Point/Counterpoint — Should LeBron Have Taken The Last Shot?

by Micah Hart

A lot of disagreement out there in the NBA atmosphere about the finish to the Heat-Jazz game tonight in Utah, a game the Jazz won 99-98. On the game’s final play, LeBron James slipped a pass to his teammate Udonis Haslem, who missed a potential game-winning jumper just before the buzzer sounded. Many think LeBron should have taken the final shot. Others say he made the correct decision to hit the open man. Who is right and who is wrong? We take sides:

Bron’s strengths are known and undeniable. He led the Heat from down double digits, including two huge shots in the final minute. He just came from another last-possession gaffe in the All-Star game, in which he inexplicably passed the ball across court (into the arms of an opposing player). So with seconds left and a chance to win the game in Utah, he had a chance to redeem. He passed again. Yes, Haslem was open. Yes it was the “right” basketball play. But if you’re the best player, you can’t keep deferring on the final play. I’m not talking about a single play here…I’m talking about a pattern. — Zettler Clay

I’m no LeBron lover, but the guy can’t win for trying. It’s not like he passed up a wide-open shot for himself, he drew the coverage and made the correct play to a teammate for a wide-open shot. This is the NBA – every player on the court save the Joel Anthonys of the world should be relied upon to make open shots, and the mid-range jumper is Haslem’s bread and butter. It’s probably why they drew that play up in the first place. People on Twitter keep saying things like “MJ would never pass there”, but I seem to recall Steve Kerr hitting a rather important game-winner in a deciding Finals game. — Micah Hart

Yes, Kerr knocked down that jumper at the top of the key. But that was an exception to the Jordan mythology. Bron passing on the last shot…is the norm. And hence the rub: People aren’t mad at Bron for making the “right” play. It’s the constant deferring that grates viewers. Here is arguably the most physically gifted player we’ve ever seen, a player who struts his talents and dazzles the whole game…but seems scared of THE moment. Not to mention the fact that, again, he was scorching hot entering the final play. Even a covered Bron close to the rim is a higher percentage than an open Haslem at the key. I would think. — ZC

I get that. And LeBron’s reputation is deserved for how he melted down against the Celtics in 2010 and in the Finals in 2011. But reputation or no, the best way to win basketball games is to play the game correctly. Imagine if the two possessions at the end switched places and had reverse outcomes — LeBron hits Haslem for a wide-open jumper, then misses a crazy one-footed fadeaway over two defenders to end it. Is that somehow a better scenario for the Heat just because he ends up taking the shot at the end? Regardless of how you feel, I think we can both agree what should have happened, and what should happen next time. Give the ball to Dwyane Wade. — MH

We’ve stated our cases as to who is right and who is wrong.

What say you?


  1. Johnathan says:

    I think if he had a better look. I think coach spo set it up to be a wide open shot for haslem. If haslem would have made it ( which he easily should have done) we wouldn’t be having this talk now would we.

    • imad akel says:

      I think even if Haslem made that shot, you guys would still rip on Lebron.

      Also I realize now it only takes for Lebron to do something twice for you to call it a pattern.

      What i find weird is, Lebron has 2 most valuable player awards, and you’d think people would believe that he has a high basketball IQ and knows a thing or two about the game. Yet, it seems the media and basketball analysts and fans and haters all know “the right play” better than Lebron. And of course, if we all had his athleticism, we’d all be better players than Lebron.

      • LakerFan says:

        Basketball I.Q. is completely different than heart, desire and will to win. Lebron’s problem is not his I.Q. its the fact that he never rises up to the challenge during pressure moments. Think about every movie you have watched regarding a competitive sport, the protagonist usually overcomes the overwhelming circumstances and dramatically wins at the end through sheer will and desire, ala Rocky. Unfortunately Lebron will always be a perverbial Drago, all talent no guts

      • jccruz says:

        i am sorry my frien but this has hapened more than two times, with lebron is always the same. He just does not have the killer instinct that guys like Bryant, Durant and even Melo have to want to have the ball in their hands and take the last shot when the game is in the line. The boy has no hart.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ LakerFan, so last night he didn’t rise to the challenge because his open teammate missed a shot. Did you even watch the game or just read the story on how he gave up the last shot? There are people on here that don’t even like Lebron but saw the same thing Heat fans did, and that is he brought them back in the game, and then Wade f’d it up.

        @ jccruz, please shut up because you only can mention Kobe Bryant because of the championships his TEAM help him win. Fisher as I’ve recalled has bailed them out at least TWO historic times, not Bryant. So tell me why he was the one shooting and not Kobe? Because he was open and thats how basketball is played.

    • LOL says:

      Actually if look again the video. The open man there is none other than Mario Chalmers. Imagine if Haslem gave the ball to Chalmers? The outcome would have been different. And as for Lebron, he should have drive the ball to the rim and try to get a foul. You can see in the video that the double-team was in the wrong position and there is a wide space just beneath the rim. A simple drive with a contact by Lebron would have won the game for the Heat.

      • Coach Dee says:

        He’ll probably better crab stepping his way to the basket that feeding off teammates and unloading the burden of taking the last shot.
        Put the ball to the winner’s hands Coach Spo. D.Wade is making a statement to all of this after his body language at the Lakers game.

    • spur123 says:

      that was what the coach may have drawn and if he had a better look then he could go for it, but haslem was open and he knocks these in his sleep- why not put it on him then? why does it always hav eto be james, he can never get it right even if he is doing it right, he is a team players not a jack it up for the sake of records whoever star teammates might be, this is how jordan plays and gives confidence to his team. maybe the last player to do it alone without any star sidekick was ljames to go all the way to the championship ( after iverson ) kobe can never do it alone, he needs shaq and he needs pau and bynum/odom- even michael is in the playoffs every year and until he teamed up with pippen and jackson ( the rest being role players ) is when they started winning championship – basketball is a team sport otherwise these players should just play golf or tennis.or boxing

    • kobebryant24 says:

      I think he should of taken that shot, i mean haslem was “open” but you can tell by his body language that he wasnt prepared to catch and shoot, he had to catch and shoot wich lowered the shots potential to go in by alot.
      he should of shot that and if he missed to bad, jazz played better and got you into that position.
      i know kobe or jordan would have prolly took that shot even if it wasnt the best “option”

    • tke29 says:

      My only fault is how can someone be the most valuable player in the league but won’t take the shot valuable shot. He had a bad year last year I think he was 1 for 19 or something like that. MJ, Bird and Magic; Kobe, Dirk, Durant and D. Rose…not one of these individuals want anything more than to have the ball on the deciding play and more often then not they will win it for their team. LeBron is the NBA Player of the Year…he isn’t even clsoe to being most valuable. The NBA needs a new award for what he is achieving which is remarkable, but if D. Wade is the person you count on to win the game, then D. Wade is the MVP of the Heat.

    • paperboi says:

      what do u mean if he had a better look? see thats da diff between him and a champion..a champion like KOBE…would have shot it over 3 players if he had to…..a better loook? yeaaa right he a punk

  2. Jay says:

    Wade made all the wrong plays in crunch time to ruin Lebron’s phenomenal 4th quarter. Fouling a three poin shooter in when the game is on the line? And in the final seconds fouling him again for a 3 point play? Wade lost this game when Lebron had pretty much sealed it. Very dissapointed and I’m not even a heat fan, but this was the best 4th Q performance by any player this season, leading the Heat from behind, getting them a solid lead in the final minute…. and then Wade goes anti-clutch to ruin it all…. and ofcourse, it’s Lebron’s fault they lost the game by a point…what a shame!

    • JJ says:

      Well said. 2 needless moments by Wade, he tried to do his best to defend the plays but couple that with the missed rebound that led to the lost jump ball and LBJ’s stellar work was undone.
      Guy can’t win… UD missed his trademark shot with an open Chalmers to his right!

    • Northpole says:

      Not so sure, KD 18 points yesterday in the last Q, and they won it…

      • Fady says:

        Everybody needs to hive LeBron a break. Sure, he’s, by far, the best player in the NBA but if he would’ve went for the last second shot and missed, everybody would complain and say that Haslem was wide open and that he’s a ball hog. He made the right basketball play and isn’t at fault whatsoever.

      • aaron says:

        KD was amazing in that 4th quarter, truly CLUTCH…in my opinion, he’s the best player in the NBA right now

      • dennis says:

        Lebron is definately not the best player in the NBA and has never been

    • Bronbigfan says:

      With you on this one. Lebron really played his heart out in tnhe 4th, only to have his sidekick messed up down the stretch.
      But with the way the game turned out at the end, I really thought Lebron should have taken the shot, as he had the hot hands going in the last minute of the game.

      • Big J says:

        Ok Ok Ok OK, Labron plays one of his best quarters of the year forget that one of his best halves of the year, and with everything that went on with Wade. So ya tell me this, if Labron does take that shot at the end “and I’m not saying he should or shouldn’t have” and he doesn’t make it who would we be talking about then?

    • paperboi says:

      and 2 u….wade has a ring…if anything lebron is messing wade up..wade would have been a potential hall of fame player if lebron would have never joined the team and took away alot of scoring tittle opportunities for wade

  3. Damian says:

    I think the above argument nicely diverts our attention from the fact that ,although making a huge contribution throughout, Wade is the one who under performed at the end.

  4. Domagoj Cvetko says:

    Well that same Dwyane Wade lost the game with two dumb fouls and that missed FT down the stretch. First that foul on a 3 point shot and then the worst outcome on that Harris drive. He could have contested it and it would’ve been a tie ball game or foul him hard and not allow the potential 3 point play. With did Wade do? The worst.

    • aaron says:

      ok gimme a brake, DWADE had one bad 4th q performance…but he’s still their best closer IMO, remember the Finals in 06 and last year, he was the BEST heat player on the floor and the only reason Miami won 2 games in the finals was because of wade….plus look at wades track record before Lebron came to Miami, he was one of the best 4th q performers…stop hatin on D-wade

      • OKC says:

        Wade the reason why they won 2 games last year in the finals? Did you watch game 1? Who shot the ball well? Lebron gave them game 1, but yes Wade tried to carry them through out the series and that was also his role. LeBron made a “right play” Wade lost this game, and the outcome might be different if Bosh played. Let’s face it, those kind of open shots that Haslem took belongs to Bosh (remember Game 3 of last years Finals?). Bosh is not as good as Wade and Bron but he does the basics as effective as anyone in the league. Bron did a right play. Not the best play.

  5. nonoy says:

    i am an avid fun of lebron, the way he played physical games. but i wonder if he have the guts to put on a show in the crucial moment of a game, maybe he was playing the best basketball but being a superstar you should have the will to take over the game if it needed you the most..we all don’t know what is drawn on the board, it was a nice play and we all know that haslem is a good shooter at that distance but i think he need to put pressure on the defender to provide a much better look under the basket, or to get a foul to get an option for overtime or to win!

  6. Rod says:

    If coach spo setup the play for haslem to win the game, then he is by far the worst coach ever. You have the 2 of the top players in the game and you call a play for haslem?? c’mon, coach…make the right play…d wade for the win..

  7. Jimmy Yi says:

    People need to stop conveniently forgetting LeBron’s clutch performances against Celtics and Bulls in last year’s playoffs.

    • Chimdogg says:

      thank you! no body remembers that. all people remember is all the bad things he’s done.

    • gosse says:

      So true ! Lebron took control in the crucial games down the stretch against the Bulls and Celtics. He turned on the heat against the Celtics like he did against Detroit back in ’07. IMO he almost matched his performance against the Detroit to the Celtics last year.

    • dennis says:

      Oh we rember Bron Bron’s clutch playoff perfomances……………..like DISAPEARING during the fourth quarter of the NBA finals and choking to the Mavaricks

  8. davey says:

    Wade blew it, where’s his name? two sloppy fouls and a missed FT.

