Jeremy Lin Joins Short List of NBA Players on SI Cover Twice In a Row

by Micah Hart

Jeremy Lin‘s performance so far has been nearly unprecedented, as has been the hype surrounding him. So perhaps it’s not a huge leap to see him on the cover of Sports Illustrated two straight weeks:
Given the attention he’s received, it’s really not all that surprising to me. SI is covering the news of the day, and frankly, his story has dominated pretty much continuously for two solid weeks.

There is historical precedence for Lin — as Mike Hayes pointed out at Buzzfeed, Michael Jordan was on the cover three straight weeks in 1991 and 1998, while just last year Dirk Nowitzki was featured consecutively during the NBA Finals.

The interesting thing to note is that both MJ and Dirk had their runs during the playoffs, while Lin has gotten two straight during the middle of a season (take that, Tebow!). Impressive stuff, and again I’ll say I don’t know how much longer it will last, but I don’t much care, either. Just enjoying the ride.

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