Gerald Green Wins The Dunk Contest A Couple Weeks Late

by Micah Hart

He didn’t blow out a birthday candle this time, but Gerald Green did throw down what scribe John Schuhmann said might be the best in-game dunk he’s ever seen. You don’t want to miss this one, from Saturday night’s Nets-Rockets tilt:

My goodness. Welcome back to the League, Gerald. LeMont Calloway, I think you’ve got some work to do.

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  1. Matt says:

    It’s not the best in game dunk ever, not even close. Lebron and Griffin have both done better this year. However, it is quite amazing. He got his whole head above the rim!

  2. Haxist says:

    He forgot the cupcake … but still DUNK OF THE YEAR!!!

  3. avyfan says:

    The best by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jay says:

    Got his eyes legit over the rim. I’ve seen so many high fly dunks in the nba before but i don’t think i’ve seen that elevation from someone of geralds size. Shannon probably has the best hops but he’s 3-4 inches shorter. As for whether it’s the best in game dunk, Vince Carter has done this some dunk off of a lob in-game and i think Vinces was nicer.

  5. coy gualal says:


  6. rtSmiley says:

    WOW!! even the Rockets bench wanted to jump from their seats lol

  7. wes says:

    best dunk of the year by far, griffin did a lay-up and lebron jumped over a guy only 5 feet tall, this wins

    • Coach Dee says:

      Don’t agree,

      #1. Griffin on Perk dunk. If this is a lay-up, then it’s a lay-down/ throw-down from above the rim and with Perk in between.
      #2. Green – peeks atop the rim, catching the alley-oop and doing a wind-mill jam.
      #3. LBJ WALKS over a 4 feet guy(is it the mop guy?) can’t even remember. LOL.

      -at least we both agree Green and Griffins’ throw down was top 2.

      • Phresh says:

        I don’t think it was the best dunk of the year, there’s been a few that were pretty nasty, but it was pretty dope tho. But i do agree that people made a lot out of the griffin dunk when he pretty much just threw it in the hoop.

  8. Dutch says:

    I Was there!!!! i thought it was just gonna be an oop, but no. He just hung there an threw it down it was sick

  9. alex says:

    LEGIT! u can tell how good a dunk is by the reaction from the opposing team. and yes this is the dunk of the year easy.

  10. Liam says:

    haha look at the Rockets bench

  11. kev56 says:

    just wow second best of the year, i still prefer griffins dunk

  12. aaron says:

    alley-oop of the year sure…not the best dunk of the year though…i seen vince carter do this dunk like 10 times before lol…you wanna see a sick alley-oop go to youtube and watch the vince carter vs. the clippers alley-oop, that was prolly the best alley of all time…..still impressive props to Green

  13. Kenneth says:

    LOL.. look at the reaction of budinger, thabeet, and rockets players on the bench…

  14. Elmo20 says:




    • acaaron says:

      uhhh i dont know if you noticed but there was no one in front of him im sure that if there was, he would of been jumped over

  15. kevin says:

    clearly john schumann wasnt watching vince carter back in toronto if he thinks thats the best in game dunk not only did vince did it once but as i recall three times on multiple occasion. but nice dunk though should be the best dunk of the year hands down hope green stcks to the nba again

  16. Finally a crazy alley pop since Carter’s high flying days…it could possibly be the dunk of the year!

  17. TM says:

    Budinger was like “And I was in the Dunk Contest?!”

  18. Tim G says:

    Reminds me of the good ol Vinsanity days in TO… sigh… what could’ve been

  19. MG20 says:

    IMO this one of the best in game dunks ever. Alley-oop windmill with his head 4 inches above the rim… now that’s special.

  20. Mac says:

    even the rockets bench is loving it.. LOL

  21. Veteran'sTheRock says:

    Wow, I did’nt know Green still plays in the NBA. 😛

  22. Andrew says:

    When the opposite bench reacts like this at your dunk, you know you just did the top dunk of the year!!!

  23. yesssirr says:

    DeShawn Stevenson makes this dunk! haha

  24. Tony says:

    Best in game dunk? Please… do not forget Vince Carter dunks, million times better. I can mention at least 5 dunks from VC. But don’t get me wrong, this was pretty good but VC is VC

  25. Spliftout says:

    Hands down dunk of the year… he was looking in the rim get off Blake’s and Lebron’s you know what

  26. alexrows says:

    now that’s a dunk (not a slap-in). this is how you’re supposed to throw it down! I remember Ricky Davis doing something similar as far as his head above the rim stuff, when he was a rookie in Charlotte. also LeBron jumping to catch a lob against Portland a couple years back. but this is really sick.
    ps: he still didn’t do a complete windmill a la Vince

  27. jan279 says:

    Vince Carter-esque! =)))

  28. travis says:

    wtf!!!!! this is the 1st time i’ve ever seen above the rim dunk!!! you gonna be kidding me!!!! hilarious.. so insane.. that’s yhe bottom line his head above the rim!! 1

  29. Zabir says:

    I was watching this and I was like WOW! What the heck just happened!!!!! By far the BEST dunk I have ever seen. Especially because it was in transition and an Ally-Opp. The Rockets bench was definitely out of their seats!!! Go NETS and Go GERALD GREEN

  30. some guy says:

    You guys are saying you’ve seen Vince Carter do this dunk before, but it’s about how high he got. His CHIN is at the rim. Vince never got up that high.

  31. Atta says:


  32. MaFox says:

    That’s Carteresque right there. wooooooooooo boy

  33. Sentral says:

    This is the best dunk of the year. Both BG and James are way over rated dunkers – they do the same dunks over and over, this dunk is better.

