And Speaking of Jeremy Lin Puns: David Letterman’s Top Ten List

by Micah Hart

You have officially arrived when you are the subject of a Late Show Top Ten List:

Unlike the previous offering by the NY Dailies, I would wager the writing staff at Letterman had a blast trying to outdo each other for worst Jeremy Lin puns.

Can you top any of these?

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  1. heatlatinofan says:

    Ok he´s phenomenal player but a have one lin -puns very funny:
    -(at the restaurant chinese food)
    He bro please give me coca-cola with chicken-LINGS LOL
    -(in the newspapper): The new russian dictator Vladimir L-en-IN!!! LOL (revolution)LOL
    -(New Jordan DVD): “Come fly with LIN” LOL

    -Could we met us in CoLINbus Circle in New York for breakfast? LOL
    -Bruce Lee is alive! Bruce -LIN LOL
    -Elvis Presley is alive he is in new york! Elvis PresLIN!LOL

    -Are you scare? You shouldn´t…because you are in Lin-Tactics! LOL
    -“The most beautiful woman in the world is MaryLIN Monroe. LOL
    -“The best movie I´ve watch was BrokeBackMountLIN. LOL
    -Do you have to let it LINger? (Cranberries)
    -“LIN and let die”(Paul Mac.)
    -This is the best LIN you can find in Internet. http://www…...
    -Are you talking to LIN? (Robert de Niro)
    -“The new new yorker director is Spike-LIN”.
    -“Send me a e-maiLIN”
    -New Aerosmith song: It´s AmazLIN.

    Lin do this Lin do that. let the kid quiet.

  2. heatlatinofan says:

    “L.I.N. Woman” ( the doors).

  3. Kane says:

    Give it up Dave!!