‘Nick of Time’, the Latest Jeremy Lin Tribute Video, Is Pretty Decent

by Micah Hart

Like the rest of the NBA, we are slowly (or not so slowly) being overtaken by coverage of the Jeremy Lin phenomenon, but the story is so awesome, I really have no regrets on that front. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is tiring of it either, as yet another Lin tribute song has made its way to YouTube:

I gotta say — that ain’t bad, MC Jin, and I give you bonus points for making the pun in the title about the Knicks and not Lin’s name itself, as everyone else on the planet (myself included) seems to be incapable of avoiding.


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  1. GeraldG says:

    I hope you realize how ironic it is that MC Jin is actually Jin the battle rapper famous on BET “freestyle fridays” 10 or so years ago that inspired asian hip hop. It’s all changed though because Jin is Christian and now rapping a song for this Christian baller in Jeremy Lin inspiring asian bbal players.

  2. bnguyen says:

    jeremy lin+ mc jin= asian domination

  3. Sam says:

    Wow! Jin is not you average YouTube post, another icon for Asians american. First solo asian artist to ever sign to a major record label and is huge out in Asia now. Great post! Love the song, love Jeremy and love Jin!!

    Nba is truly more amazing now.

  4. hlee says:

    GREAT SONG! This absolutely made my day, my 2 asian idols in one post. Thanks for posting!!