Kevin Love, how do you rate on the Horry scale?

by Micah Hart

The Horry Scale has been quiet since Kevin Durant beat the Mavs in the season’s first week. But with Kevin Love and Blake Griffin staging a battle between the game’s top two young power forwards (and U.S. Olympic hopefuls), it was only fitting that the game would come down to a single play by one of them. In this case, that one was Love.

For those that are new around these parts, the Horry scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.

This is our first Horry entry of the new calendar year, so let’s see how Love rates:


All in all not a particularly difficult shot, although he was a couple feet behind the 3-point line. Give Minnesota credit, they did a terrific job screening for Love so he could get a free look at the rim. Love, who shoots pretty well from deep (36.1 percent this season), calmly drained the trey before any Clipper got near him and the ballgame was over.

Game Situation

Ricky Rubio was 0-10 from the field up until the last 20 seconds, at which point he hit a 3-pointer from the corner to tie the game at 98. After Chauncey Billups missed a layup and chance to be the hero for a second straight game for the Clippers, Love got the rebound and called timeout with 1.5 seconds to play. Plenty of time as it turned out for him to square his body for the easy 3-pointer and the win.


This was actually a pretty big win for the Timberwolves (how often do you see that written about a game against the Clippers?). Minnesota began the season 3-7, but have rallied with four wins in its last five to get to 7-8, a game below .500. We thought they might have enough talent to compete for a playoff spot, and a win in a close game like this will help their cause immensely, both in the standings and in the confidence department.


I love Love’s reaction to hitting this shot — very Maximus-esque. Any time a young team hits a shot like this, you know they are going to go bananas. Good stuff all around.


3 Horrys. This one happened in a tie game, and the shot itself was pretty easy, but given the battle between Love and Griffin, plus the late-game redemption for Rubio that led to the game-winner, I have to bump it up a notch. May all of their future battles end in similar fashion.

What do you think?

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  1. Justin says:

    Only 3 Horrys? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

    • B. James says:

      LOL…. “are you not entertained…?” That is funny… good comment!

    • kjones082 says:

      MAXIMUS!!!!!!!!! MAXIMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAXIMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steffen Denmark says:

      Still, the ballgame being tied and all, it could never be a 4, but I was plenty entertained (great Gladiator analogy – more of the same please) 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    Hopefully this will give Kevin Love some much needed recognition and some votes for the all-star game, seeing as he IS the best power forward in the league. He proved that he is better than Griffin tonight, so it’d be horrible to see Griffin start instead of him.

    • hahaha says:

      lol… aldridge dominated k-love last year in the matchups winning the games against him/twolves. just like aldridge did against griffin. aldridge isn’t the best power forward in the league. but hes better than k-love.

      • Nick says:

        It isn’t all about head to head matchups.. Love has better stats and is more important to his team..Love>Aldridge

      • Nick says:

        Oh, and Aldridge would never make that shot, or any buzzer beater.

      • SCAL4MVP says:

        He’s not even close to the best power forward in the league. He’s the type of guy who puts his stats first and his team second. You can tell by the way he plays and how he words things. Not to mention that his stats last year were inflated because the wolves were the fastest paced team in the league. Amare, Randolph, Dirk, Alridge, even Griffin, and maybe Gasol are all better

    • 123kobe says:

      aldridge is the best PF in the league, and there are still some questionable guys who are probably still ahead of Love (maybe Gasol, Amare, Dirk, Griffin can compete with him) so there’s no way you can say love is the best

  3. Kevin says:

    How many centres/power forwards do you see hitting 3s on a regular basis? this shows he is definitely an all star, and the second best centre in the league behind dwight

  4. Kostas - Aberdeen says:

    Well, it kinda deserves three Horries, because nobody was on him at the shot (pretty easy), the game was tied (so not a huuuuuge deal if the shot missed) and Love is a good 3 point shooter (thus the play was designed clearly for him).

    To get more that 4 Horries you have to be a bad 3 point shooter, have the defence in your face and shoot in a losing situation for your team. Also it was the regular season, not a playoff game. 5 Horries apply only on Playoff games or Finals.