  9. McLovin says:

    wahahahahaha ang LeChoke did it again! simply amazing

  10. Lee Lamperouge says:

    We know that Haslem can make that shot anytime but in clutch time, I mean the percentage in making it will be lower..
    LeBron should have taken the jumper with two hands in his face
    or take it strong to the rim even if there is three defenders out there…
    That is a higher percentage than Haslem’s open jumper in clutch time…

    Another thing is that Wade should have entered the scene…

  11. DWAD3 says:

    i screwed up bad! i failed the team BIG TIME! i failed my buddy LBJ!

  12. James Albeeny says:

    It was the right possession. Haslem has a nice mid range jumper AND he was open. Lebron was making the right play when he was being double teamed. A much higher percentage successful possession than if Lebron took a wild Bryant like fadeaway shot. Despite Wade’s great play overall, he messed up crunch time with the missed 2nd free throw and fouling Harris. I think the biggest culprit of all was the Heat’s bench. Absolutely their worse game of the season.

  13. McLovin says:

    “THE MOMENT” itself scares the hell out of LBJ. Physically gifted but mentally? Idk, you decide.

    • imad akel says:

      haters gonna hate…

      mcLovin you really have to savor these articles coz before you know it, you’ll be lookin at Lebron Season MVP, and Finals MVP with a ring.

  14. Hector F. says:

    I think he made the right play. Two defenders were closing in on him quickly and he fed it to the wide open man. Just didn’t knock it down. Not his fault. He single handedly brought the team the lead, but Wade committed two terrible fouls in crunch time. Again, not his fault. People need to stop blaming him for things like this. If it weren’t for him, the game wouldn’t even have been close. They had no business getting back in it, getting killed on the boards like that.

  15. GH says:

    Lebron did EVERYTHING clutch today, brought the team back into the game himself and made the best play. Kobe would’ve jacked it up no matter what the D was like, likely have missed and no one would say a thing.

  16. jisable says:

    what happened to my comment

  17. nowwhat? says:

    The man made two clutch shots at the end of the quarter, a three pointer without hesitation to give his team the lead and a incredible shot to put the Heat up by three. Both shots in the finals moments of the game, so he is not afraid to take the shot. Haslem was wide open and I will take that shot 100 out of 100 times. Lebron didn’t have to shoot the ball over two defenders; the right decision was made and it fail. So what?

  18. Kian says:

    Lebron made the correct play and the best play. It was actually a perfect play by Lebron, he drew the defence and found his open team mate. Lebron’s already proven that he can make very difficult shots. But he made the correct play.

  19. tony says:

    i love how even though wade lost them the game its completely lebrons fault. personally, i agree lebron should have shot it but haslem should have made that.. can’t put that one on lebron considering hes the one who got them there.. no matter what lebron does the media will never let him win

  20. AnC says:

    The point is, if you look at the replay, LBJ clearly had enough space to slash to the rim and easily get a foul and or a and 1. There’s no denying that. Clutch pressure has defeated him, time and time again. The day he faces is down, will be the day he silences all!

  21. Yeaahhh says:

    wha about improve their D a the end of games , the heat have a 3point led whit little time leffffft

  22. Yeaahhh says:

    another game tha the heat no need to score but the D is not so great.

  23. Christian says:

    LeBron, u need to take that shot, even if double-teamed u have to take that shot, 8-9 in the fourth, go ahead three, u definitely have to take that shot… U are the King, so play like it, but don’t make the same mistake like u always do in the final seconds, Lebron is 1-9 in FG in the final 24 seconds of the game but he was hot and he should have taken that shot, that was his moment…

  24. NBAfan says:

    It wasn’t even going to be a crazy shot that Lebron would’ve taken, it was either a strong drive to the ring or a jumpshot over a smaller defender, both of which are high percentage when you’re Lebron and that close to the basket. The King wimped out yet again, and watching this video makes it even more glaringly obvious.

    • NBAfan1st says:

      Hey NBAfan…you took my handle. No wonder my comments couldn’t get through until this one…anyway.

      I think Lebron made the correct play. It just missed, that’s all.

      I think he made a very bad play at the allstar game though.

  25. Skevos says:

    I didn’t see the game, but I’m surprised about the following fact: why Miami’s coach Spoelstra didn’t take any timeout and demand James or Wade to make the final shot!

  26. Ilskov says:

    Well i think Joel should have fouled big Al J with about 11 seconds left, Al not dropping his FT tonight. And had he, then Heat would be in control, 98-98, could go for the last shot or overtime.

  27. JustWatchedTheGame says:

    Lebron should have taken the shot i.m.o. , for these reasons:

    1. Reputation – he needs to show the world that he’s not afraid of The Moment, that he’s willing to put himself on the line to get the W, and to redeem himself from his All-Star game hiccup.

    2. Mental Toughness – he needs to start putting himself in situations where it’s him on the line and no one else. Chances like this are an opportunity to get comfortable in that role. Miss or make the shot it will help to relieve his anxiety, he’ll see that life goes on even if he messes up.

    3. He had an opportunity to make a play – no it wouldn’t have been as wide open as a Haslem jumper, but he could have tried for a pull up J or take it the rim for possible foul shots.

    4. He had nothing to lose – this is the biggest reason, I think. Lebron had already more than proved himself in the 4th quarter, mounting an incredible comeback and knocking down both 3’s. Even if he missed that last shot no one would have had the right to criticize him for not making it, especially since he wasn’t the one that cost them the lead late in the game. He had nothing to lose and should have seized that moment as his own. He deserved it.

    • Just a Fan says:

      I think the 4th reason is the main one. He deserved it, but altough no one would have the right to criticize, they would anyway ’cause it’s Lebron, I stick by wait I said in my post, it was the right play.
      But your point of view is very valid, he could have taken it because it’s regular season and everyone knows that a miss against Utah (no disrespect for the Jazz) wouldn’t leave marks when the post season comes.

  28. Levi says:

    It’s Basketball You Win Some & You Lose Some!!!
    he’ll learn from this all of the heat will and they will move on and go out the next time and try to win that one!

    regardless of what has happened It was The Right play but The Wrong Decision on Lebron’s part!
    he’ll knock down next time!

    p.s. DERRICK ROSE FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. JB says:

    If Kobe had the ball he would have lowered his shoulder and blown by Halsem’s defender who had slid over to help. Lebron has at least 20 pounds and 2+ inches on Kobe. If Kobe can do it, why can’t Lebron? He knows that anything less than an over the top foul in the final seconds won’t be called. I don’t think the last play was called for Haslem. Haslem missed because he wasn’t ready to get the ball in the final seconds, and probably didn’t want to take the last shot. Poor Lebron! What a monkey on his back.

  30. Dillon says:

    If people can recall from the very first day of the season, Lakers vs. Bulls, when the game was on the line (after D-Rose’s CLUTCH floater) Kobe drove in, took the ugly contested shot over 3 Bulls players and missed. He had Derek Fisher wide open in the corner but tried to take over himself and lost the game…shortly after an article came up on NBA.com reading something to the tune of “Kobe doesn’t trust his teammates”. He’s a hell of a clutch player, but he was criticized for trying to do too much on his own…in this case, Lebron hits the wide open Udonis Haslem, trusts his teammate, and is widely criticized for doing it. So what happens if Lebron does what Kobe does…decides to take a contested shot over several defenders, and misses? Would be nice to say “at least he went for it, he was the hot hand, he should have taken it” — but let’s be honest, he’d probably get the same reaction some people had to Kobe back in December…I’m not really a fan of Lebron, but I gotta say that he really always seems to get the short end of the stick.

    • da hood says:

      amen! Lebron was running the point at the time & did what a point guard is suppose 2 do, get an open shot, & the best shot available 4 him or a teammate. Haslem got a great look & just missed it, now on to the next game. The Heat had a 9 game win streak blowing teams out in each one, & people were salivating at the opportunity to find a hiccup with this team. The hate is hilarious but we all need haters sometimes to fuel us to great things lol

  31. avatarm0ki says:

    He should have taken the last shot.


    Definitely because he’s the one who started the rally early in the 4th quarter, he should have ended it. If he is urging his team mates early in the 4th to hustle and to get back on track then he’d better back it up by showing every ounce of wits he has until the very end. He should have stayed on the bench if that’s the way he wanted to end the game. LBJ OWNED the 4th quarter that time (I think he didn’t miss a shot in the 4th q), but he blew it away again. I’m so disappointed. I’m a big LBJ fan even before he was in the NBA. It’s nice to watch him play. The way he dominates every aspect of basketball on the floor. Only thing is, he loses all those talents when he’s needed the most.

    Hope he’s reading these comments.


    Maybe he wants to take those game winning shots when he’s at age 50 when he can’t jump high and when he can’t shoot the ball over 50%… TALENT TOTALLY WASTED.. how I wish I were in his shoes.. I could have took it hard to the rim and dunk the ball or I could settle with those fade away shots..

    • FUEGO says:

      How is talent wasted????? The play was correct. That’s Haslem’s shot, Lebron was double teamed. do you really believe the words you typed, cause no way Utah was gonna give him a dunk and also if you look he would’ve got a charge or been fouled tnat the refs wouldn’t call one with 4 secs to go trust.

  32. yogijLaker24ever says:

    the best option for james about that last play was to drive to the basket after all he is unstoppable in that field. 4 secs is more than enough to do it.. He should make that kind of play.. that was always his mistake way back the eastern conference finals against the boston celtics when he was still in cleveland.. instead of driving to the basket, he shoots beyond the arc that is why they loose. they same thing happened over and over again the following seasons. he always think of kobe, mj and any other clutch shooters in the league when it comes to taking winning shots it is easy to take it with a jump shot.. most probably for them it may work but not for Lebron. i would advice lebron to see for example how lin or kevin durant make a clever move by going strong to the basket instead of taking a jump shot when it comes to winning shots..

  33. Miami sucks says:


  34. Rein says:

    give the ball the to DWADE. end of story

  35. Ray Angelo says:

    you can’t blame Bron for trusting his teammate in a wide open shot. That was an excellent play for Haslem made by Bron, it just he missed the shot. end of story.

  36. Jamieson Midon says:

    All the talking was only because HASLEM (open shot) didnt make the shot . And if Haslem hit that shot, all praise will be on Lebron. . let me ask u guys, what shot will be better very difficult shot fading away against 2 defender taken by Lebron or that open shot taken by Haslem 15ft away ( by the way thats the show Haslem always hit ) tsk tsk

  37. kingofkings says:

    Come on guys, just because you’re haters doesn’t mean you have to be stupid. It was the right play! whether LeBron or Spo designed the play, it was the right play. Who would you want to take the shot? your wide open guy who has a good mid-range jumper or you’re superstar who’s double teamed? The attention of the defenders definitely would be with LeBron and Wade, so why not make a legit play for other players? We are just having this argument because it is LeBron. If any other superstar did what LBJ did, no one would even care. AND, LBJ was the reason that the Heat even had a chance of winning the game, if not for LeBron, there wouldn’t even be a scenario where the Heat had a chance of taking a winning basket. Give the guy a break, coz you’re just making a fool out of yourselves. Remember, open your mind first, before you open your mouth.

  38. me says:

    i would have voted take the shot if it didnt say “you’re the king” now im neutral

  39. Di says:

    I`m sick and tired of all the haters.Last season everyone was criticising LeBron for taking the final shot.This season everyone jawing about him not taking it! And above all-this is a freakin team game.You can`t expect to win if u rely on just 1 player.Another thing.You have a coach there too.No matter what all people say about James,Spoelstra has the first and final word when it comes to what will be done in the final seconds of a tight game!
    So next time all you so called basketball fans….think basketball way first and hate second!

