    I wanted the big 3 to have a title but I guess they’re too young for it.. You can see the immaturity on the games after game 3, unlike Lakers vs Celtics you can see how veteran they are.

    I’m also glad that Mavs won even though I went for the Heat, they fought well done. BUT I DOUBT THEY WILL HAVE A REPEAT. Ever.

  32. govendan23 says:

    lol didnt the heat win game 3 though?

  33. Eric says:

    I think one more person needs to tell Mr. Ellis that it’s Wilson Chandler and not Tyson Chandler and by that I mean shut the hell up already I think he get’s it…Wilson not Tyson. Sad how people are commenting on that one mistake more than anything else on this article.

    I knew tha Mavs would win before the tip of game one. Lebron is a choker and a quitter. Overall, the Mavs were a better team. The earned that win where as the Heat think they deserve it. They wont win a championship next year either and they’ll trade Bosh.

  34. Yes says:

    It’s Wilson not Tyson who’s going to China,

  35. HS says:

    Actually, I believe Cuban. If u remember that series, Rick Carlisle made the adjustment of using JJ Barea more to create that dribble penetration, which basically killed the Heat for the rest of the series. JJ and Terry left the Miami backcourt in the dust every game

  36. Dunyon says:

    I understand why it’s easy to hate Lebron and by extension the Heat. Lebron is a Prima Donna and he has not won a championship yet, as well as the shenanigans the Heat did last summer and during the finals and maybe even “Crygate”. What irritates me though is these aren’t reasons to HATE a basketball team! If the Heat were stacked with too much talent and overwhelmed everyone they played I’d get it, but they don’t! Save for THREE players on their roster they SUCK! As a heat fan it hurts to see them lose because the haters deserve to have the trophy shoved in their faces. People are screaming about how they FAILED, they went to the finals their 1st year, let that sink in…1st try and they took a MORE talented and cohesive bunch to game 6 of the NBA finals. That’s reason enough to silence the haters but alas haters don’t silence, because I believe when the season does start (whenever that is) and the Heat do win the trophy (which they will) haters will attribute their success to bad calls, unfair rules and Al-Qaeda. Bottom line, if you’re a fan of the Heat and the guys there that give their all EVERY night, stay quiet till June and scream when they hoist the trophy.

  37. Jordan says:

    Cuban is a confident man and like him I saw this and hammered the Mavs after Game 3 and won some serious cash. Anyone else bet on the NBA?

  38. JaSoN says:


  39. jerome says:

    IM A FAN THAT HAS BEEN TO OVER FIFTY GAMES, 4 GAMES OUT OF STATE, 4 PLAYOFF GAMES………BUT I CANNOT POST MY HONEST OPINION ABOUT THE NBA, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SUPPORTED IT MY ENTIRE LIFE.. THE NBA SOLD OUT CAUCASION FANS A LONG TIME AGO. THEY ARE ALL ABOUT NEW MONEY AND THEIR NEW FANS ARE AS DUMB AS EVER. THEIR PLAYERS ARE ALL ABOUT IMAGE, AND NONE OF THEM CAN COMPARE TO MJ EXCEPT KOBE, AND KOBE COULD HAVE NEVER WON A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH SCOTTIE PIPPEN, NEVER, KOBE CANT HANDLE THAT 80S 90s defense. He is not physical all finesse. and Jordan had way better hands than KOBE. SO why do people feel the need to worship Kobe? because the NBA tells u to. because they Tech up people for playing defense on him, and then u can cheer as he drains a jumper in front of the guy that was just punished for stopping him.. U KOBE FANS MAKE ME SICK.. LET IT GO.. KOBE DOESNT GIVE A FLYING F ABOUT U.

  40. Professional Athletes David says:

    I was amazed by this interview and I think the Mavs deserves to win for they are such a good sport and a model for the team that shows sportsmanship. Congratulations again for the Mavs for winning the championship, hope to see them soon.

  41. n_vision87 says:

    So, I read through all the comments here and it still isn’t clear – is it Tyson Chandler or Wilson Chandler that is going to play in China? I wish someone would clear that up!

    • Trick Daddy says:

      Hahahaha, I was laughing too at how many people responded to that one error. God forbid the man made an error, unlike all of us perfect humans (LOL)!

  42. Chucky says:

    Ummm the Mavs was destine all season to win this year they had the chips from day one. I’m pretty sure after they started limiting what LeBron was doing in the 4th qtr they kinda smelled blood. I think they may have known because that’s all we heard from them locally here in Dallas. They had the will to win it and that’s what kept them going. I’m sure they talked about it how much did they believe it, well you could say the outcome speaks for itself.

  43. Raider says:

    I like how 100 ppl told him that it wasnt tyson who was going to china.

  44. yossi says:

    umm if they felt good being 2-1 on wade and james then they dont understand basketball…..wade didnt play good enouf for the heat to win

  45. DJSK8 says:

    The Mavs out smarted the Heat and thats why they are the current NBA CHAMPIONS! Lebron choked and no doubt that will fire him up for next season. Thats 0-2 finals tally. Swept by Spurs. Parker, Duncan, need i say more, ok, Ginobili, Bowen, then Mavs…….. Nothings guaranteed, but one things certain, Lebron will be back and better than ever! And maybe, just maybe 2012 will be his year( like I thought it was untill the Mavs proved otherwise) I do think the Heat need not be side tracted and just Ball! Anyway Lebron should change back to 23 and follow in Jordans footsteps! Kobe has and look where he is………enough said. on that note basketball is a TEAM sport, you win as a team, you lose as a Team no matter where or who you are.

  46. ray allen fan says:


  47. Bobberto says:

    tyson chandler aint going to china buddy.its wilson

  48. JustBlaze says:

    i think he saw it was wilson after the first 3 comments, retarded

  49. Vincent says:

    say whatever you want monkeys! The Heat will win the next championship and forward. They just gave away that last championship. That’s the best way for Lebron to pay for his mistake in humiliating the Cavs on national tv. They did’nt care if it’s the mavs or any team on the west. It’s all been planned out from the get go of the playoffs. That’s a fact haters. Now that Lebron has paid his due, it’ll be raining NBA championships in Miami baby! Well, that of course if the lockout has been lifted. Haha!

  50. KosmoKramer says:


  51. tyshep808 says:

    First things dirk,kidd,terry,marion congrats. been along time comming.mark thanks for beliving in that team year after year,and putting all your effort and energy into making the right stuck your neck out for that team when no one belived they could do it.also congrats to deshawn stevenson for shutting down all the right players.they couldnt have done it without your and chandlers defence.a special thanks for getting your first against miami.lebron ill give credit where its due your an amazing,talented player,but you sold yourself out when you broke clevlands heart on the most arrogant things ive ever seen from an athlete.sighning elsewhere exeptable,throwing it in the fans faces who cheered you on and belived in you all those years.pathetic you didnt concider them when you publicly humiliated them.for that you lost alot of respect from alot of people but what do you care.ive watched your ego grow and many times do you have to be knocked down a peg before you figure out your not winning that golden ball for a reason.maybe you should b alittle more selfless and put your arrogence on a shelf and maybe just maybe youd win one.