Big Baby vs. Big Ticket

by Zettler Clay

Glen Davis couldn’t be happier to be out of Boston.

OK, he didn’t really say that. Just that he was “really excited” to be in Orlando. Per Fox Sports Florida’s columnist Chris Tomasson:

“My whole career, I was playing behind KG, and I don’t think people really were able to see what I can do,” Davis said in an interview with FOX Sports Florida. “The times that I didn’t have to play behind KG, I did a great job. Now, I’m (with the Magic), and I have an opportunity to be a starter, and I’m just embracing the moment.”

Granted, this could be looked at as merely a guy just being ready for his chance to shine in a new environment. But do you think that the hyper-competitive Kevin Garnett will take those words with a grain of salt? From his former “pupil” nonetheless? Now, instead of yelling at him on his own bench, he gets to taunt him like this:

January 23 couldn’t come soon enough. Now, I just want to know what he is going to do with this TD Garden replica.

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  1. Someone says:

    Is it even legal now to clap to a player during a game? Even clapping once aiming vaguely at the guy with a whistle gets you a tech.

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