  40. Di says:

    And another FACT that i forgot to mention.It was James who led the game to the point of a potential turnaround win! Why ppl overlook his heroics in the final minutes and keep pointing at his last play?! Haters! Well next time you wanna hate think about all the accomplishments u`ve done in ur life,ten compare them with LeBron`s,scared eh? Cuz we all know who would be the one that have done more,not just for himslef but for basketball at all!

  41. SteveM says:

    If Lebron went for it and missed, the media would have dissected and scrutinized it just as much and probably highlight Haslem as a great mid-range shooter who was wide open, who Lebron ignored.

    I am finally coming to the conclusion that Lebron will NEVER be able to do anything right in the eyes of the media, will constantly be scrutinized for the rest of his career… And when he retires he will go down as one of the greatest players ever. Ridiculous. Give the man a break, this constant BS is getting old now!

  42. mz-jazz-greece says:

    Its raining today… i blame LeBron… -.-

  43. MAMBA says:


    • Just a Fan says:

      Just don’t forget to give the first 3 to the Diesel.

      • FUEGO says:

        Exactly. Kobe fans gotta be stupid lol. Kobe would have had 2 rings if it wasn’t for Shaq. To be honest he was lucky for that 5th ring, cause Perkins was out. No way he would have grabbed 15 rebs.

      • NBAfan1st says:

        Ok, well, IF Lebron wins any titles from now on, give those rings to Wade…cause he’s the only one on the Heat that really matters who has won it before….oh right, Wade also had shaq then…so give that one to Shaq too?

        Fact of the matter is…you die-hard Lebron fans (aka Kobe haters) just want to crown Lebron the King before he became one…lets all call him the king after he wins a couple of championships….

      • thomas says:

        Basketball is a team sport! Even the greatest player needs a team to win a championship. MJ had Pippen, Kukoc, Grant, Rodman, Harper, Kerr … on his own he would not have won these titles. LJ never had a good team in Cleaveland, he just made the team good, which was a great achievement. Now in Miami it is a different story, but even if he should never win a ring, he is still a great player.
        If rings make a player great, then one of the best players ever would be Robert Horry. Greater than the Mailman, Sir Charles, etc.
        Come on, get serious

  44. steefie700 says:

    it was a good play by lebron, instead of forcing a shot on his own, he gave haslem the shot who was wide open and hit this kinda shot a billion times last season. just to bad it didn’t fall this time. better luck next time.

    • it's DONE says:

      exaggerated hater… billion??? he must be in Record Books for that billion shots!! and must be in the first ALL TIME list in Points, FG, etc…. Jabbar must be in no. 2 only in NBA scoring list then,,, ahahaha…

  45. Just a Fan says:

    Lebron, as usual, made the best play available, he plays to win, not to be the best, he’s not a show off despite all you keep sayin’ (apart from the Decision, which he as already shown regret for).
    He gave Haslem pretty much a free throw, the second best shot in basketball, after the layup of course, and U. D. didn’t make it, tough luck, but that was the best shot possible, and though I don’t believe Spo drew it to Haslem, Lebron found him wide open and as Micah said: “This is the NBA – every player on the court save the Joel Anthonys of the world should be relied upon to make open shots”.

    If D Wade, who’s brilliant and now the 3rd best player in the league, no matter what, had not commited those rookie fouls the Heat would have won, cause James shot lights out in the forth and even in the final minute.

    He melt down against Boston and Mavs a couple a years ago and last season respectively, but you always seem to forget that he burned the Celtics and everyone’s beloved Bulls, in every single aspect of 8 of those 10 games.

    Remeber the Jordan commercial where he says he missed 26 times the game winning shot? Lebron will never have to say that, because he makes the right play most of the times and finds someone wide open, and it’s not like he finds Joel Anthony open on the wing or Varejao was all alone for the win; he doesn’t shy away from the challenge he just embraces it in a different way.

    To finish, you had T Mac and A. Iverson who never were affraid of shooting from anywhere at any time, what have they won? That’s right…
    And just to save a future reply,Jordan gave it to Kerr, to Paxson and Pippen at times and it worked, Kobe had Horry, and Shaq down low, and Hakeem gave it to Kenny at times for the win, so once again Lebron makes the best play available most of the times

    • it's DONE says:

      well said… but there’s also a fact that finishing it with strong drive and get a foul or luckily and 1 (which is his best option with still 4 seconds) or just a clutch shot while UD is on attempt to make a put back just in case LBJ missed or tip it in for the win dramatically… still im an LBJ and Kobe fans for life,,, NBA is really FUN and Amazing leisure past time!!!! watta PLAY though its only a regular games… watch out come PLAYOFF TIME!! let’s just watch and enjoy the game, Where amazing happens….

  46. jebb says:

    he is a choker.

  47. Makarov says:

    I believe miami shoul give it wade even though he made two sloppy fouls. D-WADE should took that shot.

  48. Jupit says:

    GO JAZZ!!!

  49. sorry lose! says:

    They should run the play for Wade and Lebron. why Haslem on that position and Wade underneath.. ? think! think! think! although that was Haslem bread and butter play he should have near the basket for potential offensive rebounds if Lebron or Wade missed. all in all Lebron made the right decision.. I don’t think Coach Spo designed it for Haslem, and if he sinks it? What should be the story? GO MIAMI HEAT!

    • kenny says:

      Maybe because the jazz also expect a play for wade or lebron……This was the correct thing to do on lebrons part. Pity that haslem didnt make it!

  50. BBallEXpert says:

    Give lebron a brake I mean damn everything he does is wrong so its a lose-lose situation for nim

  51. dods says:

    I think they made the right play…suddenly Haslem is unlucky to shoot the ball.you must blame D WADE becuz he got foul in final seconds.If he allowed to drives the ball w/o foul the score is tie.They have chances to win the game. Secondly he failed to shoot the second free throw…..whahhhhh….anyway thats part of game..you don’t blame LBJ he did his best on that game.

  52. Mitch says:

    I’m not even a LeBron fan, but lay off of him. He’s a great player, one of the best in History. He isn’t like Kobe, or Durant, or MJ, or Melo……LBJ doesn’t ball hog or try to always take the last; he tries to get everyone involved in the game and he plays to win.

  53. nowwhat? says:

    my house is on fire today. I will blame it on Lebron.

  54. josh says:

    I’m so sick of lebrons inability to finish games off. Yes he is extremely talented but in the clutch he is just not that guy. This is what is preventing him from being that great player. GIVE THE BALL TO DWADE. He had his 30 points that game. He made of made his mistakes but he has been to the finals. He has been cluthch and HAS a ring. Look at last finals for the most part Wade was dominating. I just want coaches to realize what they are dealing with. Lebron is a great all game player to have. But in crunch time give it to your original star who won the finals for you before lebron and bosh were even in the picture. Wade is the reason those two are even there.

    • ok says:

      Yeah, give it to Wade just like in the Heat’s 2nd last possession where he could have put Miami up 3 but missed a free throw. Lebron made no mistakes and was clutch throughout the 4th; Wade made 3 huge mistakes that cost them the game. It’s funny how these things (like Wade’s crucial turnover in the all star game) are never mentioned yet LeBron gets torn apart for making the right play. (Btw I like Wade, but the people’s irrationality / stupidity when it comes to LeBron just isn’t fair.)

    • No offense, but I think the coaches would no more then us and they would think through it a bit more as well.

  55. dods says:

    LBJ did the right play…..those comments against on that transition are IDIOT PEOPLE…Haslem is unlucky to shoot the ball only..period…..

    • Renato says:

      Unlucky?Try incompetent,fits better.And call other people Idiots because of a fair discussion is just an ignorant position.

  56. Josh says:

    We just had a similar post on our blog.. we’d love to hear some of your comments on what we have to say! My take is, he has to shoot the ball at some point. I don’t fault him for hitting an open man in a spot where he will usually make a shot, but at some point, some game, he needs to shoot it.

  57. mastershaq says:

    pregunto yo, toda la responsabilidad del equipo debe estar sobre Lebron, hay doce jugadores, tambien los otros pueden tirar, y yo vi correcta la actitud de pasar la pelota, haslem siempre convierte ese tiro, estaba abierto y solo, y fallo, asi se puede apreciar la presion en otros jugadores, todos son humanos y todos pueden cometer errores y fallar a la hora buena, Lebron es el mejor jugador de la NBA en estos momentos, y el tiene todo mi apoyo, con su actitud de pasar, demuestra que los otros tambien se presionan cuando realizan esos tiros y fallan.

  58. jimmy says:

    lechoke did it again

    NBA where lechoke happen LOL!!!

    • kenny says:

      Retard! You understand nothing of the game of basketball!

      • required says:

        I am sure you do understand a lot of basketball.Your role model/idol whatever he is….he is CHOKING hard.Take that and enjoy it.Hope you will suffocate from despair when he chokes again.

  59. shotayute says:

    so if it was bosh in that situation, would it still be considered not the right play?

  60. Sportsguy says:

    As far as the game situation goes, yea Haslem had enough space to make that shot. But, u can also make a stronger point that LeBron was on fire that quarter (8/9 17 pts, jus made 2 consecutive shots and one of them was extremely difficult) so why wouldn’t he make a play and take the final shot? I’m more than confident he could’ve drove to the lane and made contact with Milsap to draw the foul and possibly have a 3pt play..This what seperates LeBron from MJ and Kobe. He needs to take this final step in becoming a reliable clutch-time scorer. We’ve seen him defer too many times in his career, he needs to step up and take it rather he makes it or misses.(If ur a star and especially a superstar player, excluding big man, you should take the GW shot period)..In the long run, this is somethiing MIA has to improve on. We’ve seen games vs CHI,GSW, LAC, DEN and a lost to MIL, where MIA didn’t execute well in crunch time situations.(Wade & LeBron also arent great FT shooters so that doesnt help either)

  61. Belizeboy says:

    He should have taken it. He’s got to get more aggressive with shooting, basically be more selfish in crunch time. Even if he missed I would be happy that at least attempted it. Still he played a great game and it was actually Wade that lost it for them, not the Haslem or Lebron.

  62. Heat136 says:

    i really think none of this blaming stuff on dwade and bron would be necessary if somebody else on our team except shane battier gave an effort cuz the nxt highest scorer after battier was joel anthony with 4 pts
    in fact in the second half at least lebron made it a game and if haslem made the last shot like he should’ve nobody would care who made the last shot

  63. JonLloyd says:

    Basketball is a 5 man game, you can’t blame your loss on Lebron alone.

  64. ok says:

    I can’t believe how idiotic people are, including the writers. “Give the ball to Dwayne Wade.” If you even bothered to watch the game rather than just the highlights, you would have seen Wade miss a free throw that would have ensured at least an overtime if not a win, and then commit a foul the following possession that gave Utah the lead. Yeah, forget that Lebron was clutch throughout the 4th and singlehandedly put Miami in a position to win (not to mention the fact that he made the RIGHT play) — lets just criticize Lebron and suck up to Wade like idiots who are incapable of rational thinking. I would expect some fans to be stupid or biased, but these idiotic writers should be fired.

  65. A Kereama says:

    Haslem probably should have made this shot. But even so, I’d prefer LBJ taking a fadeaway in the corner rather than UH taking the game winner anywhere on the court (especially after only making just 2 shots throughout the course of the game). Hopefully the Heat, and Lebron, will learn from this game.

