Glen Davis is ready to quit his hobbies

by Micah Hart

Glen Davis is a natural ham, so it’s no surprise to see him yukking it up about his activities during the break:

My one question for Big Baby — why build a replica of the TD Garden? You’re a free agent baby, expand your horizons! Build the Burj Khalifa or something!

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  1. Lou says:

    Maybe he could give up acting like a little girl?

    Part of me hopes the Celtics don’t resign him because he’s too much of a head case.

  2. Spenser says:

    sign with OKC, you’d get starter minutes as the #3 big and add the interior scoring they need.

    • ko0kie says:

      please DON’T sign with OKC..

    • Lou says:

      interior scoring??

      you obviously have never watched baby play

      yes he scores some – but 82% of his shots in the paint are thrown back off his head since he’s 6’3″ and has a 12″ vertical

      please sign with anyone but Boston

  3. dew says:

    some folks forget the heroics of big baby. .

  4. MARK says:

    big baby is like 6’9″ not 6’3″ ?

    • Lou says:

      mark – #1 – google sarcasm

      #2 – he’s listed at 6’9… he’s also listed at 289 lbs

      if you believe those things then I have a bridge to sell you

      look at this pic

      how about this one

      that’s him and his girl jenna gomez who balled for Tufts… she was listed as 5’8″ you’re telling me from his upper lip to the top of his head is 13 inches?

      i know all ballers exaggerate their height… but it seems like the PFs who do it seem to fudge a little more… ala Barkley