NY Celebs Show Love For Lin

by Micah Hart

The Jeremy Lin love train rolls on, as New York’s newest superstar has captured the world’s attention by leading the Knicks to five straight wins, and reeled in some very famous fans in the process, including Ben Stiller, The Rock, and former Knicks’ greats John Starks and Larry Johnson:

Lin continues to keep some pretty impressive company in this crazy run; his 20 points in Saturday night’s win over the Wolves catapulted him past none other than Allen Iverson for most points scored in a player’s first four starts since the NBA-ABA merger.

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  1. edgar says:

    The most love sport in the Philippines is Basketball. I believe when all Filipinos see this American-Taiwanese Jeremy Lin how he shows the basic basketball and how he handles his team to winning every game he played was really marvelous. I hope this guy should be given the right play even all the stars of New York Knicks come back from injuries. He was given the opportunity to play longer when others players were injured and he delivered his skill gracefully.

    • greg says:

      so what does a filipino have to do with this?

    • Jason says:

      What does the Philippines have to do with this guy? Everything you wrote down there doesn’t make sense.

      • Fredo says:

        I believe what Edgar is saying is that there are a lot of people in the Philippines following Lin’s story due to the popularity of basketball in that country. There are plenty of Asians who live in the Philippines and to see Jeremy’s historical performance in a league that is mostly populated by non-Asians (enter Census here) makes holding down a sense of pride difficult. The beauty of the sport itself is appreciated by many Filipinos and seeing a player who plays the game for the joy of playing well with his teammates makes Jeremy an easy player to root for.

        Edgar realizes that there is a tough decision for D’antoni to make when Melo and Mire (enter new Knick name here) return from injury, not to mention The Baron himself! If the decision were up to Edgar he would decide to allocate more playing time to Lin based on his performance in the past 5 games. Edgar would like to see Lin play more because he enjoys his game.

        Something like that…

        I watched Jeremy Lin during summer league and I couldn’t help but feel he had the potential to compete in the NBA if given the chance. His efficiency and defense alone made that evident considering the importance of those characteristics when weeding out potential NBA players. There is an aggregate of talented players at the point guard position on all the NBA teams so I imagine playing time to be like high school/college all over again. I’m excited to see how this story unfolds. God bless and keep doing your thlin! (thing-g+l=thlin). Too far with the wordplay? 😉

    • FanFromTaiwan says:

      The Linsanity trend is bigger than anything in Asia right now, includes Philippines.

    • shhh says:

      I think we were confused about your 2nd statement, it does not answer my question “What happens then when Filipinos see Jeremy Lin’s story?”

  2. skipper says:

    nope, he will fit just right in the hands of D antoni the coach have the high octane offense.
    everybody scoring and so does melo and amare.. i see bright future of NY Knicks.
    this will be the Phoenix Suns in the making with Mike D antoni amare, marion and steve nash, but now it’ll be Melo Amare and JEREMY with Mike D antoni

  3. Jeffrey says:

    congratulations Jeremy Lin, i only wish you the best in your NBA career and hope you enjoy the great success
    your are having plus the New York Knicks . there a great historical team and hope you take them to the NBA title..

  4. jack says:

    edgar, please learn how to write English before you post online, u just made urself and all philipinos look stupid

    • myk says:

      same thing for you..it’s FILIPINOS not philipinos

    • Daniel says:

      @jack dont be a grammar troll, He probably does better with his English than you would with Phiilipino…the internet aint used by just English speaking folk bro

    • NBA Fan says:

      Dear Jack,

      Being half-Filipino myself, the comment you have just made is very racist. I am proud of my Filipino heritage. You yourself could not even spell Filipino properly. You have mistakenly typed “Edgar” with a with a small “e” even though you should’ve clearly known that is a proper noun. Secondly, you have spelled “you” as well as “yourself incorrectly and instead typed of them with only a “u” at the beginning. Also, you forgot to put a full stop at the end of your sentence. How many people in the internet even type proper english with no grammar or spelling mistake? You think my race is “stupid”? The way you have written your comment, had created an opposite effect of what you tried to imply which makes me wonder if you and your your cultural background is actually the one that is “stupid”. There is no room for racism in this world we live in now so please do not make this type of comments and keep the racist comments to yourself. This is a basketball website and basketball “KNOWS NO BORDERS”.


      A concerned teenager who is shocked that there are still racists in this world.

      • NBA Fan says:

        P.S. I know I have also made grammatical errors but I don’t care because I have expressed my distastfulness towards this (expletive word). Truthfully, the only thing I care about this website is basketball.

      • NBA Fan says:

        Also, congratulations to Jeremy Lin!

    • shhh says:

      you don’t need to do that man.
      edgar’s comment may not be complete or grammatically wrong but almost everyone got the gist of what he’s trying to say.

      almost everyone (except some) is excited the way Jeremy’s story unfolds, that’s just it.

  5. KOIKS says:

    CONGRATS JEREMY LIN! you made it!!! YOU may not be great like MELO or AMARE …but your BETTER! You make your team play as a team! IF only MELO & AMARE can accept that…NEW YORK KNICKS will b more SUCCESSFUL!

  6. art says:

    Jack, though Edgar may have written his comment improperly, before you act all high and mighty, you must first know your facts; it s not philipinos, it filipinos. And using your format – You just also made yourself, and your fellow countrymen look

  7. michael says:

    jack .. not philipinos .. please learn how to write English first before you post something about somebody ..

