Once Again, Evans Unveils The Clutch Gene

by Zettler Clay

Tyreke Evans sank another buzzer-beater last night in Portland. Unfortunately for him and his team, it wasn’t at the end of the game for a tie or win. Nonetheless, his clock-defying heroics does not go unnoticed around here.

December 19, 2010 (his rookie year), vs. Bucks:

A weaving Euro-step layup in traffic on the road is the way to get your feet wet. Bonus points for the Kings’ broadcast commentary afterward. However there was still 0.9 seconds left…

January 9, 2010 (his rookie year), vs. Denver:

Though technically not a buzzer-beater in the strictest sense, I’d say 0.7 seconds — or 0.9 seconds — left qualifies as “beating the buzzer.”

December 29, 2010 (sophomore year), vs. Grizzlies:

This game hailed as our top play for much of last season, and was even blessed with five Horrys. His clutch zenith so far.

January 20, 2012, vs. Spurs:

A first quarter sendoff in two defenders’ mugs. I’ll take it.

January 23, 2012 (last night), vs. Portland:

It’s one thing to make clutch shots with the clock running down, it’s another to pull them off with the degree of difficulty as Evans does. Not putting him in the league of, say, the Black Mamba in this category, but if I’m the opposing coach with the ball in Tyreke’s hands in the waning moments, my heart rate skips a few ticks.

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  1. ko0kiE says:

    oh man.. I like his game. if he just could play more consistently. but it’s hard nowadays in sacramento. marcus thornton should not handle the ball that much.. he’s too selfish of a player and not very efficient this season. and why the hell did the pick up travis outlaw? even NJ didn’t want him back…omg

  2. Matthew says:

    The game against Memphis was not December 10th, 2010…. it was December 29th, 2010… I would know. The neighbors thought something bad was happening me and my dad were screaming so loud. =) I love my Kings

  3. z says:

    trade marcus thornton for mo williams