How much does Timofey Mozgov like posters?

by Zettler Clay

First allow me to jog your memory:

Last night:

Oy vey. It’s still very early in Timofey Mozgov’s career, but we may have an early candidate for Shawn Bradley’s crown.


  1. Ian says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say this. Yes, he gets posterized in these two videos, but at least he contests the shot.

  2. Pater says:

    Agree with Ian, he contests and tries to do something (at least highlights) unlike Bradley. looks like he was in the league for being posterized.

  3. Roma says:

    Offensive foul by Griffin!
    Clearly pushes off with the left arm.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I hate these kinds of blogs. Of course you are going to get dunked on when you contest. Look at alonzo mourning, there is also videos of him getting dunked on, what does that show? Nothing besides that he contests.

    And btw. Bradley was a great shot blocker, especially early in his career. Look up the stats, and stop being highlight-whores.

  5. xander says:

    wow. great, smart, sensible comments, fellas. couldn’t agree more.

  6. Mora says:

    Great comments, such a disrespectful post.

  7. Kevin says:

    lol at least he tries to contest?

    lmao losing effort

  8. ChuckyFE says:

    Jermaine O’Neal has been banged on so much more.

  9. Vialaurence says:

    Incredibly stupid post, no sense at all. Good to see reasonable comments.

  10. Vialaurence says:

    Think this post is next ‘white men can’t fly’ thing

  11. Thor says:

    First off, I agree with the guys that have commented here.
    Secondly – if you don’t touch the rim, it ain’t a dunk.

  12. John says:

    “Still very early…” Operative term. I don’t fault guys like Bradley who get posterized anymore than I fault Russell Westbrook for taking “bold (bad)” shots. I respect the effort and guts. BUT…the risk of getting immortalized on a freeze frame comes with the territory, as is the risk of being a goat when things go bad. I have no problem with this, think people are reading too much into it. Bradley got dunked on a lot, sure. And that’s what people remember. Neither good or bad. Stop coddling.

  13. Luther says:

    Yea, y’all trippin. I see absolutely nothing offensive or disrespectful about this. Bradley played for a while, got his millions and played a game for a living. Neither he or Mozgov needs your sympathy because they’ve been on the business end of a few dunks. Me personally, I enjoy the posters. And while I think it’s premature to put Tim in that category now, I can appreciate a post that gives us something to look for as this young man’s career progresses. Or he uses this to become a shot-blocking monster.

    Either way we all win.

  14. Clyde says:

    I agree, its his job to play defense and contest drives to the hoop. So what if you get dunked on. Props goes to the dunker but no shame to the defender. Hes just playing basketball properly.

  15. Clyde says:

    Might I add that every team in the NBA would want a shawn bradley nowadays.

  16. G for JEEP says:

    Give timofey credit for his effort on the defensive end..
    Is not about being posterized but his effort to defend.. give him time and he will improve…

    GO timofey!! \m/

  17. BFair says:

    If you’re the man in the middle, you are going to get posterized a couple of times.

  18. Nigel says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Mozgov wasn’t soft defensively. Yes, at this point, Timo is not yet a “great” NBA player but he is showing that he can use his size on defense. Yes, he gets dunked in these two videos but at least they are just flukes. In Griffin’s dunk, he didn’t just dunked it purely, he just threw the ball right in the rim. And in the other, McGee just has long arms besides having a great leap. This blog is just wrong…

  19. erex08 says:

    what about tmacs dunk on bradley….? one of the biggest poster dunks of all time somehow missed the top ten…?

  20. EmRou says:

    What a disrespectful post!
    That’s the problem in the NBA.Everbody just wants “highlights”.Mozgov contests the shots and that’s the only way to get blocks.Ask Melo!
    A “poster” only counts 2 points,no matter great it is.But i really hate it if players just go out of the way,because they are afraid of getting dunked on.That’s what you should write about!Great Game against the Knicks Timofey!

  21. @seanguardiano says:

    Where’s T-Mac over Bradley? That should be the number 1 poster on Shawn’s career! LOL

  22. andre says:

    anybody in the NBA especially big men are going to get dunked on from time to time…its only a couple times that he has been banged on unlike shawn bradley where they had to pick only 10 out of many….at least shawn bradley and mozgov contest shots unlike most ppl who move out the way

    i see they dnt wanna talk about the playoffs tho when he was locking down the paint smh…dnt be one sided

  23. Boogster Dragon says:

    Getting dunked on by Ed O’bannon, wow that must really hurt your ego. The man can barely jump… Geesh.

  24. andy says:

    t-mac over bradley didnt make this list?