  8. KD says:

    Quit hating on Edgar. All he’s trying to say is that Jeremy Lin is an inspiration to not only Asian-American’s, but Asian’s in general.

  9. Kris says:

    Was Rondo all that well known before KG and Ray Allen joined the Celtics? I could almost see a “Big-Three + One” situation here if things work out for my fellow Asian.

    • Donis says:

      “Rondo Power” arose when the talent of “Big Three” were caught up by age considerably … and Lin’s case today is quit similar … Lin Sanity suddenly shocked NY or even the whole country while two all-star players are “on vacation”
      yet when Amar and Mellow return, what will his sanity turn out to be?

    • c0achdesigns says:

      Nope, RR earned it by crafty defense, offensive rebounds and all that. And Lin is earning the fame he deserves while his filling in spots for his teammates. Yeah, maybe the same with my Shao-Lin but RR has his 3 bigs with him all the time. Lin was off the bench while his 3 stars (almost all 3) is nursing some injuries.

  10. celtics says:

    Let’s not get carried away and say the Knicks are better without melo or amare. Jeremy Lin can’t lead the knicks over the contenders in this league.

    • shhh says:


      but i think people are just inspired by how Lin has played so far, no one is saying Lin will bring a championship in NY — not 1, not 2, not 6 blah blah…

      people are just talking about how he is leading/carrying this team without their stars , and so far it looks like NY has found a gem worth $700K a year, not $13M or $18M.

  11. Kane says:

    I think when Melo comes back he will adjust. He must! He has miss 5 games and the Knicks are 5-0. So if that doesn’t suggest to him and the coach that Air-Lin needs to run the offence, nothing will.

    No doubt that when Melo and Stat come back Lins PPG will drop. And so he should. But he still needs to score 10-15 PPG and have say 12-16 APG and play defence. That makes him a great point guard and makes Melo more of a weapon and Melo will get more open looks. The pieces are there and now they also have a solid bench which now looks 8 to 9 deep!

    I could see them finishing 6th in the east and getting past the 1st round then maybe getting to 6 games against the Heat or Bulls. But that is as far as they can get this year. Just not enough time to play together almost half way through the shorten season.

    But things are finally looking up!!

  12. boypickup says:

    keep melo on the injured list. Lin TC and Amare are enough superstars for the knicks.

  13. The New York Knicks’ main weakness was the backcourt. I guess the pieces are now complete. Carmelo, Amare and Tyson plus Jeremy on the point guard spot. Crossed fingers that Jeremy can be consistent with his game once Carmelo and Amare returns. If Carmelo can recover from his poor shooting stats recently, with Amare and Tyson supporting him, the Knicks will have the NBA’s most electrifying offense run by Jeremy. All the best for the Knicks and reach .500 mark.

    This is New York LINSANITY.

  14. Sam says:

    Lets trad Chandler and Melo to Orlando for Howard. Melo is just a high scoring machine and he never make a team better. Chandler is a good center and fit in well with Lin. But With Howard and Lin on the team will bring some worry for the Heat and the East.

  15. wil says:

    Lin is a modest, smart , unselfish guy, teamplayer . So he will adjust to Melo and Stat, and if/when it works out … every team will fear the Knicks.

  16. Brett says:

    GDay one and all!

    Firstly, Im Filipino Australian and I agree when it’s said that what the heck do the Filipinos have to do with Jeremy Lin! Its all about being Asian, all of a sudden we (the oriental ballers) have a pinup boy in the NBA. And even form Down Under here in Australia its awesome to watch. This thread is about J Lin and Linsanity, and as a Filipino-Australian, Australian, and all round basketball lover, props to Jeremy for living and dream and coming through from literally the bottom up. Either way, he has a big future now in the NBA. He won’t need to fall back on his Harvard degree. No more minimum contracts or D League appearances, the kid is NBA worthy.

    I’m going to NYC soon, Im seeing a game fo sho! Oh and getting myself a Number 17 Jersey!

    Any spelling mistakes here? Who cares! hahaha GO LINNY!!

    Cheers Mates!

    Sydney, Australia
    Asian Baller and Linsanity Patient

    • Chris says:

      It’s Asian, not “oriental!” Oriental is a derogatory word when used to describe Asians. I find it funny how it’s still so widely used today in American culture to describe Asians. It’s ok to use that word when describing something other than a person ie: oriental rug, oriental china, oriental tea, but not an oriental person. To use that word in that context would be not PC my friend…

      Thank you very much come again!

  17. SUPER ROBOT OF THE FUTURE 3069 says:

    He is the next Shaquile Oneal !!!

  18. MLK says:

    NBA has to get Lin into the Rookie-Sophomore game at All-Star weekend. No brainer for the league.

  19. celtic533 says:

    Who cares if the filipino’s english aint that good.this is a comment section and theirs no english teacher with a red pen ready do some slashing.Come on guys calm down and stay on topic.Go Lin !
    p.s. the Philipines isn’t America so its not Edgars fault his english is a little off.Seriously when will white people stop being racist?(i’m white) were not above everyone so stop acting like it.We Americans are becoming too arrogant because we have a lot of luxuries other people don’t have!