  66. Albe says:

    this isnt the same discussion as last years finals. the whole thing was lebron couldnt play AT ALL in the fourth quarter. ummmm up until that last shot, was anyone else watching the game? he single handedly gave the heat a shot at the game!!!!!! he was ridiculous in the fourth quarter. ill be completely honest, im not a lebron fan, but come on the guy was 8-9 in the fourth quarter and gave up the ball on a double team to a wide open teammate. like said above, i really like the mj to kerr analogy. same concept

  67. Jimmy says:

    I can’t believe this is being debated.. First of all lebron was clutch in the final minutes of the game and in the entire fourth quarter. He scored 15 in the fourth quarter alone (20 in the first three combined). The heat were down two with a bit over a minute left in the game and he gave them a three point lead. He scored 5 unanswered points in the final minute of the game putting the heat up three points with 26 seconds left. I don’t know how else you idiots define clutch. Wade played well all game but he made two huge mistakes in the final minutes fouling harris twice, once on a three point shot, once on an and-1 that went in). On the last possession lebron read the defense and once again made a good play, giving udonis haslem a shot he makes all the time. Lebron played as a perfect unselfish superstar. It’s idiotic to think that shooting over a crowd of people is better than giving your teammate an open shot. Kobe takes all of these shots because he wants all the credit for winning the game, and yet even though he makes a digustingly low percentage of them and people think he’s clutch.

  68. its 1 Game! LeBron and Wade are still great Players! They loss this game but bet next jazz game. They gone whoop jazz azz lol Follow Me On Twitter @Ef_From_Akron (I Follow Back)

  69. Derpington says:

    I’m not a Lebron fan at all, but I do believe that was the right play. Haslem was WIDE open, but missed the shot. If it were any other scenario, then I can see what the fuss is about.

  70. Ramsey says:

    It’s time we realize that Lebron is no Kobe or Jordan when it comes down to the final shot but he still the best at getting in the paint and drawing defense. Lebron did what was best, seeing the help defense coming and hitting a wide open Haslem. He cannot prove anything by senselessly taking last shots, with the game on the line and two and three defender in his face. Had the Heats won it would have been a great play but it’s not because they lost. Cmon. Smart from coach spo keep using your star play to open up easy shot for the rest of the team.

  71. MJDirk says:

    Hey! Stop all your arguments, Lebron ain’t the bet player in the world today. and there should be no comparison with MJ because he is just a piece of crap!!! MJ’s the best! Next for clutch shooting is Nowitzki! Probably he still haven’t been able to shake off what Dirk had done to him last season and even his two monkey comrades cannot even do something about it! Dallas for second championship!!!!

  72. Jonny says:

    Dont know why people dont like Lebron but this is becoming less about the basketball and more a tirade against the great man. Hands down the best player in the game, has been for years. That last play, no matter how you look at it, is the right play to make. Sick of people trying to deride him, cannot wait until he gets the jewels and ends all this nonsense ! MVP

  73. bongkag says:

    u can teach a guy how to ball and be great, but not his heart during crunch…its instinct!!!

  74. HEATFAN says:

    give the ball to dwade

    • DUde says:

      And D wade would probably airball that cus he sucks at outside shots and if fouled he would probably missed the FTS. Seriously he played like crap in crunch time and messed it all up. Dont give me the rings argument because that was 6 YEARS AGO.

    • rationalHEATFAN says:

      yes, give the ball to dwade. that way he can commit an offensive foul so the game could be lost by 3 of his fouls instead of just 2.

  75. Jordan says:

    Give the damn ball to Dwyane Wade. Spoelstra shouldn’t even consider doing anything else, especially considering what he saw Wade do years before LBJ came to Miami.

  76. Milan Serbia says:

    If you are the best player of the team you will take last shot there is no question about it. If you are the best you have to create for yourself. If not, it is questionable are you really the best.

  77. Fr3D says:

    It’s ike the whole world is waiting on the first opportunity to hit out at Lebron and I know you guys are paid to fill this page up but whatever.

  78. 5nhand_8nthebush says:

    Lebron, IT COST TO BE THE BOSS. You need to start paying UP. Instead of PUTTING OUT.

  79. jose says:

    siempre buscar escusa para atacar al mejor, si el juego estaba hay fue por lebron el pase al hombre abierto luego del tranque perfecto si alguien tubo la culpa de perder el partido seria wade fallo tl y dio el fao mas estúpido luego tan magistral actuación L J, pero en lo personal me hubiese gustado que lebron tomara el tiro perder o ganar hay….

  80. Milan says:

    I thought that basketball was team (five man) game? I cant understand why are we talking about these

  81. Bong Papio says:

    Lebron made the right basketball play. It’s a regular season game so a lost is not really a big deal but the confidence that UD could have gained if he made the shot and knowing that their best player trusted him will be significant down the stretch, But I also do agree that Lebron should develop a killer instinct just like MJ and Kobe. if he do then he would be unstoppable

  82. Saul Bautista says:

    Are you kidding me?? Milsap was the only guy between LeChoke and the basket. He couldve easily gotten past him and at least gotten free throws. How could you trust Haslem to take that shot under that much pressure. Even if its his “bread and butter”

  83. CC says:

    It’s a team game and great teams win over great players. But the best player in the universe, shooting a career-high of 55% for the season and 16-24 in the game, with three second to go, having brought his team back from 18 points down with a dazzling display of harder outside shots, ball in hand with three second left and basically one opponent in front of him MUST TAKE THE LAST SHOT. No disrespect to Captain Haslem, and not factoring one iota of LeBron baggage and reputation, in this single instance taken in isolation, there is no discussion and no debate. He should take that shot, and moreover he should WANT to take that shot.

  84. John Dough says:

    Hate to say this but LeBron travelled.

  85. BRONnoMVP says:

    this is why he shouldnt be considered when talking about the greats of the nba. BRON is not a winner, a winner takes it upon himself to finish of the game (ie Kobe & D-Rose & Durant). he shouldnt be in the talks of MVP, hes nothing more then a selfish stat filler.


    Durant for mvp this year.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Please keep Rose out of this because he is nothing clutch. Kobe is clutch because he takes ALL the shots. He’s bound to hit some, but he’s missed so many. Also please remember that Fisher on more than one occasion has saved LA in the playoffs in more memorable ways than Bryant has.

  86. supero says:

    Ya’ll must not play ball, because if u did u would understand it takes more than the correct basketball play to be a champhion. Lebron lacks the heart that it takes not the correct basketball play decision. its not in his dna period!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. thomas says:

    One thing is clear: Kobe would ALWAYS take this shot. And in the same situation (covered by two players) he would probably make 1 or 2 out of 10. And what happens? Kobe gets praised for the one shot he makes (great player, won the game), and people forget the shots he misses.
    LeBron was awesome, getting the Heat into the game again. And he not only made the right play, he made a perfect play at the end of the game.

  88. LOSER JAMES says:

    jeez, why is it people keep comparing him with MJ. keep saying “the best player in NBA history”. i mean, c’mon..HE’S NO ONE!

    MJ = 6 RINGS!
    LBJ = ZERO!!

    he’s just a LOSER who never gonna get the rings!

  89. bobson says:

    “Take the shot. You’re the King, play like it.”

    Really? The other option should be more like “PLAY SELFISH, REFUSE TO DO THE RIGHT PLAY”…………..

  90. chavon says:

    Whats really sad is that we seem to forget this is a team game lebron has always been a team players he didnt have to force a shot or a turn over he did what was right wade should have been in the play james put them in position to win the game by hitting clutch jumpers in the closing minutes thats all he could do he found a wide open man who happen to make that shot most of the time stop all the hating and lets look at other players and see how he stack up. The would not have been in the finals last year if it was not for lebron and he almost average a triple double in the finals he’s 27 year old michael jordan didnt win his first ring until 28 he will get over the hurdle.

  91. bill says:

    If Dwight Howard doesn’t take his team of nobodies to the Eastern Conference Finals in the last year of his contract, will he be called a “choker” and ridiculed the same as Lebron when he took his team of nobodies, in the final year of his contract, to the Eastern conference Finals?

  92. Jose Arturo says:

    I don’t care Haslem was wide open, I wan’t to see the super star take the last shot, if he misses OK at least he took the freaking shot. Kobe does it, yes he misses a lot but he has made HUGE GW in his career, I’m a BIG Kobe fan, I grew up watching him play with Shaq winning championships, hitting game winners, dropping 50 points when he wanted and lets leave something clear, Shaq DID NOT WIN a single championship before Kobe step up for the Lakers. Yes, Shaq was probably the best player in the Lakers at the time, but, before Kobe became such an important player he didn’t win, IN FACT he lost in the finals with the Magic against Houston and didn’t even got to the Finals before the Lakers were led by him AND KOBE. The other day I read that Kobe only scored 50 points during 2003-06 because Shaq was getting triple teammed and Kobe was open and I laugh for hours, seems like people don’t really know when did Shaq left LA… His last two seasons in LAL Kobe lead the Lakers in points and when he left Kobe lead the league. TWICE. You know what, when he was like 18-19 years old he already took the big shot, because Shaq couldn’t do it. MJ took the shots too and guess what, the GOAT missed the shots too sometimes, yet we all remember him for been a incredibly clutch player, the best player EVER missing shots. Before LeBron came to Miami it was Wade who took the shot, now he is the best player there, therefore I want to see him take the shot. Real super stars don’t fear failure because that’s how you get to the took and that’s how you make yourself better, trying. He without a doubt the best player in the league right now, but he needs to step up for his team. And for the ones that say that two times is not a pattern, well you better start watching more basketball. There is a reason why LeBron is called LeBrick and LeChoke. 1. In the finals (Conference and NBA Finals) he misses a lot and shots bricks every 2 minutes and in the last minute when they’re loosing he chokes and fails. I want him to show me how grate he is. Sorry for my bad english.

    • sam g says:

      shaq could have won without kobe believe me dude, kobe was outscored by austin croshere in their first championship,kobrick bryant would have ignored teammates and lost the game for his team in fact his team probaly would not have come back last night, but dont worry this sunday kobrick bryant will get blown off the court and prove once and for all he doesnt belong on the same court as lebron james let alone dwade.

    • Just a Fan says:

      Shaq lost in the finals against the Rockets? C’mon he was 3 years into the league and playing against the best offensive center of all times with an average team, so don’t diss Shaq for that, he averaged 29.3 ppg that season.

    • Just a Fan says:

      He also missed tha playoffs when Shaq left to South Beach 😉

  93. Danilo says:

    I think the game against Utah LeBron made ​​the right move, and that lack of unnecessary third one considers that Wade did, LeBron is even more need to take a kick in the dying seconds … Perhaps a psychological counseling would help.

    Danilo Ravanhani, Brazil
    ps: sorry English is google.

  94. Jose Arturo says:

    Top* Great*

  95. Dave Z says:

    LeBron should be getting the ball in the post like Bird used to get it… not up top where he has to dribble and waste precious time.. And then he needs to deliver from the post. The play should also be set up for a shooting guard to hit the winner if LeBron can’t… not Haslam. Poor coaching to have your fourth option go after your first cannot.

  96. theflowson says:

    In this situation LeBron should have shot it himself and took all the heat (no pun intended) if he didn’t make the shot. In crunch time, you want that ball in the hands of your best players or shooters on the court. This wasn’t necessarily the right basketball play in the sense that you are giving it to Haslem, not really a shooter, probably even less so if he is put in a situation like that one. If he was making a lot of buckets it would be a different story, but sometimes you got to forego that supposed “right play” in favour of putting the team on your back and being the man.

    He was open, and there was limited time on the clock, wasn’t entirely his fault, mostly D-Wades for getting into that situation to begin with but still. Would like to have seen him take that shot, he has the height and elevation to shoot it over top of the defenders and it would have been a half-decent look or one that you could live with. LeBron has made plenty of big plays throughout his career, highly doubt he was scared of taking the shot himself (are you serious lol). I understand him being a team/unselfish player, but its times like these you gotta say to yourself I’m taking this shot and taking the fall for the team if it misses.

  97. DREHEAT FAN... says:


  98. RED Man says:

    Well, Well sports fans

    D-wade should have not messed the game up yes, how ever LB needs to take the last shot always. He is the leader of that team and the only reason MIAMI has any chance of winning a championship. D-wade and bosh know they are just along for the ride. When the rest of the basket ball world starts admiting it, so will they.

