Catching up: NBA entertainment

by Micah Hart

As we continue to look back at some of our favorite off-court activities of the long offseason, here is a top five of our favorite NBA-player excursions into other areas of entertainment:

5. Dwight Howard dances in Mongolia

That is just adorable.

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4. Andrei Kirilenko and Nenad Krstic do the macarena, other awkward dances

I can’t make fun of them, because I’ve seen myself dance, and it ain’t much prettier.

3. Metta World Peace loves Celine Dion

The former Mr. Artest is apparently a gigantic Dion fan, as we learned after a series of tweets he sent out after seeing her in concert back in August. It’s no surprise MWP is such a philanthropist; it appears that his heart does goes on and on. (Uggh – I apologize for the previous sentence, but I just couldn’t help myself.)

2. Chris Paul Family Feud

First of all, is that the Real Housewives of South Boston Paul is up against? If I were famous, this is exactly the kind of thing I’d use my fame to make happen. Who doesn’t want to play the feud?

1. Kris Humphries ill-fated romance with Kim Kardashian

This probably about says it all for the 72-day whirlwind that was Humphries’ marriage to KK (sorry Kris, I actually feel for you man):

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One Comment

  1. Holly says:

    I could say that they are having a great time more off court. There life isn’t boring at all. Hi-hi (^_^)