Sacramento Fans Hold Rally To Thank Mayor Kevin Johnson

by Micah Hart

As you may know, the Kings and the NBA agreed to a deal with the city of Sacramento to build a new arena that will keep the team in the California capital for the long haul. Sacramento fans have played a big part in helping to make this happen (if you haven’t seen Small Market, Big Heart, you should). Perhaps more than anyone though, Sacramento mayor and former NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson was the driving force behind bridging the gap between the NBA, the Maloofs who own the team, and the city itself.

With the deal in place, Kings fans were in a mood to celebrate, and many decided to throw an impromptu rally to welcome Mayor Johnson back from All-Star Weekend in Orlando where the deal was finally consummated. Via Tom Ziller:

Is that the best, or the bestest? How can you not feel happy for the fans in Sacramento?

Congrats to everyone involved, and job well done KJ.

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