Mascot elections in Philly, and no matter who wins, the Sixers lose

by Micah Hart

Here’s a quick trivia question for you: who is the Sixers mascot? I admit that before this morning, I didn’t know the answer to that question, as Philadelphia is one of a handful of NBA franchises (Suns, Knicks, Thunder, for example) without a nickname that lends itself easily to the task. Apparently the former mascot, Hip-Hop, was scaring the bejesus out of little kids, and the new Sixers ownership wanted to move in a new direction. Sounds like a good idea to me. What could be worse than a wascally-wabbit? Let’s see what the new choices are:

Those are, from left to right: Big Ben, B. Franklin Dogg, and Phil E. Moose

Are we sure this is the best three we could come up with, Philly? Let’s take them one by one:

Big Ben — I get the historical connection here, but a balding, rotund guy with bifocals doesn’t scream NBA basketball to me. What will he do during timeouts, forecast weather patterns for his forthcoming almanac?

B. Franklin Dogg — I don’t have a problem with a dog as the mascot, but B. Franklin Dogg is the worst name I have ever heard. Is he pretentious, like most people with initials for first names? Or is he like a zen practitioner, reminding himself to be, errr, himself (Be Franklin, Dogg!).

Phil E. Moose — They get the wordplay right — why not Phil E. Dogg? — but what does a Moose have to do with Philadelphia? Also, I realize those are just animated renditions of the characters, but Phil’s maniacal smile and giant orb-like eyes are kind of creeping me out.

Of the three characters, I suppose I like the dog the most, but I don’t know if I could stomach that name were I a Sixers fan.

Which of these three do you like the best/hate the least? The polls are open on the Sixers website, so let ’em know what you think. Myself, I’m taking the Montgomery Brewster route and choosing none of the above.


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  1. chosen one says:

    I know they they have a hard time deciding what to pick as the new mascot, but LOL.
    The rabbit reminds me of the Bionic Bunny from Arthur,

  2. Nick says:

    I would like to propose the idea of making a character related to the 70’s. I say this because I believe that it was around this time that they established themselves as a real team in the NBA. I think a Julius Erving style afro-haired guy, or animal, either way, would also be suitable, as ironically it was 1976 that Dr. J started playing for the sixers and I believe he is the main reason this team is what it is today. It’s just an idea, but I think it’s better than what has been shown in this.

  3. Lillian Keen says:

    I am not impressed with all the 3 new mascots. They are not warm and fuzzy. They are not approachable. May be they can revise the Hip Hop like give him smaller ears and more colorful uniform like the moose is wearing. I enjoy watching Hip Hop’s team performances. Perhaps Hip Hop is ready to bring his family back from rural PA!

  4. Tom says:

    ima miss hip hop, but i think they should have that dog with an afro and his name be DJ

  5. Mr Bopis says:

    Philly has to come up with a better idea. The new ones just doesn’t fit.
    If I we’re to choose, I’ll stay with the rabbit and just transform it to the way that kids wont freak out.
    Something funnier. The new ones are just to serious. Take a look at the coyote of the spurs,or the gorilla in phoenix. The best example is Chicago’s mascot. We all know that bulls are fierce, but they change the look to a more comedic style so children wont be afraid when they see it.

  6. Sixers davis says:

    Really get rid of the bunny and now these are what there replacing …. Just keep the dancing girls thats enough

  7. mitch says:


  8. Lance says:

    I am going to take it old school and request we bring back BigShot! lol yeah!

  9. Max. W says:

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  10. OzHeatFan says:

    Wow, and someone is getting paid to come up with this rubbish.?? I am in the wrong industry man. Going out on a limb; its time to change the name of the team, the logo and the mascot.. I respect the history in the club, they are one of the oldest clubs, with alot of HOF players gone through over the years, but being named after a interstate highway since inauguration all that time ago, just seems to be way outdated.

    I haven’t put enough thought into it to come up with an alternative, as I don’t even reside in the states and wouldn’t have a clue about Phillies economy or sociology etc but you guys have to have something better right//???

    • smkmorkilla says:

      Really u think the sixers were named after a road? They were named for the year1776 name stays but should def go back to the AI era logo

  11. Joe says:

    PHIL E. MOOSE!!!