    • Roper says:

      u know your stuff Kostas-totally agree…..and a PF should be posting up not being soft out on the 3 point line…leave that to the guards its their job. Aldridge for me although im a blazer fan but he still has a long way to go before he equals the likes of Barkley, Malone and so on.

      • Allan says:

        i disagree with the “you have to be a bad 3 point shooter” part to get the extra horry. Simply because game winning plays are usually given to GOOD shooters, a bad 3 point shooter would never get a shot at winning a game.

        Either way, i agree with everything else. Only 3 stars. Game not on the line, no defense from clippers, importance of game uhh not really. I love watching basketball but this season in my opinion is just going to suck (personal opinion).

        I would have given it an extra star if, the clippers defense was better, less time on the clock (just a couple tenths of a second lol), if the timberwolves were down by 1 or 2.

        5 stars only in play-offs <– 2 thumbs up

      • Toni says:

        sorry but… isn’t this thing called “Horry Scale”?? and you are saying you have to be a bad shooter to qualify?? So, Robert Horry wouldn’t qualify on his own scale?

  5. chosen one says:

    I don’t think the Clippers should be used in the garden variety any longer

  6. Lance says:

    3 is right on the money if there was D in his face and he was down by 2 or even 1 but let face the worst thing that could had happen was ot not a big enough risk for 5horrys

  7. HeatFTW! says:

    Knowing how good Love is at 3’s, I was expecting him to make that 3………he was wiiiiiiiiiddddddddddeeee open and no one contested it. It was impressive, but it wasn’t un-expected from me.

  8. jeffrey says:

    Kevin Love + Ricky Rubio+ Derrick Williams= Best team in the league in a few years. 😉

    • sonnyboy110 says:

      Yes, I would agree: K. Love is the better player than B. Griffin now. Unfortunately, K.Love plays in the remote outpost of minnesota while B. Griffin is in the limelight of L.A.

      Like Charles Barkley said on TNT, “Griffin is NOT a very good offensive player”. However, he is only 22, so lots of time for his game to develop and improve.

      K. Love deserves to be the starting power forward in the All Star game for 2011-12 season AND be selected to the Olympic team. In addition, k.Love was just the 8th pick in the NBA draft of 05-06

      • kenny says:

        not to be confused with P. Love or Z. Griffin of course. why else the first initials?

      • Cash says:

        K Love was the 5 pick buddy.

      • mark says:

        Are you kidding me? Blake Griffin has 3 times as many post moves than Love. He’s a true POWER forward, not a man who hangs around to shoot jump shots all day. And it’s not like he hits tough jump shots with guys all up in his face like Dirk Nowitzki. He hits open jumpshots from the perimeter. More like soft forward to me.

    • Will says:

      As much as I like Love and Rubio, I think the Thunder will be the best team in a few years simply because Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka are a stronger group overall. Also will Love and Williams both PFs, one of them would have to play out of position.

  9. HeatFTW! says:

    and I love how Chris Bosh hit an even better 3….when he had a hand in his face and was fading out of bounds to put the Heat and Hawks into over time……without LeBron and Wade to help. That 3 from Bosh was soooooooooo under rated….it was super clutch and unexpected….I’d have to say that it was better than this one.

  10. Herr says:

    You people are stupid if you think Love is the best powerforward. The dude doesn’t play defense and often stat pads. He also went to high school about 20 minutes away from my house, so I’m not just hating on the guy. He’s not the best powerforward at all. He dominates the stat-page but he’s not better than Bosh, Aldridge, Gasol, KG, or Randolph.

    • Dan says:

      To be honest he is better than every person you just named. KG would be better than love if this was 5 years ago, but hes over the hill now, and look how the celtics have done so far this year. Love is a really good defensive player too. just cant block too well. other than that hes solid.

      • hahaha says:

        love is far from a good defensive player. hes average at best. and once again aldrige dominates him in head to head matchups and the most important stat. WINS. so t-wolfs fan go away.

