Humphries garners a new superlative

by Zettler Clay

Yesterday, there was the question of whether LeBron James will ever stop taking heat (no pun intended, I assure you) for his move down South. Well now it seems that he gets a respite, thanks to Forbes.

It turns out that Mr. James is no longer the most loathed NBA player alive. That honor and distinction goes to recently-signed Nets forward Kris Humphries. Yes, the Kris Humphries that was just married to Kim Kardashian for all of 72 days.

I certainly saw this coming (OK, I didn’t). At least the voters (survey conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research) showed some originality in their approach. A year ago at this time, we know who would have topped this list. Five months ago, we know who would have took the crown. But basketball fans — at least the ones Forbes attracts — chose to knight a guy with a 5.6 ppg career scoring average.

*The power of the Kardashians reign again.

And for the second time in as many months, The King finished as a runner-up.

*Lamar Odom rounded the top 10 list, being voted 10th.

H/T USA Today

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