Catching up: Kevin Durant edition

by Micah Hart

While many NBA players used the offseason to burnish their skills in other areas, Kevin Durant wasn’t one of them. Kevin Durant is about one thing, and that one thing is basketball. You’ve probably seen by now the new Nike spot showing all the different leagues Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade have been participating in. That commercial is pretty tongue in cheek, but I’d wager if you were looking for a 6th for a little half-court three-on-three action in your backyard there’s a decent chance Durant would join if asked.

Let’s take a look back at some of his summer highlights, starting with the game that put off-season street ball on the map, Durant’s 66-point explosion at NYC’s famed Rucker Park:

Unreal. Take in some more of KD’s summer stops after the jump.

Want some more? How about dropping 59 on LeBron and company at the Melo/Goodman game:

I kid about Durant though, he wasn’t only about basketball this summer. He also decided to rep his home state, for good, across his back:

That is some serious Old Line State love right there.

Finally, in probably the coolest thing to happen all summer, Durant got a hankering for some flag football, so he put it out on Twitter that he was in OKC looking for some competition, which led to pretty much the most awesome thing that has ever happened at Oklahoma State:

Oh, and he can rap too.

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