LeBron Gets It…Again?

by Zettler Clay

There seems to be no end in sight for the LeBron James backlash. The latest bit of evidence is a new provision in the newly-signed labor agreement. From the Sports Business Journal:

NBA players are now prohibited from holding an ownership stake in a player-management firm or from acting as National Basketball Players Association-certified agents under a provision in the league’s new collective-bargaining agreement.

The provision was something NBA owners asked for and players agreed to as one of the so-called B-list items, terms that were collectively bargained after the NBPA re-formed as a union, according to a union source.”

Now far be it from us to begrudge LBJ backlash, as we’ve created a special category to chronicle such matters. But to undercut the man’s cashflow on ventures outside of basketball? As Royce Young from CBSSports.com reports though, this ruling may or may not have an effect on LeBron’s recently-formed company, LRMR, as it is not technically a player agency.

Either way, this stipulation in the CBA seems a bit…strategic. Maybe the lockout was more about The Decision than anything else. And if it’s true that a one hour television special threatened to cost us a season, then my animus against the terms “taking my talents” and “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4…” just took a heap of gasoline.

H/T CBSSports.com

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  1. baskethead23 says:

    And the winner in the LBJ hate sweepstakes is……….Zettler Clay!

    Seriously bro, LBJ almost cost us the season? I hear he causes cancer too…..

  2. Krasno says:

    Yeah, and don’t forget the tsunami that hit Japan in March was caused by a LeBron slam. He also secretly finances The Jersey Shore to keep it on air. ;]

  3. Gustavo says:

    Yeah and he also caused Global Warming and shot Kennedy didn’t y’all know? C’mon everyone, can we please move on once and for all?? Is there that much jealousy to this man that you would blame him for the lock out? Wow. There’s gotta be more stories out there gentlemen. Please dig deeper.

  4. barkley sucks says:

    I heard economists saying he is to blame for the nations poor financial decisions leading the once great US of A into a black hole of debt & recession and ultimately losing our AAA rating..

  5. Kobe Jordan says:

    LeBron is also the reason there is no snow in Northeast Ohio 2 days before Christmas. It was said he was instrumental in Obama signing the Martial Law, I also heard he secretly finances Jersey Shore, and he eats small children.