      • mark says:

        Love just got owned by Milsap. I mean seriously, Milsap isn’t in the conversation when it comes to best pfs in the league and yet he dominated Love. When you are too slow and not athletic enough to guard Milsap, you can’t possibly say you are a good defender. Aldridge, Gasol, Griffin and Randolph are all better players. Randolph was hitting clutch shots with people guarding him. Love just stands on the perimeter and hits open jump shots. Doesn’t even compare.

    • Cash says:

      Love is defnititly better then everyone on your little list there. Any team in the league would take Love before anyone you mentioned. Terrible statement you made.

    • Roper says:

      U talk about defense and include randolph in the (better than bracket….memphis play 4 on 5 on defense when zachs on the floor. the players are all crap these days, bring back the 90’s!!!!

  11. Kevin says:

    Uh, I admit this is a pretty neat buzzer beater, but lets face it, the guy was open and any good 3 point shooter couldve made it, and with 1.5 sec, that’s still alot of time on the clock…No offense.

  12. If wade doesn't play the heat wins says:


  13. awesomeman says:

    I say better job for his team to set up this play for him to get that wide open

  14. jayson says:

    winning is winning….LOL! CLIPS suck big time :))

  15. Anonymous says:

    The shot itself sure, 3/5. But the value of that shot is priceless. Wolves were down 10 most of the game and their only lead was at 2-0. Great screens by Rubio and Ellington. Plus they play back-to-back games. The coaching staff gets a 5/5 from me for that play itself. Wolves couldn’t afford an OT game, especially since they play in Utah tonight. The value of that shot is a lot higher than the difficulty. Which most of you seem to be forgetting and calling it an easy shot. Great execution, great offense. Wolves got themselves a solid team with great potential down the years. David Kahn outdid himself.

  16. Mack says:

    Gotta give credit to Adelman for drawing up the play. That was a nice screen from Rubio and Ellington seeing how Jordan was delayed getting to Love.

  17. Krasno says:

    The T’wolves vs Clippers game may have saved my life. I stayed up all night to watch it in Europe as it started at 4:30 AM here. To kill time I watched the Lakers & Magic and they made me wanna hang myself… Boring is an understatement. Luckily these two young teams put on a great show. And the play was brilliantly set up by Adelman.

  18. Bo Jackson says:


  19. Jesse says:

    Ok, how are we giving him a 3?! Yeah, it was a big shot that won the game. But did anyone even watch Horry hit the shot he did? They were big time shots in big time games. What’s the T-Wolves record again? Whens the last time they went to the playoffs?

    • Nick says:

      You’re stupid, all the stuff is irrelevant, It’s a big shot that could spark a young timberwolf team on this rise.

  20. Cole says:

    Alright, I’m sorry, but how in the world was that an easy shot? 3 feet behind the 3 pt line?! Not a tough shot. Riiiight

    • MTL187 says:

      I AGREE!!

      I mean yeaa its an easy shot ‘cuz Love is a 3pt shooter, wide open, no defense to interrupt your shot buh lets face that was a pretty deep three he took. Watch the replay the man caught the ball like 3feet behind tha line, he could of easily choked nd threw up an air ball or just another shot bouncing off tha rim. I give 4 horrys cuz it was a pretty deep shot not to mention they were losing, they come bk to tie nd Love for 3 and tha win, gotta give credit where its due.

  21. Trel says:

    Article writer is an idiot trying to downgrade an amazing finish for a team that was complete garbage a year ago. He doesn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t even get the score right, it was tied up at 98 not 96.

  22. Tres says:

    The number of Horry’s is three and three is the number of Horry’s it shall be. Not one, nay would I say two Horry’s. Four would be incorrect, but yea, three Horry’s it is.

