LeBron James is a green commuter

by Micah Hart

Due to the Miami Marathon, traffic getting to AmericanAirlines Arena was brutal for today’s Heat-Bulls matinee. As reported by ABC during the telecast, LeBron James took the traffic into consideration and made alternate plans for his commute — specifically, he rode his bike.

Here is the pictorial evidence, via @tedhill:

Notice he’s rocking the helmet. Safety first, kids!

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  1. Louise Arbour-Brampton says:

    i saw LeBron riding his bike!!!

  2. Scott says:

    Pretty cool. He should lose the flat bars, though.

  3. Lebrons REAL friend says:

    Good on him πŸ™‚

  4. wizzy84 says:

    I dont care what nobody says…Thats dedication!!

  5. Oh my god d-rose is sucking d-wade's says:

    yeahh boy

  6. smileyface says:

    Bike to the AAA, drop 35 and grab a W, bike home.

  7. #6 says:

    No stopping lebron now not even the traffic… dont look back all the way to the top LBJ forever!

  8. alvin says:

    ahahaha lebron is really entertaining! D-choke in the ft so also lebron wahahahaha

  9. Ricardo says:

    I don’t like lebron, but this is nice!

  10. John says:

    nice ride!

  11. John says:

    Let’s GO HEAT!!

  12. Aclyde says:

    Lebron james is the best in the league,its time to have a championship ring

  13. oldiegoldie38 says:

    Good Win!…………. Remember Heat fans we are still not out the woods yet with this Chicago Bulls team!

    • WWJD says:


  14. john6 says:

    good way to get to the game bron bron…….

  15. zirO says:

    nice one, king!

  16. err yeah... says:

    Lebron travelled … ON HIS BIKE

  17. Craig says:

    so impressed! good on ya for riding, Bron Bron!

  18. A2who says:

    He is Cool,,,, thats Lebron James

  19. LeBron Jed says:

    D*mn King James! What a way to get ur legs pumped up to start the game! Nice win!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go HEAT!!!

  20. Hak Solo says:

    Great job Lebron – how many miles did he commute??? I rode my bike to work – 15 miles.

  21. Victor Manoel says:

    Great LeBron James!!!! Really cool to see people like LBJ riding a bicycle to go to work πŸ˜€

    Go Heat!!!

    Chris Kaman to the Hawks!!! πŸ™‚

  22. and says:

    wowww…so cool…lbj all the way….

    • LOL says:


      and gee most athletes NEVER do this, so thats why its a story. keep chuggin the haterade tho. must be a bulls fan.

  23. szegerely says:

    ffs ditch the helmet and jump the lights, if you are a real cyclist

  24. Miguel Melo says:

    He’s the man!!
    After seeing you jump over the bulls player when dunking, i have to say, ride the bike to work more often!!! Peace out!

  25. doodle says:

    Good decision LeBron.
    GO LEBRON!!!
    GO HEAT!!!!
    GO GREEN!!!!!

  26. BBB says:

    Good job going green.
    Good job for safety.
    Wait a sec, helmet, but where’s the elbow and knee pads?
    What if he falls and can’t play anymore at the game?
    Yeah, sure he didn’t. He played, but still, you need to.
    Or, was safety more to disguise you from others.

  27. Christopher Plumley says:

    Go Le-Bike James!!!

  28. zedrix says:

    Bicycle… Bicycle… I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

  29. montani76 says:

    sources say lebron was seen taking the basket and the streamers off his bike moments earlier

  30. Fontaine_NY says:

    I cant see Kobe doing anything like that. Nice one, Bron!

    • lakers says:

      when u have 5 RINGS you dont need to ride a bike to work..maybe the bike ride got his legs tired..he did miss free throws down the stretch against the Bulls…lucky Heat won

  31. Game on says:

    Jeff Van Gundy and the talking heads of ABC are so far up Lebron’s butt, Lebron has no need for a colonoscopy Jeff has already checked everything out!!

  32. Dom V says:

    I love lebron and this was a cool thing to do, hopefully helps get the kids into it too. But Kobe does win swagger points arriving in a private chopper is alot cooler haha

  33. k says:

    who was talking about rings? the heat had a good win tonight.. stop hatingg

  34. G says:

    I don’t get it… So he rode a bike for a couple of miles, what’s the big deal?

  35. GlenBu says:

    Let’s get Lebron and the rest of the NBA to all call their representatives to make sure we can all ride bikes and walk safely. The American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act completely removes dedicated funding for biking and walking, including Safe Routes to School. The vote is on Thursday. Contact your representative today.


  36. dq22 says:

    If the Lebron haters would take the time to read & comment on an article on their favorite instead posting your hate on articles about Lebron, then maybe they will write more articles on them. Haters always want to know what Lebron is up to but read a article about some of the players that they claim is better and they show them no love. We get Lebron highlights and articles because thats what we like. The journalist gotta to give the people what they want…and that would be KING JAMES!

  37. Junku says:

    Only in America this is a big thing πŸ™‚ here in Finland we walk, ride bikes, we have very good public traffic. People coming to work for example by bike is normal, even like from 10 kilometers away.