Tim Duncan adds another move to the arsenal

by Zettler Clay

Throughout the years, Tim Duncan has developed something of a decent resume. Four championships, two MVPs, a demeanor that’ll put a Leslie Nielson deadpan to shame. On Sunday night against the Nuggets, he decided that wasn’t enough.

1) Slap the defender with the ball to temporarily distract him.

2) Drive past said defender.

3) Throw it down over incredulous and dazed defender.

4) Get up and run back down court like you didn’t just accomplish the first three.

Check, check, check and check. Consider the Duncan vitae updated.

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  1. Coach Dee says:

    Nice! Is that level, I should put that on my arsenal too. I saw that on Allen Iverson push the opponent down with the ball on the the defenders stomach as A.I. drives in and stop for a fade-away jumper. But this is something new.

  2. Hugh Cox says:

    Don’t miss with Tim Duncan.
    He is a beast.
    Dirty Players.
    Birdman was just asking for it.
    Tim Duncan is playing like Kevin Garnnet.

  3. alex says:

    What do you like to do call himself a foul.

    • Dasih says:

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