  34. Jacob says:

    Uh, Vince Carter did this multiple times and every time it was more impressive. He’s not the only one, either. If you, or anyone, thinks this is the best in-game dunk ever then you really don’t know basketball. What Griffin did earlier this year was a hundred times more impressive to anyone that watches the game. A poster is infinitely more impressive then someone who everyone knows can jump high jumping high.

  35. Jordan says:

    10 years ago this would be an average in game dunk from Vince Carter

  36. Jose says:

    Green was great but the best in game dunk I’ve ever seen was the Vince Carter over Zo Dunk which was a much bigger mid air collision than Griffin’s even.

    All are top ten dunks EVER!!!

  37. Clutch City says:

    Dunk of the year can be up for discussion but not all time.
    – VC had a perfect windmill off the backboard
    – VC also jumped over a 7 footer which imo is the best of all time
    – like i said.. this is good for the season but not all time

  38. vivek-nj says:

    effortlessly masterful dunk. got me up from my seat. welcome back Ger

  39. Dan says:

    This is absolutely the best dunk of the season even with lebron and griffins insane dunks. The height that he has in transition during a game and then to windmill it? Just magnificent. The only IN GAME dunk I think would be better and that would be barely is Vince Carters over the 7 footer

  40. Dan says:

    And then to see the Rockets bench react like that, hilarious!!!

  41. dwight ledwell says:

    In the game, catching an alley pop for a windmill?!?!?! Maybe not THE best, but one of the best in game dunks i have EVER seen. Definitely best this year.

  42. Michael says:

    I don’t normally go to crazy over some of The “LeBron” or “Griffin” dunks. Dunk of the year and all that, but this has honestly got to be easily one of the most impressive dunks I’ve ever seen. I’m young so I’m not going to say it’s one of the greatest dunks ever, but well yeah maybe it sort of is but a lot of people mention Vince doing this multiple times so… but Gerald’s entire head is practically above the rim. A windmill! Off an alley-oop?! Ridiculousness. More impressive DUNK than Griffin, and way more impressive than Bron. He could have easily jumped over John Lucas.

  43. ASP says:

    Best in game dunk was by JR Smith the other year when he dunked on Gary Neal I believe it was.

  44. kris says:

    You know its an insane dunk when the opponents bench gets shivers down their spines!

  45. Rida Morocco says:

    Carter did it ? what??? when? I’m watching NBA since the 80’s and no one did it before… Yo basket ball fans, that’s the best dunk ever, best alley-oop ever, best jump ever! I’m a griffin, James, Jordan, Dominic Wilkins, bla bla bla fan & a basket ball player… I could certify that no one dunked like this before so please and it’s the best dunk ever… dunk of the year DEFINITELY

    • Telcontar says:

      Dunk of the year, yessir
      but check out vince carter top 10 windmills video on youtube……then, see if you don’t feel differently

  46. Rida Morocco says:

    Just seen Vince’s dunks and must admit they are beautiful too!

  47. Jonatan says:

    Best in-game dunk ever seen?? What is going on? People are going crazy about this dunk. I agree that it’s pretty sick, but it’s like everyone appreciates it more because the league is less spectacular than in the past. I don’t get that.
    Remember, Vince Carter used to throw dunks down like this one once every season. Green may be a bit higher, but Carter had way more elegancy and power in his dunks.

  48. b-ball fan says:

    VC did the same dunk in rutcher park. u can check that on youtube. but this was a great dunk. def. dunk of the year 2011-2012. and i agree its a dunk of the year not of all time. i think gerald green is the only player with hops like vc had back in da dayz

  49. kean10 says:

    yeah i agree men, this is an alley-oop windmill dunk. it is just amazing.

  50. chris says:

    ha i love the guy on the rockets bench who stands up the quickly remembers it’s not his team so sits down again hahaha. sick dunk…supreme height and genuine throw down, unlike the blake’s…which was still sick btw, but this is my favourite of the year by far.

  51. Yeaahhh says:

    yess Sirr Carter did it…. but carter extense more, but this man got more elevation

  52. Kobe24 says:

    This dunk is off the hook! Sicka den Sick! Way better than Griffins and Lebrons! Id rather watch Green’s dunk over anybody’s this year.

  53. superslowmo says:

    Like many of Green’s other dunks, this one has style, grace, power, and flight. This should be Dunk of the Year.

  54. Ryan says:

    ha u guys dont understand what it takes to do certain dunks, vince carter did alley oop windmills every chance he got. green got higher up above the rim but vince had full arm extension (which is more difficult) green short-armed it. i agree that lebron is over rated but blake griffin has an explosiveness like no one the nba has ever seen. he does most of his dunks without running full court to get speed built up like green did, blake does it off of pick and roll, one step and jump and still has face at rim, plus he’s able to jump off one foot or two feet like vince. gerald green and jason richardson are strictly two foot jumpers, lebron james and james white are one foot jumpers. if u can do both u are more athletic and a better dunker because u arent limited

  55. Brice says:


  56. anthony says:

    that was routine for VC

  57. jhornechs says:

    BG should get dunk of the year easy

  58. Telcontar says:

    If thats the best dunk he’s ever seen, he really needs to look up the 3 or 4 times, that Vince Carter has done the same thing.
    Oh wait! One of those times it was an alley oop of the backboard capped with a full extension windmill finish.

  59. the analyst says:

    yeahh…not best dunk ever..vince carter alley oop off the backboard windmill when he was a raptor…100 times more aamazing…oh and there was the dunk over the french man.. oh and julius irving behind the back board…oh and michaels half spin dunk on ewing…how quickly people forget their history,