  99. andyzhu says:

    ironicaly it proved again that lbj has the big heart!he is still doing whatever he thinks the right thing to do no matter how much pressure he has on his shoulders.
    you dont think he knows that knucling down to the pressure and taking shots are much easirer???

    hes is man!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Colton says:

    Gotta give it to wade in that situation….he carried the 06 Miami Heat in the finals and hit some clutch shots….. and he has done so twice this season already…. wade should be their closer

  101. mike says:

    i agree they wouldn’t have even been close if Lebron hadn’t gone off like he did, and that hitting an open haslem seems like a smart play…. but look at the shots Lebron had been hitting! He couldn’t miss. He is shooting in the mid 50 percent range on the season. All I am saying is if I am coach Spo I am pulling Lebron aside and letting him know that when he goes 8 of 9 shooting in the fourth quarter ( including hitting some crazy one foot off balance almost 3 pointer) I dont care who is on you or who esle is open i want you taking the last shot!

  102. Edgar says:

    Man this hard question to answer, It is so hard to know what was the correct play. I feel like Lebron should had taken the last shot just because he was hot. I hate to admit this but yeah there is a pattern, he keep deferring to other players, is like he was having this amazing night he was making his shot. Is it weird to say that maybe he needs to see a therapist or he needs Spo or Wade to tell him if his having an amazing night that they can live with him taking the last shot. It was a perfect play, and Haslem was open but right know it feels like he just don’t want to take the last shot. It is extremely disappointing because once again he is a position where he shouldn’t be, he is to good for this.

  103. Pedro says:

    Just a thought…TAKE THE FREAKING SHOT.
    If the game is in your hands, take the responsability. Win or loose you are the superstar and its your job. Forget about Wade or other teammates, and decide the game by yourself.

  104. nan says:

    it’s not entirely his fault, but a great player as he is, i think he should have taken that shot, didn’t watch the game but heard he was smokin’ hott in the final quarter , he just choked again in the final play, he’s just doesn’t have the killer instincts ….and this wasn’t the only time

  105. mike says:

    you are making the wrong arguement here jimmy. The question is not “Was LeBron awesome in the fourth quarter?” or “Is it Lebrons fualt or DWades” it is “Should Lebron have taken the final shot?” Now while hitting an open Haslam is almost always a great play and in some situations it would be the right play to win the game… but you need to take into account the situation. Haslem had taken 2 shots that quarter hitting 1 of 2 (50%) Lebron had hit 8 of 9 that quarter including a circus shot from just inches inside the 3 line. Thats about 89%. He had the hot hand. And dont even try to tell me that getting a shot over Josh Howard (who he had already beaten) and paul milsap would have been any harder than the rest of the 8 shots he had drained that quarter. Bottom line when you can get your shot over anyone at any time like Lebron can and you are shooting 8 of 9 you should take the shot!
    Just a side note I agree with you on the Kobe thing. Its all about the situation and while lebron is shooting lights out then differing on the final shot Kobe will be so cold he cant buy a bucket and he will still take the last shot!

  106. Dave says:

    How come my comment wasn’t posted?

  107. BW says:

    When Celtics players and the coach were asked who they wanted to take the last shot, here were the responses:

    Doc Rivers: Ray Allen
    Pierce: Ray Allen
    KG: Ray Allen
    Rondo: Ray Allen

    Ray Allen: THE OPEN MAN

    As shown, Lebron did the right thing by getting the open man the shot. It does not matter who is hot and who is not. Even the greatest player will shoot a lower % when covered as to an open man (given that he has a workable jumpshot). All the haters need to shut up, because Lebron did make the right decision. This isn’t hero basketball, its about making the right decision. It’s simple, if you’re open, take the shot.

  108. Joe says:

    Let me ask you guys a question, how many times has Kobe, MJ, Melo, Pierce, Allen, Miller, Dirk, and all other clutch players hit a game winner when they are double teamed (somebody else being open)? Almost every time. They are all considered the games best closers. If LeBron wants to be up there, he has to do the RIGHT thing and shoot the ball! You cant expect Udonis to get a game winner, he isnt clutch!

    • thomas says:

      let me ask you something else … how many times have those great closers missed these shots? You make one out of four or five and you are a great closer, you miss the rest and nobody talks about it.
      LBJ (almost) turned the game around on his own and he set up his teammate for a perfect shot. That is great basketball. And mentioning Carmelo in this context must be a joke, right?

  109. joel says:

    IN my opinion theres nothing wrong about the decision of LBJ..1st i dont to shot the crowded by the guards,,,,2nd your teammates is wide open….question?//???if that shot of haslem was made WHAT IS YOUR REACTION GUYS????doYOU THink you gonna blame LBJ again???LOL

  110. jince says:

    lebron james is the best player in the world

  111. Milan says:

    He scored 17 in the 4th….so just because he didn’t take the last shot means he’s a choke artist? When the Heat win, Lebron had nothing to do with it, when they lose, it’s all Lebrons fault.
    The guy gets blamed when he wakes up in the morning.

  112. Kobe Bryant says:

    Bron born born, an old advice I gave you before, the more you practice shots while the game is on the line the better you will get and it will build your confidence. Holllllaaa!

  113. sorrel says:

    A GREAT PLAYER CLOSE THE GAME….not his teammate not dwade,,,NO ONE ELSE….you made that kind of play your entire carrier..it’s ruining you….all of your achievment will be in vain..if you don’t take that f….g shot

  114. Jeremy says:

    I seem to remember a stretch of games last year where Lebron kept taking the last shot and missing. And what did everybody say there? That he was trying too hard (probably a valid point, since it seemed that he was responding to criticism more than playing the game) and that he didn’t have the guts to finish games (everyone kept saying “GIVE IT TO WADE”). Now, this year, he tries to make the “correct” play at the end of games, which makes sense considering he is the team’s best facilitator, and everybody’s calling him out for NOT taking the last shot. Seems to me that people can’t make up their minds with all of these contradictory opinions. And for the record, make no mistake, this has only been a criticism of Lebron’s since he came to Miami and became arguably the most scrutinized athlete in history, which would cause problems for anybody. In Cleveland he made all manner of clutch shots and had a 4th quarter efficiency rating that made Kobe look Jared Jeffries. The criticism is just a function of people’s lack of knowledge of the game and a desire to criticize everything.

  115. bob says:

    he wuz takin tuff shots all nite, y not take da last one???

  116. Mike says:

    What a game…wade blew the game……that’s not even hard to see…looking forward to Sunday lakers game….

  117. Guillaume says:


  118. Spaz says:

    I believe he made the right decision. Being a team player is important. Kobe gets bashed all the time for a ball hog. Lebron has faith in his team and he shows it.

  119. Ardy says:

    I dunno why during clutch moments Eric Spo never use basic big 2 or big 3 offense. There will be no dispute if James, Wade or Bosh has taken the shot.

    Unlike MJ or Kobe or even Durant, Lebron just dun get it. During clutch moments, he should shows his will and guts to win rather than using normal plays.

  120. M. Cooper says:

    I think people being too judgmental about everything James does: good or bad. The played last night was great James did his job unfortunate, Haslem missed the shot.

  121. Mitch says:

    He made the perfect decision- if you are open, take the shot. he gave it to some one who was open. If he, himself, was open, he probably would have shot. JUST LIKE IN THE ALL-STAR GAME! He was freaking be double-teamed in both situations here. But, the A-S game doesn’t even matter because it was all for fun.

  122. lebronisgud says:

    Lebron James did right. Stop blaming him…He is the best player in the league…….Lebron haters will soon be a fan of him……..

  123. Mitch says:

    LeBron seems to be blamed for EVERYTHING that happens. Oh, just totally forget that HE made a very crazy long jumper that was just about a 3 with 26 seconds left to give the Heat a 3 point lead. Not to mention, he made almost all of the Heat’s points in the 4th. Including the 3 to put them up by 1. BUT, Wade messed everything up with 2 rookie fouls. And he doesn’t get blamed for a single thing. How stupidly bias is that?!

  124. Al Johnson says:

    As usual this clown punks out when u need him most. He punked out on winning a title in Cleveland as he PROMISED to do, and he’ll always punk out when the game’s on the line and u need him to take the final shot. The CHOKEN ONE does it again!!!

  125. a24x says:

    Kobe has missed a lot of gamewinners in his career, but he has always been regarded as one of the best closers in the game, just because he does the same thing, over and over again, that’s why he has so many gamewinners under his belt, people disregard the misses because he’s supposed to take those shots. You can’t fault a star for trying to win it, or it’s just we don’t fault them for trying. LeBron’s a great player, and that’s the only thing lacking in him, that true killer instinct. Can’t blame him though.

  126. Roel Castillo says:

    show me the ring, just hope this time he can have one, but at crunch time please give it to Wade, hrs got the bigger heart, its not all talent mate…

  127. alex says:

    Heat – 7 bench points, Utah – 36 bench points: LeBron’s fault
    Wade committing sloppy fouls: LeBron’s fault
    LeBron leading the Heat to a serious 4thQ surge: His fault.

  128. KJ says:

    It was clear he could have taken the shot, yes haslem was open but he could have taken it to the rim, there was a spot that he could have easily penetrated. Am disappointed with Lebron.

  129. sirc says:

    For me Bron made the right play .. he made himself a decoy so that his team mate will be free to take the shot .. if he had a clean look and didnt take the shot thats another story … bron is a tem player and team player needs to make his team mate feel good for himself thats what jordan did ..

  130. Nate says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!!! GIVE THE BALL TO WADE!!!

  131. loonys says:

    Wade was put in a position to foul DH on the 3-point play because James was faked by DH on the perimeter.

    The Head Coach has to structured the team right. James is NOT the King, he is the King-Maker in the team. Wade the the best player on the team. Erik Spoelstra better understand this else he will be fired by end of playoffs/finals should the Heat lose again.

    Clutch/OT = Put the ball in Wade’s hands. Live or die with it.

    Regulation = Put James to work and build up his stats.

  132. Barry Boy says:


  133. The Human Herd says:

    seriously? this again? i’m not a Heat fan, but i feel so bad for James. the dude can’t do anything without being criticized. he was completely on fire in that 4th quarter, the Jazz knew that and were obviously going to focus on him. he hit the open man and he missed the shot, which he should have made. he makes that shot with people in his face, but he misses the wide open shot? when kobe misses, no one ever says anything. when kobe has 8 turnovers a game, no one says anything. it’s ridiculous. UD missed the wide open game winning shot, wade made 2 horrible fouls down the stretch, not to mention missing a clutch free throw, and we’re barking at Lebron for drawing 2 defenders and kicking out to the open man? what stars are SUPPOSED to do?

    at the end of the day, i would much rather have Lebron james drawing 2 defenders, then kicking it out to the open man, than kobe drawing 2-3 defenders, and taking the 25-30 foot 3 pointer.

  134. philip says:

    This is why we shouldn’t compare Kobe, Mj And Lebron.

    Because Lebron doesn’t have it..

  135. mcado says:

    If James had taken the last shot and missed.
    We would not be blaming him for missing.
    For He should take that shot.
    Since he didn’t take the shot we blame him for not being “The Man” and rightly so.

    King James — this is the name that somebody gave him and everybody accepted it.
    This guy has not even won ONE title yet?

    James should have taken the shot. Why?
    Because that is what we want to see.
    We want to see him be that “Guy”.
    You cant be that guy if your not willing to take the risk of failure.

    For example:
    Kobe shot an airball in his rookie season it was a last second shot.
    He was hammer by the media, shaq and most of you kobe or laker haters.
    14 years later Kobe is known for being the “Closer”
    Kobe is known for being “That Guy” 75% of the GM’s want to take that shot.

    James must start taking risk – if he truly wants to become “That Guy” – called King James.
    Until then we should call him “Lame James”. or “Pre-mature” James –
    Why? because he always comes to play early.
    But he finishes before that game is over.

