Someone took Shaq up on his Charles Barkley/Dick Bavetta tattoo

by Micah Hart

Last week on Inside the NBA, Shaq made a statement that he’d pay anyone $1,000 if they got a tattoo of Charles Barkley kissing Dick Bavetta (from their famous footrace at 2007 All-Star Weekend).

Well Shaq, you may have thought there weren’t people in the United States foolish ballsy enough to take you up on your offer, but if so, you don’t know people.

People like Emmet Bentley, a bartender in Santa Barbara, Calif., who decided what’s one tattoo when a grand is on the line.

Bentley took to Twitter over the weekend to post video and photo evidence of his new ink, with hopes that the Big ATM would be good to his word.

The guys at The Sports Geeks got ahold of Mr. Bentley to discuss his decision, and I direct you to one of his answers:

I have a couple of ridiculous tattoos already, and this seemed pretty harmless.

More ridiculous than Barkley-Bavetta lip action? Oh — you don’t say.

Well played, Emmet. If it were up to me (and it’s not), I’d give you the G.

[Interview with Emmet Bentley — The Sports Geeks]


  1. barkley sucks says:

    Show him the MONEYYYYY!!!!!!

  2. FS says:

    Lil GQ has a sope song he made for Shaq check it out


  3. NBA Tweets says:

    If I see anyone here post something about resenting gay rights (there’s a lot of them on Yahoo! Sports, especially about this wager by Shaq and the tattoo), I’m gonna go mental!!!

    On the flipside, I hope Shaq coughs up the moolah. He made the, for lack of a better term, challenge, he should at least hold his end of the bargain.

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  4. Blake Dorfman says:

    If you saw the sheer brilliance of his other tats you would all want to pay him.

  5. carloloyz says:

    Well that’s not TURRIBLE!

  6. hars bars says:

    Emmet’s my Co-Worker at the James Joyce. This was nothing but another day in the office for him, especially when it comes to getting a tattoo, and y ou are right Blake, his other tattoos are equally entertaining