Derrick Rose, How Do You Rate On The Horry Scale?

by Micah Hart

Almost had two Horry Scale entries tonight, but sadly Jordan Farmar‘s game-winner for the Nets left a measly 0.4 seconds left on the clock for the Clippers to salvage a win. A great shot no doubt (though where was the Clippers’ D on that play?), but twasn’t a buzzer-beater, so it fails to qualify. Fortunately, we still have Derrick Rose to take care of us.

For those that are new around these parts, the Horry scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.

Rose is one of the ultimate closers in the NBA, so it’s a bit of a surprise to me this is his first appearance on the Horry Scale. How did the league’s reigning MVP stack up? Let’s find out:


Not terribly difficult for Rose, who created some space for himself against Brandon Jennings before knocking down the step-back jumper from the top of the key to win the game. However, I am going to complain just a little here. I won’t argue with the outcome, but with as much time as Rose had to work with in a tie game, I want him to get to the basket there. I’ll give him a pass, though, because that’s typically what he does in game-winning situations. But a lesson to the kids — never settle for the J.

Game Situation

Potential trade bait Ersan Ilyasova scored on an offensive rebound to tie the game at 104-104 with 24 seconds left to play, which gave the Bulls all the time in the world to set up a play for the win. Chicago cleared it out for Rose, who went mano-a-mano with Jennings for the final shot.


The Bulls fell to the Heat in last season’s Eastern Conference finals, and the two teams appear on a crash course to go at it again this May. With the way Miami has improved, home-court advantage could certainly play a big role in that series, and as such, every win for Chicago will matter from here until the end of the regular season. The Bulls remain two games ahead of the Heat with this win.


Watch the clip again, and listen for the crowd’s reaction (go ahead, I’ll wait). What city was this game played in again? I had to look a few times to remind myself it was played in Milwaukee because judging by the crowd’s reaction, you might have thought it was the Windy City. Look how much red is in that crowd! I realize Chicago is a short distance from Milwaukee, but that’s embarrassing. Bonus points for the skyward finger-point celebration from Brian Scalabrine.


1.5 Horrys. A tie game, plenty of time to work with, and a more-difficult-shot-than-necessary from Rose makes this one fairly standard. But I’m giving an extra half-Horry in honor of the Bulls fans for turning the place into United Center North.

What do you think?

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  1. Sav says:

    “but with as much time as Rose had to work with in a tie game, I want him to get to the basket there.”

    The Bucks kept everyone else in the lane to dissuade any drives. That’s why Rose was 1-on-1 and that’s why the jump shot was the right shot.

  2. Rholand says:

    i dont understand why youre critiquing his jumpshot when you are rating him on difficulty?

  3. Joemar23 says:

    I’d definitely give rose 2.5 Horrys..Why?

    Yes he did have lots of time to drive to the hoop and possibly win it by FT but that situation was designed for him to make and the difficult part there is he shooting 8/22 from the field which definitely makes it a tough shot to a player who had a bad shooting night plus there are 2 bucks waiting for him to drive down the lane and if they execute the defense well rose could have missed it.

    Game Situation
    Tied ball game which the bucks could have doubled him since there was some instances that DRose had some problems with doubles during late game situation and the bucks could’ve made rose turn the ball over.

    Totally agree on you that every win is very important for the bulls moving forward

    It’s a regular season game so we can’t expect too much of a hype since they are playing on the road although there are lots of bulls fans in attendance.

    Bottom line is 2.5 Horrys for making the shot even the MVP had a bad shooting night.

  4. Blake says:

    The White Mamba comment has made me a Micah Hart fan.

    As another point, it was pretty ballsy of Rose to go for the J with the way he was shooting that game, but we all know he has ice in his veins so it makes sense.

  5. Ying says:

    Really Micah?

    1. Delfino was practically playing zone, sagging off Deng so much.
    2. All of the Bucks players were pretty much locked into help position and in the lane
    3. Hey, in fact, at 4 seconds, the Bucks go into 2-3 zone. No time to drive/set anything up. Rose makes the right read..
    4. As for celebration, D-rose pretty much pimp walked off the court…look at the pictures, oh my goodness..

