All Lob Everything in L.A.

by Zettler Clay

Last night, there were a ton of dunks in the Clippers’ victory over the Nuggets.

A ton. Within these dunks, there were a few alley-oops of the Millerian variety. A brief review:

Andre Miller is just getting warmed up. Dialing on.

He’s connected.

Whoa. He’s up and running.

The amazing part about the aforementioned smashes? They weren’t even the best dunks of the night. Witness Jordan Hamilton throwing down a gauntlet on Reggie Evans:

But you didn’t think there would be any kind of dunking list featuring the Clippers without this guy in it, did you?

Man I love this game.

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  1. Man I love this game too.

  2. c0achdesigns says:

    I can’t watch, my connection is too slow…

    Being in a third world country really stinks!