  23. Chris Guti says:

    Kevin Love is an All-Star but I still argue that Tim Duncan Still deserves to be an ALL-Star Starter he’s all ready a legend let’s him compete he’s still averaging double doubles but quietly, and at least Spurs have a winning record. Kevin Love made that 3 WIDE OPEN and while the score was tied, yea it was a big shot but come on it was a regular season game! Tim Duncan is a horrible 3 point shooter but made that 3 against PHINOX a couple years back while Spurs were down by 3 now that’s what I call a BIG shot. Also Tony Parker should be an All Star he’s been averaging 22.0 points 6.4 ast and 2 steals per game. Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love are getting to much spot light when there’s so many other great players out there in the NBA. Open your eyes people! Mr. Fundamental deserve to be a starter over every power forward in this league. SPURS WILL FOREVER BE UNDERRATED but they will prove their worth one day.

    • Will says:

      Duncan is a great player but he is past his best now. Love, Aldridge and Griffin are really the best Power Fowards in the West. Parker won’t be an All-Star when you still have Chris Paul and Westbrook to choose from. The Spurs are a good team but at the moment, their time as best in the West has come to an end.

  24. ErwinPhilippines says:

    I would have voted for 5 horrys if it’s in their home court…. crowd could’ve “roared” bringing the house down with that kind of shot… peace

    • D Lion says:

      Or howled : ) I am a RipCity fan, but the T-Wolves are my runner-up faves. I think Aldridge and Love are both great PFs, but I am not sure who’s better. I would venture to say that the Blazers have a better team overall than the Wolves (we’ll know 4 sure when they play each other), which would explain the Blazers’ better record, as well as Love’s stats being more flashy than Aldridge, cuz Love has to carry more of the load for his team. However, a 3-shooting PF is Love but not Aldridge, and that was a great last-minute sequence of Rubio/Love to win the game. Congrats to Love for an awesome shot, and to Aldridge for becoming 6th Blazer ever to get a 30-20 game last night in Toronto.

  25. Levan says:

    He is no Reggie Miller

  26. cha says:

    this guy, unless he can dunk like a black guy in the streets, will always be underrated. Blake has more votes than him in the all star voting. All this man does is put up monster numbers. To fans, they thought that Blake is more deserving. Blake is so over rated, i cant stand it.All he does is make highlights. Last time i checked that doesnt help your team wins. In this same segment, they rated Kevin Durant’s Game winner against the mavs with 4 Horrys, seriously? it was un contested to say the least, the nearest person to him was the jet who was giving up 4-6 inches in height department and not to mention the out stretched arm of KD’s 7 foot wingspan. While with K-Love, Deandre Jordan, who leads the league in block shots due to length and athleticsm contested him correctly although was late. Every one needs to get of the hype and watch basketball.

  27. Ryan says:

    I love Kevin Love but I gave it 3 because he was wide open and had the stance and play he wanted. Had he nailed one in front of a defender I’d be much more impressed. Keep up the good work tho Kevin.

  28. Paul M says:

    What I just noticed is that he was having a particularly bad shooting night. It was just his 5th made field goal of the night. That gotta add to the difficulty. I mean, how often do you rely on the two guys having the two worst shooting nights on your team to pull it out of the fire and win it for you. I think that may bump it up to 4-4.5 Horry’s for me.

  29. tay says:

    may i just say that the horry scale is awesome? i am so glad horry himself got some sort of long-term recognition for his late-game heroics. i personally like him so much i feel like he needs to be in the hall of fame. the realist in me says he probably won’t. however, i like that he still lives on through ‘the horry scale’

  30. swag says:

    love deserves to be a all star atarter but is just in the dim lights of Minnesota. Real have u seen his stats he is clearly the best power forward in the league. :>

    • mark says:

      He pads his stats on a below average team. He would not get the same stats if he was playing on a good team.

  31. G for JEEP says:

    shoul’ve been 4 or even 5!!
    consider that they’re a young team,. and they pulled it off thanks to DeAndre’s reaction to the screens that the wolves’ set.. plus, they have lost a couple of close games because of lack of experience but give them time and they will be off and running.. this is just the first step..

