JaVale McGee Will Yield No Transition Baskets

by Micah Hart

Oh, JaVale McGee. I like you, and I want to see you succeed, but sometimes you just make it too easy:

You know the sad thing is, if Wall makes a better pass there, that’s an easy dunk for JaVale. I think he was just trying to create a diversion there … yeah, that’s the ticket, a diversion!

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  1. LOL says:


  2. JAVALE IS A COMEDIAN!!! says:

    When i first saw the video i laugh…. well i think Javale thought that his shot was in that’s why he run but he notice that he’s the only person running in the other side of the court then wall point him to go back and play offense… hahaha.. Javale your my idol…

  3. wolves says:

    He was running towards minnesota, but then realised he was still under contract and ran back.