World Peace has some advice for Lin

by Zettler Clay

Oh Metta. Just as the world can’t seem to get enough of Jeremy Lin, the man formerly known as Ron Artest chimed in with his unique brand of insight. Here are his words with Ken Berger of before the Lakers tipped off in Madison Square Garden on Friday:

“He was pretty good (on Lin’s brief stay in Golden State). He was athletic. You saw that, but it wasn’t converted to his game. But now he’s playing ball now. He’s showing why he’s a good player. If he had that Ron Artest in his prime defense on him, that would’ve been a problem. That would’ve been a major problem. I don’t even think Metta World Peace wants to see that.”

Oh it gets better. How should he adjust to his new fame, Mr. Metta?

“Come to practice with your pants sagging and just tell them, ‘I don’t feel like practicing.’ Practice? You know? Practice? And wear an Iverson jersey. You know? Come to practice with a cigar. Lit. ‘I’m Jeremy Lin.’ You know? He should change. We’re all excited to play tonight. It’s like the first time for everybody. Everybody’s excited. Kobe’s excited. He wants to get 50. He wants to welcome Jeremy Lin to his new level.”

So…who was doing the welcoming in MSG?

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  1. LOL says:

    Jeremy Lin thats who. KB with more of his FAKENESS tryin to act like he never heard of Lin. PLEASE, everyone KNEW the truth KB.

    NOW you have NO WAY to say you’ve never heard of him after he TORCHED you and your Lakers. LMAO

  2. Vince says:

    I am curious to see if Jeremy Lin can sustain this level of play for a whole season rather than a string of games. Once Melo returns I feel his numbers will drop.

  3. fred says:

    I genuinely feel sorry for Ron Artest (his mama calls him Ron, Ima call him Ron)…he’s so washed up that he needs to revert to these kind of words…I mean…granted Jeremy Lin’s success is bit blown out…but he deserved it…he is infact saving a franchise now…but Ron Artest man…needs to grow up…but it seems like he never will…he just want all the attention in the world

  4. Rakim says:

    man jeremy lin have been playing off da hook .. props to this young brotha … he shd be starting point guard all season belive that

  5. Hannibal says:

    Let the LIN-SANITY continue!

  6. ChingaLin says:

    my main chingaLin, Jeremy Lin. Do ya thing brother.

  7. Jack London says:

    @Fred and the rest of you who think Artest is actually serious are just very naive and terrible at sensing sarcasm. Clearly Artest likes to troll interviews and he’s genuinely good at it.

  8. Al says:

    Who is Lin? He is just a young and talented player so far. His sports carrier just began.KB going to the end of his best,but he is 5 times champion.Will see…What I know for sure,Lin never gonna be a champ with NY team.So, NY fans,be ready to say him goodbye,in a couple of years.Do not try to make huge plans on Lin’s future in NY…No players like J.Stockton any- more.It’s a fact.

    • uoykcuf says:

      And the question is who are YOU? Obviously someone need to go to school.

    • PinoyBaller says:

      Where you been, man? What ya been up to lately? Yup, I agree there ain’t gonna another player like John Stockton. But there is a new Jeremy Lin who is making his name with his own type of high IQ basketball. Unlike some of the “superstars” nowadays, who are just trying to be the next one, and not to be the new one.

    • PLLai says:

      KB is a Star, no doubt about it but he is going down hill. We need new Stars in NBA. Lin may be one of them. So, be it. Let’s give this young man more support and encouragment.

  9. awesomeman says:

    after melo is back hell be around 14 to 17 a night but I think his defense will sky rocket he is so smart and I know he will still be a great distributor. Who knows maybe he will turn into an elite point guard like he is now

  10. allaroundballer says:

    Melo da ballhogz will return, you may accept if that will be the reason Lin’s number drop. But what if they lost? NY play flows great without him. I think it’s Melo who should adjust, more like spot shooter and let Lin bring the ball most. that way Melo still score a lot without ruin the game

    • agreed says:

      true…. if the normal offense and defense is currently working,…. melo just needs to try to fit into the system instead of the system fitting into him.