    Go Love, Go Rubio!!!!

    but thanks to DeAndre Jordan!! nothing but athleticism… wew 😛

  32. hank says:

    not quite four Horrys but definately more than three, so I give this 3.5 Horry’s

  33. Shikstar says:

    i would rate it 4

  34. jed says:

    couldnt have asked for a better screen. flawless execution and a wide open shot

  35. me says:

    hype, hype and more hype. this will be long forgotten come playoff time. until minnesota makes the playoffs i don’t think you can say love is the best PF in the league…besides, rubio’s 3 blows love’s out of the water.

  36. Bhemis says:

    Who cares about the Love three-pointer,,, lets talked about how no one is mentioning how he NEVER defends star PF’s. Darko (a center) was out on the perimeter guarding the most explosive player at the four position, all game long, I’m SUPER happy the world got to see this overrated pup, He’s the worst defender in the NBA and on nights where teams have solid producers at the 5 and 4 spot he gets torched.

    • Queiros says:

      If Darko is a better defender, what’s the big deal about it? Last time I checked, in the Finals, Nowitzki was most of the time guarding any Heat center… What’s your point again?

  37. Jordan says:

    3 Horrys? You have to be able to move up from somewhere, and there is much room to move up from. It was an uncontested three with no heavy degree of difficulty other than being a slightly-longer-than-usual three pointer. I give this two Horrys at best.

  38. Airwind says:

    That game was all about team effort. Rubio’s game tying clutch three, Darko Milicic’s surprisingly superb performance and Kevin Love’s ultimate finisher. Great job!

  39. SweetChuckd says:

    The game meant nothing! He was wide open, a lay-up or free throw would have also won it for them. Horry’s were all big time shots in the playoffs. I give this a ZERO. I’d only give it a ONE if I lived in Minnesota.

    • Queiros says:

      You’re totally blind or what? This is suppose to measure game winning buzzer beaters (which this one is)… It’s IMPOSSIBLE to give it a zero you dumb fool! Three is up for debate, but at least two, due to the distance he caught the ball from the arc…

  40. Playoffs says:

    This was a meaningless game against a team without their best player. Horry was a clutch playoff performer and if any of you morons knew that this wouldn’t even be a discussion.

    • Queiros says:

      Your the biggest moron trying to be mr. know it all! There is no meaningless game when there are only 66 games on the season. Each victory is bigger this season than last season. Plus, it’s the Timberwolves trying to get back to some respectability. If you add it all up, then it’s far from meaningless. Learn, think, then talk!

  41. Boss says:

    not close to horry

  42. Lakers R Us says:

    Kevin Love needs to be a Laker! LOL! All this talk about D Howard, and we have this native Los Angeles big man that needs to go to Southern California and join the Kobester! LMAO! I might be dreaming, but, hey what the heck!

  43. Eric says:

    Who decided about naming them Horry’s? Horry sucks.

  44. nathan says:

    Love barely has better stats than Aldridge and he plays almost two more min a game. Plus Aldridge 49% FG compared to Love who is at 41% Give LA those two extra min and well all know who the Best PF is

  45. tomcat says:

    First of all, this is a one on the Horry scale, to me if it’s not a playoff game it doesn’t meet the requirements for an Horry comparison. Secondly, this post is about the Horry scale, not who is the best current power forward, how did this come up? Horry was definitely not one of the best power forwards in his era, just the best playoff game ending best go to guy, and hit the big shots in those situations constantly. Love is a really good power forward, look at his rebounds not where he shoots from, end of story there. As for who is the best PF currently, well there are a lot of good ones actually the competition is tough at this position currently, much like the point guard position.

  46. Ty says:

    dis griffin vs love for all star game is pointless because even doe love put up monster number blake is full of highlight n fans like us watching a game dat doesnt matter to da seasons want to watch players like blake kobe durant lebron and wade make killer alleys and dunks all ova da place.

  47. lowbudgetballer says:

    I would have to give this at least a four. I believe the Wolves were down much of the game. I know they were down at least 10+ points with 3-4 mins left in the game. I was watching the game and i couldn’t believe that they came back and won. I was even more surprised when Klove swished that three at the end of the game. I was drinking and playing cards with my buddies while we were watching this game and when love made the three to win the game, the whole room went bananas…..