Everyone Needs To Join The Will Ferrell For All-Star Facebook Group

by Micah Hart

Facebook has the power to harness public sentiment and turn it into action. We’ve seen it before with Betty White and Saturday Night Live, and many attribute the recent Planned Parenthood reversal by the Komen Foundation to people’s reaction to it on the Social Network.

Given how much everyone enjoyed Will Ferrell’s performance introducing the Hornets’ and Bulls’ lineups the other night, someone took to Facebook to create the “Will Ferrell Should Announce The Starting Line-Up At The NBA All-Star Game” group, which everyone should go join immediately.

I cannot think of a single reason this shouldn’t happen, can you? Maybe bring Cal Naughton, Jr. in to assist?

Power to the people, people — let’s get cracking and turn this fantasy into reality.


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One Comment

  1. Jonathan says:

    You took out the best part. Carlos Boozer still lives with his mother!