Catching up: NBA players playing other sports

by Micah Hart

Have you ever wondered which athletes in which sports are the best at other sports? With time to kill, many NBA players tried their hands at a little cross-platform action, with some varied results. Here were our top five favorites:

5. Kevin Love tries his hand at volleyball

Love should have gotten some pointers from fellow NBA’ers Chase Budinger and Josh Childress, both of whom were promising volleyball players in high school.

4. Kobe scores on a PK

From halftime of a Manchester United-FC Barcelona exhibition. Not bad, but he probably shouldn’t quit his day job.

3. LeBron is afraid of heights

Honestly, I don’t blame him. That’s a pretty high dive.

2. Al Harrington knocks a guy out

I don’t know the guy Harrington is sparring with here, but frankly he seemed like he deserved it. Hitting a guy that hard makes a man pretty hungry, by the way.

1. Dirk throws out the first pitch at World Series

I’m guessing, with the way the World Series turned out (Go Cards!), that Nowitzki is even more beloved in the Metroplex.

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