It’s the preseason, but Metta World Peace is in midseason form

by Micah Hart

Man I missed this guy.

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  1. NYKNICKS! says:


  2. meteeth says:

    man, what an answer!

  3. newklear says:

    good luck to the lakers with this whack job

  4. Ehima says:

    God bless Ron Artest

  5. yea says:


  6. Srtinger Bell says:

    Why Ron Why! He is so far to the left he is on his own planet! I know what he was say without him saying it! He was basically saying whoever calls him Ron they will loose there teeth!

  7. gamerfan says:

    Man that dude is the funniest scary crazy person on the planet. Gotta love the Lakers.

  8. lol says:

    artest is a retards wants some attention

  9. Aguinaldo Kawit says:

    The question itself is inane…..what a question. Vets call Metta – Ron because they have known him by that name long before he had it changed. The rookies of course will call him Metta because they have met him after he had his name legally chaged.

  10. Aguinaldo Kawit says:

    Metta I think just gave the question the impertinent question the answer that it deserved.

  11. jacknohara says:

    he can bed that chick with that kind of talk ??

  12. Grizzle says:

    Hahahha I love ron artest this guy is too funny, I wish I could interview him haha

  13. oula says:

    I love Metta World Peace FKA Ron Ron. This guy can play, I remember the series against the Cs. How he locked Paul Pierce in the series….Scored for Lakers in Game 7 while the stars were missing shots including free throws. Kobe & Gasol rebounded the ball and a HUGE team win was realized. Good luck LAL this season. May God keep you healthy untill the finals.

  14. Damien says:

    Meta(mphetamine) world peace…

  15. Quizmoz says:

    this guy is hilarious 😀

  16. Rustam Jamilov says:

    Man, only Phil Jackson could handle that guy, and somehow managed to win a championship with him making game-winning shots and all. So sorry for poor coach Brown…