    • PinoyBaller says:

      Yes. Being a superstar doesn’t always win you games. But winning games will always make superstars.

  11. dan says:

    might as well bench carmelo anthony once he comes back. He’s a ball hawk.

  12. ko0kiE says:

    wow I’m so curious to see what happens when carmelo and amare are coming back.. and what happens if they start to lose again after that?

  13. Frantastic says:

    It’s good to see J.Lin playing well and he’s so humble even we’re all crazy about his Cinderella story. I’d like to see him playing really well but it’s also true that once Melo back, he may back into normal. I ain’t concerned about Lin’s magic with Amare. Just like Lin with Tyson. Pick and roll and roll in some good baskets. But with Melo?! He doesn’t seem to bring any real deal to NY.

    • raek says:

      if you imagine the knicks now is the most complete team in the nba nowadays, because of their rosters,.
      imagine they have a reliable off guard ( fields & shumpert), superstar forwards ( melo & amare) plus a true center ( chandler)
      together with the rising superstar true point guard jeremy lin, with a bonus of good off the bench players.
      if this team can work as a real team, theres no other team in the league can beat the knicks. so most best thing you gonna do is play with your own position.

  14. Al says:

    Lin shot 8 from 24 his last game. he took 24 shots! You all can say what you want but I’d rather have Melo taking 24 shots, not Lin. What hes Kobe Bryant all of a sudden?

    • Al says:

      And lets not forget his 6 turnovers. I know everyones excited, but dont let it blind you.

      • dadoom says:

        The guy started hot against the wolves. was nearly perfect for the first half. second half fell off when wolves changed scheme. He made the plays to help the team win the game. enough said.

  15. Love Webos says:

    Honestly Melo Needs to be traded again He is worthless the new Marbery and I honestly rather him then Melo Yes I said it , melo Has No Chemistry with anyone and he is Greedy I am a Die Hard Knick Fan with no shame yet DOLAN gave up everything for this SELF CENTERED Ball player Let’s Go Knicks Minus Melo …..People who would you trade melo For

  16. Kane says:

    I think when Melo comes back he will adjust. He must! He has miss 5 games and the Knicks are 5-0. So if that doesn’t suggest to him and the coach that Air-Lin needs to run the offence, nothing will.

    No doubt that when Melo and Stat come back Lins PPG will drop. And so he should. But he still needs to score 10-15 PPG and have say 12-16 APG and play defence. That makes him a great point guard and makes Melo more of a weapon and Melo will get more open looks. The pieces are there and now they also have a solid bench which now looks 8 to 9 deep!

    I could see them finishing 6th in the east and getting past the 1st round then maybe getting to 6 games against the Heat or Bulls. But that is as far as they can get this year. Just not enough time to play together almost half way through the shorten season.

    But things are finally looking up!!

  17. Corzahh says:

    It’s just a good couple of games for him

  18. JNugs says:

    I’m pretty sure Lin will do whatever he is told to do or needs to do to make the team work.
    Like he said, he’s not trying to prove himself to anyone. He’s not worried necessarily about how his numbers are at the end of the night but about how the team does. I think that is why his team mates have so much respect for him already.
    He’d rather contribute 15 and 5 in a win than a 30 and 10 in a loss.

    Coaching has also got a big part to play. Hope coach can make things click..

    Anyway, Lin’s playing for God’s glory so in the whole scheme of things, every game is a win!

    God bless him!

  19. cccd24 says:

    kobe is still the greatest among all! I believe this season Lakers will repeat the history of being a 16th-time champion.
    You all wonder why is the lakers is not on the top 3 in rankings? Answer for that is they are what we call us the “late bloomers”. See the 2009 championship against the celtics? They are top 5 on that conference but they show how they work hard for that NBA chanpionship. They made it!

    LAKERS for GOLD.