  136. JZA says:

    Souldnt the argument be switched to the coach for selecting LeBron as the final shot maker as opposed to Dwayne? Is not like Dwayne was injured or cold.

    Maybe LeBron was right, but Spoelstra was wrong.

  137. JZA says:

    Just for the record.

  138. lheckxsz says:

    Bottom line is, in an endgame situation like that, I would rather have LeBron James taking a difficult fade-away jumper against two defenders over a wide open Udonis Haslem jumpshot. And as a die-hard Miami Heat fan, i think it would have felt so much better losing the game but knowing that the last possession and outcome of the game was in the hands of the game’s best player. Even if Haslem made the jumper and Miami did win, I’d still be a little bit disappointed that LBJ didn’t take the last shot, miss or make.

  139. klipster says:

    lebron made the right decision.. lebron’s ability is differrent from other players. he is more than strength type player. and he is not a true shooter like nowitzki arenas mcgrady pierce bryant carmelo and the like. it’s very rare to see a lebron made a shot with a hand on his face. have a seen a one i’ve never seen that in my entire life if the is any please post that video. and in that play if he force to go to the rim three defenders is waiting for him maybe he is lucky if he got a foul when he decided to drive in that possesion.

  140. Rampart says:

    I can’t wait to hear Lebrons retirement speech with not a single ring on his finger. Keep up the good work

  141. Sebastien says:

    I’m LBJ’s #1 fan, i think he’s the best! but i’m very disappointed because he should have taken that shot

  142. jers says:

    its coming over and over again, if he’s a kind of guy have to take that kind of shot but he refuse to do so.. think again he making his teammates make the final shots. Your the superstar, your the king. He avoided to be blame by his teammates if he miss the last shot.

  143. HeatKingOfEast says:

    Lebron should have selfishly shoot the ball. Lebron best player ever in basketball. Wade do sometimes sucks! gosh!

  144. Divac says:

    That is a play they normaly run for Bosh, only Bosh was out this time and Haslem took his place in the play. Nothing wrong with the play imho, great vision and anticipation by LeBron, unlucky it didn’t hit. Besides Utah’s 24 was closing on his drive…

  145. Jamieson Midon says:

    This Sunday the Miami Heat will punish Lakers then it will be LEBRONS fault hahaha

  146. Dougie says:

    Plain and simple… Give the ball to dwade!

  147. BamBam says:

    They had no Chris Bosh that time…… and only lose by 1 not bad. if bosh takes the shot of haslem. its a sure gimme….
    well theres always be a nxt time. and lbj is not a selfish player. he knows it will be hard to take a jumper with 2 defenders on you. and about the drive to the rim. we all know lbj had a tendency to take an extra step. and the refs will be watching him closely if he drives. I still know EFC is still on heat this year. and hopefully the rings also,,

  148. HoustonRockets says:

    Kobe would have taken that shot without a doubt…. Lebron just needs to learn to let loose and not worry what we thinks if he misses….Kobe just doesnt’s give a damn same with michael…so they took the shots even if they were doubled or tripled

  149. Simon D says:

    We can say that in theory Haslem should knock this shot down and most of the time he will no question but this is a pressure situation this is clutch, game on the line all or nothing, balls to the wall. Haslem is a great player but doesnt have the talent or cold blooded nature to knock it down in my opinion. LBJ proved he can hit tough clutch shots remember the three against Orlando in the playoffs. Im not a LeBron fan but I think him putting up a tough fadeaway has a better chance than a Haslem jumper in the clutch, not normally but certainely with the last shot.

  150. NSUK says:

    There goes all the haters, everything that involves an LBJ controversy/issue they all show up and bash LeBron. You keep on comparing Kobe, Jordan et all, but hell LBJ and every other players have different set of skills, that’s it. It’s too early to jump to conclude that he’s a choke just wait until July before you bash. I am sure you haters were mostly LBJ fans before you jumped the bandwagon

  151. D wades fault says:

    I am a heat fan and Labron has his faults but this one is all on D Wade

  152. Hot Rod says:

    Once again Lebron choked. He cares the team & crumbles when it matters most in the clutch. He is afraid to fail & wimps out by trying to say he made the correct basketball play. The correct play is to man up & take the pressure shot. Lebron still doesn’t get it. He thinks he can defer in the closing moments of the game & the sad thing is he thinks he is doing the right thing. I am still rooting for the guy because he does the right things on & off the court, but I’ve had enough of his showboating for accomplishing nothing… & by nothing I mean a CHAMPIONSHIP. He gave it away last year to the Mavs & I knew then he would never get it. Such a disappointing talent after 9 years in the league you would think he would have mastered his craft by now. Ballin’ up last year in the playoffs & carrying the team to the finals, then to quit in the finals was a major disappointment & that’s when I knew Lebron would never, ever win a championship. It’s baffling how he continues to play hot potato with the ball in the clutch. The all star game was another telling moment that he simply doesn’t get it, even Kobe told him to shoot the rock & he chocked AGAIN. You can tell he’s a failure when it comes to winning a game in the clutch by his reaction at the end of an all star game. Dejected & depressed knowing he can’t get it done & there is no way around the facts. Lebron needs to understand he must fail many times before he can succeed & that can’t have if he is AFRAID to take those shots. He’ll be in the hall of fame for sure, but a true LEGEND doesn’t squander their opportunities. Look no further than the black mamba & his age leading the league in scoring, coming in to every season improve, & displaying that killer instinct (something Prince James admitted he doesn’t have) nuff said

  153. Manuel says:

    You can’t blame lebron for not being clutch.. you either have it or you don’t, that’s why some players like Horry have more game winners than much better players on their teams.. or maybe people just have to talk about Lebron., I remember the 1 second buzzer beater when he had to catch and shoot with only 1 second.. he made it and the media was like only lebron could do that.. lol.. the truth is you make some and you miss some.. some players are just able to come through more times in such situations.. not lose the ball, get it blocked, fail to get it off on time or shoot an airball

  154. AVC says:

    The coach play a big role here to boast James to take a final shot if they really need to win an NBA championship, Preseason is the right time, ONLY D. Wade and James need to take the final shot if possible in this crucial time. If James brought the game in a winning situation and was left behind at least three or less point, HE HAS ALL THE RIGHT TO TAKE THE FINAL SHOT whether he will make it or not. HE NEEDS TO BE DEVELOPED MORE IN CRUNCH TIME

  155. Drew says:

    He was double-teamed and he had a man wide open. What am I missing here? And he took over against the Celtics and Bulls in the playoffs last season, yet rarely does anyone mention that. Stop bashing the guy or writing dumb articles like this to gain attention. Leave the guy alone and let him play proper team basketball instead of pushing this individualistic, selfish play that goes against what team sport is all about.

  156. Goldenstaes says:

    Wade get the job done in the final moment. it’s simply the coach’s mistake not drawing the final play for Wade. The coach still take Sidekick Lebron seriously after many many historical prove that Lebron simply not same level as Jordan Kobe Durant or Jeremy Lin. Don’t blame Lebron. Blame the coach.

  157. Lamb of God says:

    it’s just season, we will see in this coming playoffs what will he do (lbj)

  158. Jad says:

    Why haslem inside the crucial game, should be the shooter was inside this crucial play like jones, miller or noris cole.

  159. NBAfan1st says:

    First off, I’m a Kobe fan (cause of his mastery of the game, his will to win, and his hunger, even at this point in his very accomplished career)

    HOWEVER, I am a basketball fan first, and only a Kobe fan second.

    Lebron James is a GIFT TO BASKETBALL…no doubt about that.

    But Lebron couldn’t even win a gold medal with the dream team until Kobe joined the fray…common now. Yeah, ON PAPER Lebron is the best ever, but lets not run wild with our IMAGINATION…Lebron has yet to win even a single championship…that’s the reality. We are counting chickens before they are hatched. Lets just wait and see and enjoy Lebron’s game and his story as it unfolds.

    Kobe is still top dog! Nobody has taken that from him YET, Lebron will take that mantle WHEN he wins a championship…so it’s up to Lebron, not you LBJ fans.

  160. jebb says:

    the better team won

  161. lbj fan says:

    lbj shoud have drive hard between the double team and go to the rim hard..

  162. b-rad says:

    Driving to his left he certainly could have gotten to the rim or drawn a third defender leaving chalmers wide open. The question is did the coach draw up the play to go that way? I would like to have seen lebron keep it for the last shot by you can’t really fault him for either sticking with the coaches play or just finding an open team mate. Its real easy for all of us to criticize but none of us are NBA superstars now are we?

  163. Kalbo!! says:

    I’m in fact wasting a few mins of my time for this. But it’s only to say how idiot everybody else is for wasting more time having this discussion. Sigh…

  164. skunk says:

    haslem was on the free-throw line. i’ve said it a million times but if you can’t hit free-throws you shouldn’t be playing. games live and die by them.

    besides, they wouldn’t even be in with a chance to win if it weren’t for lebron. last i checked it was the MIAMI heat. not the LEBRON heat. let the others earn their money.

  165. BJ McClendon says:

    Just remember if there was a healthy Chris Bosh that would have been him taking that shot instead of Haslem. You can’t blame LeBron. And this is coming from a Kobe fan

  166. rv says:

    face it, lebron is great in putting up numbers on the board but sadly he sucks when its game winning time that’s why they drew play for someone not named lebron james.

  167. jaguar papa says:

    he was making all the shots before the last play…so why the hell he didnt take it? so u can never doubt why critics continue to question his guts as a “no closer” king……a king who cant close close isnt really a king…..coach spo, why dont u do the talking to tell him…so that hell really be a king to the fullest….Go EAST go EAST….

  168. player says:

    i don’t get it.. no matter what lebron james do on the floor, people always have the baddest things to say.. why compare lebron to kobe or mj or whoever? lebron is lebron. kobe is kobe, mj is mj. period. it is lebron who has the instructions from the heat bench, he just try to execute what ever play coach erik is designing for them. why can’t you guys leave the man alone? i’m sure you just hate him because you guys know for yourselves, you wish you have even half of the skills lebron has.

  169. Lebron definitely has to take the last shot here. He’s unselfishness in the last minute of each game has got to disappear from his mind. He’s too talented and too big for anybody in the league to stop him.

  170. Mo says:

    first of all he did step up in the 4th going 8 for 9 with 17pts in the quarter

  171. Dom says:

    i bet when the heat win the ring this year….there will still b many reason why the Heat cant win a championship from the Haters lol.

  172. Francis says:

    Leaving Haslem to take the open shot is EXACTLY what Utah would have wanted and LeBron fell into the trap. In any other quarter, that is the right play 9 times out of 10, but in clutch situations, the best player needs to take the shot, especially since James got them back single-handedly. He still has a lot to learn.

  173. cris says:

    Man i didnt watch the game just a bunch of people telling me Lebron choked again. Watched the highlight and Lberon did nothing wrong and this coming from a lakers fan. Leave the man alone.

  174. BBallEXpert says:


  175. The One Who Knows says:

    That’s just Bron Bron being Bron Bron! I don’t even know why you guys are acting surprised?! He’s always been a chocker! Skip Bayless was right about him!

    We all know Kobe would’ve shoved that ball down Utah’s throat whether they liked it or not!!! FACT! And it seems that KD, and Melo are more like Kobe. The All Star game was a JOKE! So LeBronesque….Melo and Pierce were laughing it up while Kobe ripped him. If that would’ve been Kobe on Mike in that position he would’ve took it right to him! Instead Bron throws it right to Griffin, REALLY???

    Here’s a number for you: 18, that’s the number of points The “Frozen One” had in 6 4th quarters during last years NBA Finals. D Wade had 38, and DIRK HAD 58!!!!! That’s why he’s a CHAMPION AND FINALS MVP!!!

    D WADE has to close out closes games—the LORD knows LeChoke wont do it….

