Welcome to the NBA, Rooks!

by Zettler Clay

As if there were anymore questions about whether “Minnesota nice” could tantalize us this season:

But this is All-Ball here, so clearly it isn’t just the dunk we’re focused on.

The principles in the play are two people you may have heard of in highly prized rookies Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams. But the extra who was the recipient of a roundball mush three seconds in the video? Darington Hobson, a rookie forward from New Mexico. And for the Hobson family, I’m sure this wasn’t the way they wanted their own to be introduced to the NBA ether. Well, unless they have a sense of humor.

Kudos to the multimedia department of NBA TV for squeezing in four mushes in a 17-second span.

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  1. DMAC says:

    Best rookie draft since 2003