    3 Horrys, at the very least.

    • KC says:

      Hehe, agreed. But you have to sag off DRose that much because he has another gear he can switch into that other mere mortals don’t. That dude is FAST. I’m not even sure the defense could have collapsed quickly enough if they didn’t pack the paint like they did.

  6. MDD says:

    I give it a 4. He was as angry as I’ve ever seen him about that awful call on the last possession. The easy play would be the drive and dish off the high pick, the bulls’ bread and butter. Instead he demanded to take the last shot one on one. No screen. No help. No room for error. MVP.

  7. Jonathan says:

    If Lebron DID NOT take this shot but rather drove and kicked it out to another shooter, we would have crucified him. D-Rose took the MVP shot. MVP shots shouldn’t be analyzed this much. “Clutch” doesn’t have to make the most basketball sense…4

  8. lucaslb says:

    Correction, there is one previous entry of D-Rose on the Horry Scale last season, with a 3 point winning trey against Houston last season. If not, that’s a mistake because it was just AMAZING !
    THough, this one is pretty good too πŸ˜‰

  9. Arky says:

    A tie game, so they don’t lose even if he misses. All the time in the world to set up whatever he was going to do. No hand in his face on the jumper. It’s a game in the regular season against a non-playoffs team with about as little riding on it as possible.

    If this isn’t 1 Horry, whatya gotta do for it to be only 1 Horry?

  10. Hobgoblin says:

    5 Horrys? this place must be invaded by Bulls fans. πŸ™‚

    • cisco says:

      the guy did the right thing… he is the best player on the team and the player you want with the ball in the closing seconds. the bucks were closing the lane and d-rose realized that he could have drawn the offensive foul in that situation. Horry, i loved all those buzzer beaters you had for us as a laker i really did but it all boils down to the fact that d-rose is on the road and you just want to try to end it in 4 quarters when you are shooting 8/22. bottom line, at least 3 horrys, bottom line he WON the game for his team

  11. EjiethePogi says:

    He had to step back to avoid the defense and yes, a very difficult shot to make. But he drained it for the win. That’s all that matters.

  12. Mark says:

    The same day ESPN publishes its “Hero Ball*” article, D-Rose drills a step-back, contested, long fadeaway two-pointer just within the three-point line out of an isolation play. Go figure.

  13. oh wow says:

    clippers vs nets

  14. KWYap says:

    If you watch clearly, each Bulls players had been locked up pretty fine, leaving D-Rose going on 1-on-1 with Jenning. So the matter is, he made that shot, why bother rating the shot? MVP for D-Rose

  15. mz says:

    why is the fact that was on the road against a rival not considered? this whole thing is way too arbitrary

  16. Marcus says:

    I gave it 3 Horrys considering The Heat lossed and the Bulls were able to maintain their 2 game lead. Also, it’s shows Lebron, This is how you win games!

  17. hofdp says:

    Jennings cant guard derrick rose nuff said

  18. danks says:

    Robber Horry :But a lesson to the kids β€” never settle for the J.

    Kind of funny horry said this when all his buzzer beaters and game winners were all jumpers, even the ones he missed were jumpers dont think he he ever once took it to the hole.

  19. 1 Horry says:

    This is not even the playoffs and its a tied games so basically its half the pressure of when your down points, Then there is no double team and he has more than plenty of time to create and get his shot off. I never rate any game winners in the regular season higher than a 3. This one deserves a 1.

  20. matt says:

    it has to be a high rating… his jumpers weren’t going that day but when it mattered he made it. and whether or not he gets to the rim it went in. when ridnour got to the rim with a FLOATER he lost horrys for it being too easy… that makes this a lose-lose debate for rose which is unfair. step backs with a defender in your face. How many times have we seen that shot end up as a rebound?

  21. Nick says:

    Yes he had plenty of time to work with and yes he made the jumpshot harder then it had to be but still either way that shot was amazing