  176. NBAFAN says:

    For those of you keep saying Rings are the only thing matters, just count how many great palyers who don’t have rings.
    How many of them were once mentioned as one the greatest…
    Then try to put the same comments on them, their greatness does not ‘real’ matter cause they don’t have rings, see whether it’s fair.
    When you discuss KB, MJ and LJ, also keep in mind about other great palyers, you just can’t say certain things and use certain words without consciousness of the whole NBA history. If don’t, you are not a real NBA fan, you just a only MJ fan, KB fan or LJ fan, you are just doing the Star Chasing thing, like a kids, well, in that case, I don’t want to further discuss with you.
    Be a NBA fan first, then a real MJ,KB or LJ fan.

  177. Bok says:

    James should master the balance between deferring to his teammates and taking over the game. IMO he’s playing safe but little did he know he’s hurting Miami more than anyone else.

  178. james says:


  179. Truth says:

    TRUTH BE TOLD. everyone critizes lebron….. plain and simple lebron and wade should not be playing with each other. lebron would have more respect if he didnt join with wade. two of the top 10 players in the nba. honestly he gets scrutinized over everything, is it wrong when u label yourself the king, the chosen one, when you say youre going to win about 7 championships….. in all honesty he brought it on himself. if you set the bar to high for yourself then ppl will judge you. so no one is hating on lebron, everyone is doing what lebron wanted everyone to do he brought the attention to himself. technically, its the right play, but for someone named the king, for someone whos the chosen1 for someone who says they were going to win 7 championships and then lose to dallas, who by far out worked them……. then the right play is for lebron to shoot it over everyone and anyone who got in his way…. again… he is the chosen 1.

  180. Ben says:

    As a ‘pattern’, yes I think LeBron should take more final shots, but in this particular instance, he hit a wide-open Haslem (co-captain of the Heat remember) who was in his bread and butter spot. This was the right play in this game. Probably unfortunate from a timing point of view to come right after the all-star example when so much focus was on it. I really didn’t like the commentary in the game. The focus was, with all the critics, why didn’t he take the shot? Well, maybe he cared more about maximizing the chances of winning the game by making the right play, than about what the critics have to say?

  181. This! says:

    this will what happen if LBJ has the same instinct as kobe…!!!

    • The Original LOL says:


  182. xandorian says:

    Ok check it out. It is easy to see who is a Lebron fan, who is a Kobe fan, etc. Let’s just look at this from a different point of view. Take into account the “right” basketball play…this is not high school. These guys are pros and their talent is far beyond what you all can even imagine. That being said, most of the players in the NBA are there not only because of their talent, but also because most times they DO know the right basketball play. Let’s face it, when it comes down to the game on the line, the right basketball play is not always the best play for the situation. Yes, Haslem was open, but c’mon…Haslem knocks down jumpers all the time, but not with the game on the line. It takes a superior player, or at least a player with ice water in his veins to even want to take the last shot. Haslem knew the clock was running down…does that mean he really wanted the pressure of taking the last shot?? I have seen Jordan, Kobe, Durant, Melo, D-Wade and a host of other great players take the last shot and miss. They have also taken the last shot and made it and it only added to their hero status. Lebron is way too talented it seems to be so sheepish when the game is on the line. It doesn’t take away from his talent, but then again, talent is not always what it takes to attempt the game winner, let alone make it. Don’t let your awe of a players physical attributes blind you from reality. Face it, Lebron has now developed a history of folding like a lawn chair sat in by someone over its weight limit when the game is on the line. Unless he takes the risk of being beyond great, he will simply be a great physical talent basically unworthy of the title he wears…King? Maybe there would less pressure on him if his last name was John and not James…

  183. David says:

    This is NBA. This is entertainment not just basketball.

    First of all if it’s really about the sport, everybody will study every of Tim Duncan moves. Rather than admiring highlight reels from the likes of Dwight Howard. This is part entertainment, part sports.

    And yes, James should have taken the shot.

    I think we all forgot something. Making the right basketball play for a regular season game does not make him more dangerous, or a better player. This is JUST a regular season game and as teams have proven time and again, seedings rarely misses. He and the HEAT has a lot more to gain than to lose if he had taken the shot. And I’m sure he hadn’t taken enough to miss enough such that team chemistry is jeopardized.

    Just because it’s the “right play” for a match doesn’t make it the “right play” that helps the team grow and progress. He should have taken the shot, even if it’s just to tell the teammates that he is willing to step up.

  184. ByStander says:

    A series of event that cost the Heat a sure win.

    1) D Wades back to back bad fouls. Fault: Primarily on D-Wade. LBJ did got faked out by Harris on the last play that allowed Harris to drive to the lane for the floater. The rest is history.

    2) Coach Spo not drawing out the best possible play. The team got D Wade and LBJ, some good three point shooter and some big bodies who knows how to set a screen. Fault: Coach Spo. With ample time on the clock, there was clearly time to draw up an ISO either on wade/LBJ and surround with three pointers in case defense decides to zero in on the ball handler.

    3) Since #1 and #2 item above already did happened, and the play was designed for LBJ to receive. LBJ should have recognized there is approx 4 seconds and the help defense was not in good position. Fault: LBJ. LBJ should have went straight to the rim.

  185. james says:

    cant wait to see tomorrows Miami heat game vs Lakers. KOBE never win a single game on Lebron james in long a time. This will Going to answer all your questions on whos better player

  186. kepz says:

    lets admit, wade made few costly errors that probably cost them the game… but game on the line, ur best player would have taken the last shot…

  187. stevey says:

    where’s the article on durrants missed three shots in the final minute against the hawks today? or how josh smith out hustled durrant in the clutch? oh wait you like bashing lebron and no one else america i forgot

  188. P says:

    I’m a biiiiiggggg Lakers fan and i will stand by Lebron for this one. That was clearly an open look created by Lebron and what happened was just Haslem didn’t get that to goal. One thing we can’t ignore is that Haslem would normally make nearly half of his mid-range jump shots and that one just happened to be missed. The other thing is there’s also a risk of missing the shot if Lebron did it on his own though he’s been doing it all. Comparing to the one in the All-star game, this one is much better of a decision making in the crunch and things will be totally different if that Haslem guy made the shot. Anyway it’s just a game of the ‘irregular season’ and yes Lebron is the best player in the league right now but still has a lot of work to do to be as clutch as Kobe is.

  189. betball says:

    what he did is right. udonis is open and automatic in that range, only not last night which even kobe or lbj himself can make it all the time.

  190. lebronizer says:

    lebron is so good that he control the ball game. most likely he has placed bets for UTAH that time, so he prefer other guys to win it so that he himself is not to blame for the loss. 🙂 too bad people are starting to criticize him for his actions. 🙂

  191. shoot it says:

    lol whose hating on kobe if im not mistaken the man dropped 31 and 38 yesterday and before on 50% shooting with a broken nose and concussion. Also you say his teammates helped him get those rings without him his teammates wouldnot have a ring either kobe was avging close to 30 a game with shaq.

  192. Freeyourmind says:

    I sit here and read about all of this Lebron hate. People talking about he can’t handle the pressure. I’m sure he feeling pressure going into every game after hearing how the media portraits him. The media have really brainwashed you all into disliking this kid for something so stupid. We sit here and fail to realize that this kid is very talented and does things we wish we could do but still we crucify him for something that is media made. So what he haven’t won a ring yet or that he teamed up with another superstar. He still manages to show his talents when talent is around. Lets sit back and enjoy watching the game for what is and how it should be viewed. Lebron is one of the best talents to come our way in a long time and is having one of the greatest seasons every by a player, and all we can talk about is 10 seconds of a basketball game that is 48 minutes long and played by five player that are getting paid to do a job. lets not let the media destroy your perception of whats real and whats created. Lebron’s talent is real but the media scrutiny is unjust.

  193. adriandgr8 says:

    if Lebron can take clutch game winning shots… he can go to the next level… until then he will just be doing a supporting role with good stats.. and nba highlights…

  194. JW says:

    WHY LBJ???????? Just give it to DWade!!! One of the best clutch player in the NBA, diamond-proved in 2006. Remember?

  195. Carlitos Slim says:

    yo creo que deberiamos dejar el pasado amargo de Lebron atras y mirar hacia el futuro. El tiene el talento para competir y tambien tiene a Dwayne parar ayudar harriar la carga

  196. ALONZO15 says:

    Take the shot LBJ! Same advice i would have given him during the recent all-star game. After a brilliant rally by the east team spare headed by him. GAME-WINNING possession he gave up the ball..even kobe was disappointed…he DESERVED and SHOULD HAVE took the shot. Im talking about the all-star game and the game against utah. Game-winning shots and championships are what cements a player’s legacy. You have got to take the shot Lebron. It’s hard to look back and say that you should have done things differently. just like what MJ said:” I have failed over and over in my career. That is why i succeed.” By NOT taking the FINAL SHOT you have failed your team and the people who believe in you.

  197. Wade-Got-it says:


  198. Leo says:

    this play was not design by coach spo because you could tell that haslem was not prepared for it…

  199. David says:

    Lebron is just so overrated how he got those MVP is crazy, not in same bracket as Wade, Durrant and Roase and will never get close to Kobe who is the best since MJ.

  200. eyunes says:

    After looking at the results of the poll and reading the comments I am so impressed. I didn’t remember there were still people with commonsense that follow basketball. Lebron did the right thing if u think different then you dont know a thing about basketball or u didnt watch the game and see how clutch lebron played. Scoring 12 or 14 in the 4th quarter to put his team up after trailing the entire game by double digits(18 at one point). He put the team on his back and nailed 2 ridiculously points in the last minute to put the heat up. If you hate lebron you dont have to make everything you say base on the fact that you hate on him. Arguing about this game is ridiculous because lebron beast it in this game. Is funny how wade missed a free throw in the last minute and nobody criticizes him just because wade has no haters. If lebron had missed the free throw they will talk about it until 2018. He is knocking on the door and he is going to get in soon. You can see it. Look at the all star game he ruin it at the end but still he was the one that tied the game and Deron Williams missed an open 3 wade lost the ball while running wide open in the lastt minute and Durant only scored 2 points in the 4th quarter but nobody ever hates on them. Stop hating, is bad for your health. Enjoy the game

  201. Martell says:

    People have forgotten years 1-7 of Lebron’s career. The man lead the Cavs full of role players with sub par talent. You guys forget when he torched detroit single handedly in the playoffs or when he trashed Boston. Also Game winning shot against Orlando in the playoffs. As of late Lebron does everything for his team to win by making the right play.

  202. Hasan says:

    I think people should quit saying what ‘bron should have done, fact of the matter is he is who he is on the court, and he has had a damn good career playing just the way he does! Im not Lebron fanatic or nothing like that, if you were to ask me between him nd kobe, it’d be Kobe. but the fact of the matter is Lebron will do this throughout his whole career whether people say he should or not, Just get used to it.

  203. Ghjvhjvuj says:

    Kobe is the best then comes wade 2nd and KD 3rd

  204. Eddie says:

    Haslem was wide open as Lebron pulled 3 defenders his way, so I am not going to blame Lebron for creating an open look and dishing to a wide open Haslem. However if you are getting the money Lebron has that comes with a responsibility you have to take the shot as the face of the franchise an the NBA. I saw a movie on Lebron, a documentary, and he is plagued. He has mentally blocked himself from last second heroics since he missed a shot in middle school w time running out. I think Wade should have last second shot priveleges, he seems to be a more natural shooter and has hit more big shots in big situations. If it was my team i give the ball to Wade. One last thing, people who say Kobe would take the shot, have u ever seen Derek Fischer hit heroic 3’s…yea sometimes ya gota dish it

  205. kylekobe says:

    That’s the legacy of lebron, scared, doesn’t handle pressure the way mj kobe handles it. He could have just taken the shot by himself, his defender is not in the position to bother him, he could have taken it straight to the rim or just taken the jump shot.What a loser.He will not win a championship by playing that way.

