This guy is wearing a Pistons jersey, which makes this basketball related

by Micah Hart

Oh Internet. How was I ever entertained before you existed? I certainly would have never seen this clip, that’s for sure:

My favorite moment is the kid at the :40 mark, who is absolutely blown away by this guys magical whistling talents. Or by his mullet and mustache. Either way, I’m pretty sure he went home that night and told his parents about his new life plan, and they the immediately shipped him off to military school. Wow, this story just took a turn for the worse. The point is, I wish I were as good at anything as this guy is at whistling. I didn’t even know you could make whistling sounds with half of his facial expressions!

The Pistons are probably going to be pretty terrible this year. They may want to see if this guy still lives in the area, maybe he can perform at halftime to give the fans something to look forward to.

via Videogum

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  1. negro says:

    this thing is golden!!!

  2. Ben says:

    There are no comments but I’m pretty sure about 10,000 people’s lives are changed forever

  3. jayke83 says:

    This man is half bird.

  4. Chase says:

    That durn mullet!

  5. jf says:

    rour column and your sense of humor are AWESOME!! 🙂