  206. Hamer says:

    If u watch the video again Chalmers was wide open. Haslem caught the ball with just under 3 seconds, it would take about 1/2 a second to give it to Chalmers so he would have 2 seconds or so to put up a shot. I think Lebron is the 1st option for the game winner.

    • The Original LOL says:

      Right. Funny then how in BIG PLAYOFF game.s WINNING TIME, that Lebron is 41% on game winners, and KB is 28%. BLAAAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • kb24 says:

        Kobe is a much better clutch player than lebron how many times to be funny, yeah Playoffs lebron scored the match winning only one basket …

    • sorry kobe fans says:

      now THAT was travelling!!! great job Kobe!!! keep up that great work with your 2 at-a-time pivot feet!!!

  207. G3 says:


  208. renz says:

    Lebron James the next Karl Malone!!!!

  209. price says:

    i agree with everyone that it was the right basketball play to make but he was on fire before that. Beacuse there was 4 seconds (a lot of time) on the clock i think he should have pulled up and if he was really well covered then dumped he ball to haslem. but bc he is a freak of nature athlete and he can jump out of the gym, if he had pulled up and the defender ws too late he couldve had a nice look, personally i would rather him take that shot than haslem who has absolutley no clutch in him

  210. dq22 says:

    I am tired for Lebron. He is holding the Miami Heat down and he is the type of player that likes to keep everyone involved. I don’t think he is playing to his potential but it is still better than anyone else in the NBA. Haslem can’t hit anything. Wade doesn’t seem to be consistent. Lebron has been banging it out with the bigs and the smalls. He has to do everything. Never thought Bosh presence would be missed this much. Lebron need to lead the team. It’s as simple as that. Wade is great when he is on but he need to concede to Lebron. Lebron is such an unselfish player so he will feed them the ball when he clearly should be shooting. If they are off, stop giving them the ball. The only help Miami had coming off the bench was Battier, the rest of them was just throwing up bricks. If Lebron wanted shine more than he already does, he would take the shot but he is not that type of player. His skills are evident, he doesn’t need to hit a buzzer beater because he leaves on the court. If he wanted to compete with the ball hogs, he could and would probably beat every one of them at it. That’s not his thing. He is a complete player and bangs it out on the court day in and day out.

  211. John D says:

    So let me get this straight… Lebron has NEVER made a game winner… never been clutch in the final seconds??? or is it that he doesnt do it enough for you haters?

  212. John D says:

    Also enough with the “he traveled comments” go become a ref and then you can call all the travels on him you want

  213. HOBOSTAR says:

    So everyone is debating Kobe vs Lebron, but to be honest y aren’t we debating Kevin Durant vs Lebron? Honestly rite now at this very moment, if I had to choose a player to build around it would be Kevin Durant. He’s proven to be clutch and since his rookie season ( I still remember when he made the game winner and would never shy away late in games) has shown he has that killer instinct and drive to win games period, even more so in the clutch. As physically/naturally gifted as Lebron is, with his amazing court vision, insane speed/strength/athleticism in the end he has no consistent/solid midrange game to really take over games when defenses start tightening up. Lebron only really shines in the open court and early on in games when defenses r more lax in terms of double teams, protecting the paint and overall well executed defensive plays. Drives to the hoop r easily gaurdable if teams r even semi-competent when it matters most, but a great midrange game is near ungaurdable, as Kobe, MJ, Bird, Paul Pierce, and all the great SG/SF’s who have had playoff success have shown us in the past. It’s frustrating to see Lebron who really has the MOST potential physically of any player in recent history to become the next MJ waste his amazing gifts by not developing the necessary offensive skills to potentially push him above MJ. Can you imagine Lebron James wit Kobe/MJ’s moves? He’s already got the HUGE physical advantage in place, all he needs is the offensive skill set. I may not be a fan of Lebron at all ATM but I really hope Lebron in the next few seasons really works to develope his game.

  214. Hugh Cox says:

    Yes, Take the shot.

  215. vlad says:

    there should be a balance on those types of plays. Sometime force the shot (kobe) or try to make the right play (lebron) but lebron often acts like he doesn’t want the ball in his hands on the last possesion. In my opinion, the play for haslem was the right decision, but talking on patterns lebron should try to get it to the rack once in a wild.

  216. Come on now, he did the right play. Blame Haslem for not practicing his jumper

  217. Rick R says:

    D-Wade is the closer! Get the ball to him when it counts because Lebron does not want it.

  218. KB24ever says:

    Ahahahah….the matter is that….Lechoke is always in the loosing team….;

    please…have respect for KB….5 NBA titles and so many scoring records…and….how many games decided with the last shot ? Decisions….it’s all about decisions…ahahah…..

  219. LarryB says:

    There is A LOT of talent at the top level of the league these days. Some will argue yes, and others will argue no, but I would argue that LaBron is THE best baller on the planet, overall., with all due respect to the other guys who can consistently function at that level; D-Wade, D-Rose, Kobe, K-D, etc., etc. But if he is THAT guy, LaBron HAS to take that last shot. Come on, peeps, you hire a guy like James to take over in situations like that, not to facilitate a guy who has 4 points on the night when the game is on the line. If you look at Haslem’s body language after the shot, he’s like, “Man, I knew that was gonna happen”. If Coach Spo drew that up, he needs to get a new clipboard.

  220. Willy says:

    @ Hobostar… Well said! @John D….Made or missed, LeBron should had take that shot. Period. I’m a Laker fan/Kobe fan but i’m also a basketball fan…meaning i like to see good basketball. LeBron is a great player… It’s not hating, it’s just facts. He just doesn’t have that killer instinct and that will to win…to punish you everytime you go against him…take the last shot and go home with the W…like MJ or Kobe… for the type of player that he is or could be and how dominent he can be. Physically he is phenomenal but mentally…i don’t know man lol why are you afraid to take big shots…made or missed? you are “The King” so play like it!

  221. Willy says:

    And please don’t mention the name of Kobe Bryant…The man is already a Hall of Famer and leaving legend…been there, done that! I think Lakers will have to retire 2 jerseys…# 8 and # 24 lolll

  222. ab_green says:

    man LEBRON You choosed the right choice.. no funny junk.. but thats how u earn trust from players that feel lefted out… GOOD CHOICE N MY CATERGORY…

  223. All day T for 3 says:

    He is the King…and the King made the right play. If he would’ve taken the shot double-teamed & missed it, we’d be listening to these “experts” argue that he has to recognize when he is double-teamed and hit the wide open man. Instead of riding his a$$ all the time and criticizing him, why don’t they just sit back and enjoy the show. C’mon!!!

  224. tommy says:

    You all are idiots. Haslem was open, HE should be the guy people are mad at. Fools.

  225. MASTER9527 says:

    LBJ made the right play haterzzzzzz…..if u guys watched the game, it was D-wade who had like ten crazy fouls in the fourth quarter….The king lives….suckers

  226. LBJ IS A JOKE says:

    Why do you think LBJ left Cavs? He left because he can’t do anything by himself. He needs help to win basketball games not 1 All-Stars but two All- Stars and he still can’t win. LBJ is nothing but an immature brat. He is not a leader he’s a follower he will never win a Championship!

    • da jokah says:

      heyyyy wise guy no one can do it all by themselves cuz kobe didnt do it by himself the five times hes won a championship hes had either shaq or pau gasol , jordan didnt do it by himself he had pippen to help for all six rings and also steve kerr a klutch 3 point shooter…..now lebron in cleveland had no help , he had mo williams (who is not consistant)he had andy verajao(who would get fouled out in like 64/82 games the whole season) the only time he got some help was when he got shaq and by then he culd barely move up and down the court ……..face it u moron evry super star cant win rings bythemselves, theyre superstars not super heroes

  227. gnappo says:

    Lebron had to take the shot. And Steve Kerr was a great shooter while haslem is …whatever

  228. A real ball palyer says:

    I Wish all of you haters would shut the hell up.Lebron doesn’t ever have to take the last shot to be who he is or a great player. he made 2 3’s in clutch but yall greedy ppl want more.kobe misses more than half of his fake buzzer beaters but you applaud that. you sound dumb for that. making the right play is always best .screw all of the ego talk because Yall wont let lebron win even if he hit all of the game winners and won a ring.its still gonna be Kobe has 5. Idiots get a life. TEAM LEBRON!!

    • mcado says:

      A real ball palyer…right.

      You’re right Kobe has 5 NBA title – TEAM JAMES none.
      That’s actually a true statement.

      Here is the point people want their hero’s to be “that guy”.
      They need their hero’s to but it all on the line; their reputation, their status and their place in history’ put it all on the line.

      LBJ has not done that yet. That’s all. He has won a lot of games. In fact he will have a better team winning percentage than MJ or West at the end of his career.

      But until he start taken risk and stop caring what people will call him if he misses.
      He will always have people questioning his heart, character or legacy.

      This has nothing to do with Kobe. This is all about James. In fact you titled him King James even though he has never won anything yet after 8 season in the NBA. James will win a NBA title; even 3 or 4 but until he can take those BIG SHOTS when the game is on the line. Just accept it – James is not yet “That Guy”.

  229. HeatKingOfEast says:

    whatever people says, deng men! almost 300 comments because of lebron? ahahahaa w/o lebron nba will be less entertaining. thumbs up if u like ahhahahaha

  230. Just one Ring! says:

    See, if Bron had just one ring, or half a ring…. all this talk would not be going on..if you ask me, Bron is the best player in the league right now.. better than Kobe and Jordan at their prime… yes i said it.. Kobe AND Jordan at their prime..period!

    • Just one Ring! says:

      And… certainly doesn’t need a ring to prove that.. MJ didn’t get his first ring till about 7..or 8 year sin the league, so give Bron a break!

  231. Gatsby101 says:

    Yes.. I voted for lebron to take the shot. but I also agree that he made the ryt move. But unfortunately, Hsalem missed the shot. If only he sees chalmers on his right who is more open than him will make a big difference. Miami Win by last second. Haha.

    For lebron, just take the shot and made it to break everybody’s speculation that your not a clutch player.

    See you in finals. Make us proud. It’s not only for us. It is also for you to prove us that you are the king of the court!

  232. macsprieto says:

    Lebron’s problem is his fear of failing, not losing, he fears that he might fail his buddies and team.. he is too much of a people person that he opts to be liked and lose, than to be despised and be a winner..Kobe, MJ have haters too.

    But, most of the time they prove their haters wrong. I am still expecting Lebron to be Jordanesque in the future but, if still stays the same, he may not be legendary.

  233. KG says:

    He should have taken the shot. All great players do/did! Make it or not it does not matter. They lost anyway. Unless it was the coach’s decision, he should have taken it. It is the desire to win that matters when it comes to the final seconds!

  234. KW says:

    Shutup Micah Hart, you sound so stupid and like a big hater. Saying that you are not a Lebron lover.

  235. KC says:

    I saw D Wade attempt a baseline cut at the end there. I think maybe Lebron should have driven the lane against two defenders, and when he got close he could have dropped it off to DWade for the dunk. 4 seconds would have been plenty of time for that. The whole point of having James and Wade on the court at the same time is that you cannot double team both of them effectively.

  236. D Mavromatis says:

    It is really a shame that the best player in the world doesn’t want to hit crucial shots.
    I think he must accept the fact that d-wade must make the big shots. Lebron can easily carry the heat the whole game and then let wade make more shots in 4th quarter.

  237. joel says:

    You must blame D-Wade on that game not LBJ.regarding on the play LBJ did the right position.Just compare yourself your going to shot on in front 2 people or on a wild open guy?another scenario how about if Haslem shot the ball?finally its part of the game…..every player has a different skills….but over all LBJ is all around skills.hope you get my point.lol