NBA Players Are Just As Sad About Ricky Rubio’s Injury As We Are

by Micah Hart

A sad day in the NBA, as Ricky Rubio‘s sensational rookie season comes to an end thanks to a freak knee injury suffered at the tail end of Friday night’s loss to the Lakers. Rubio has been even better than advertised in his rookie season, and his dazzling passing and infectious enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

This has been a tough season for all the players due to the compressed schedule, and we’ve seen many good players go down with injuries as a result. And as sad as I was when Hawks’ C Al Horford went down, for example, I don’t think any player’s misfortune has been as widely met with dismay as Rubio’s has. Just take a look at the outpouring of support on Twitter from some of the NBA’s zeitgeist when the news broke today:

LeBron James (@KingJames) — S/O to Ricky Rubio! Have a speedy and successful recovery
Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) — Praying the Ricky Rubio has a speedy recovery!
Dwyane Wade(@DwyaneWade) — Ricky Rubio’s injury isn’t 1 that any basketball fan wanted 2 C. He’s had an amazing rookie season & has brought life back 2 a franchise.
Chris Paul (@CP3) — Prayers out to @RickyRubio9 and hoping for a speedy recovery!
Kevin Love (@kevinlove)
— Love my teammate and friend @rickyrubio9. Here’s to a quick recovery. We will miss you.

The recovery time for Rubio’s injury usually takes 6-9 months, which means he will likely miss this summer’s Olympics as well — a big blow to the Spanish national team’s chances. His Spanish mates chimed in as well:

Pau Gasol (@paugasol) —  All my support to my friend and mate @rickyrubio9 after knowing the hard news about the results on his knee injury.
Rudy Fernandez (@rudy5fernandez) — All my support to my friend and mate @rickyrubio9
Jose Calderon (@josemcalderon8) — All my support to my big friend and teammate @rickyrubio9. Hard news about his knee. He’ll be back stronger

Several other NBA players offered their prayers and condolences:

Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) — Prayers to Ricky Rubio. Keep your head up and hoping for a speedy recovery. #Classof09
DeMar DeRozan (@DeMar_DeRozan
) —  A speedy recovery to Rubio!
Mario Chalmers (@mchalmers15) — prayers goin out to @RickyRubio9. No NBA player wants to go thru that. keep ya head up and get that knee stronger
Baron Davis — (@Baron_Davis) Rubio smh. Damn ! Praying for you! Wishing you a speedy recovery. You will be stronger than ever!!!!
DeAndre Jordan (@deandrejordan) — praying that @rickyrubio9 has a speedy and complete recovery…
Greivis Vasquez (@greivisvasquez) — Que triste la lesion de Ricky Rubio, le deseo una pronta recuperacion.
Anthony Tolliver (@ATolliver44) — Praying for @rickyrubio9 ! Extraordinary healing is coming your way! Keep your head up

There aren’t many players in the league with the kind of court vision and offensive creativity that Rubio possesses. Here’s to a complete and total recovery, and hopefully a full season in 2012-13.

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  1. Canary Islander says:

    I feel very sad for RR. I cant imagine the Nba with RR. I spent many nights awake to see Wolves.

  2. Troyerz says:

    To be honest, it’s the first time I really ever ‘watched’ the wolves; it’s since this kid (Rubio) came to the team (no disrespect to K. Love -the Best PF in the Game). With those 2 together, D.Will2 and Co. and the great Adleman we saw some real fun, exciting, winning basketball.

    Feels like they turned back the page a bit, but I know they’ll adjust real quick and start winning again. Rick Adleman can take any D-League team and win big games in the NBA -it’s what he does..

    I Pray a speedy recovery for you Ricky. Keep at your game. God bless.

  3. sincerely late night for many days, going asleep to work just to see Ricky Rubio play makes the most beautiful basketball is providing things that only can come back soon ricky

  4. Aris says:

    Never really watched Wolves basketball until they got Rubio.. I was really waiting for the MRI result and the update about Ricky’s condition. And this is the news that I never wanted to hear. Praying for your fast recovery. 😦

  5. Karlo Garcia says:

    Sad day for NBA. Have a speedy recovery. T-Wolves & Minnesota need u ASAP. Good luck for the recovery, praying it goes smoothly.

  6. Henry says:

    Bad news for basketball fans. tsk! I starting to like the wolves again since KG went to Boston, thanks to Rubio and Love. Praying for speedy recovery idOL!

  7. Ozeluí says:

    What about Kobe Bryant????

  8. Xaviermcdanielwasmyhero says:

    My favorite team is no longer. Well, they weren’t ready for a championship this year, anyway. Maybe they’ll get a good draft pick and a healthy Rubio to go all the way next year. Mucho gracias for all the memories this season, RR!

  9. Gwoei says:

    damn kobe

  10. Justin says:

    Dont lose hope RR. I will pray for your fast recovery

  11. allaroundballer says:

    This season is one of the most interesting. So sad!
    He was not fall that hard. Or made a hard move. The way I see it, if this isn’t happen now then it will be later. Something wrong with Rubio’s knee.

  12. oskar says:

    ANIMO RICKY. Los wolves sin ti no seran lo mismo

  13. katorces says:

    Steve Blake laughing????????

  14. Filamer says:

    He will get back stronger than ever…

  15. mharon says:

    how i wish there was a rule to the nba somethings like that happening. i like kobe when hes young but now he is very unsportsmanship! he knows how to control the game, the ball and especially hes feet.. kobe is not anymore the role-model of fantastic game of the earth.. get well soon ricky, may God be with you always..

    i hope shaqchuck will criticise kobe’s behavior. I LOVE THIS GAME!

    • chasonmeng says:

      Another reason for people to hate Kobe huh?
      You can’t really blame him, he’s just trying to get around the screen. And you can see that Rubio extended his leg a bit too much. I feel bad for minnesota tho, Rubio has had a fantastic rookie season and he gets injured at such a critical time.

    • GrimReaper says:

      LOL.. Kobe unsportsman? That just made my day…
      It wasn’t even a hard foul… The way I see it, that injury to Rubio would happen anyway..
      It seems that the shortened-compact season is taking a toll on his body..

    • ricky fan 9 says:

      look at the clip Kobe was coming out of a potential double team and didnt traplle him . Ricky came and tried to defend while jumpig in which caused the collision and the foul. Just kobe didnt stop till like halfwat thru went ricky was falling.

  16. Frank says:

    Not seeing any posts on here from Kobe…

  17. Zzoe Little says:

    I saw this year, the spanish version of Magic Johnson, and his name his Ricky Rubio. Take it easy, kid, take your time and don’t try to come back too soon.

  18. Edward Baker says:

    I first saw Ricky Rubio in Madrid when he was seventeen, still playing for Joventut de Badalona. Back then he couldn´t shoot at all. He still can´t shoot but he´s improved and will continue to improve. What he had when I first saw him was outsized ball handling ability and singular court vision. All that, which was already superlative at age seventeen, has improved enormously. The ability to see the court and know what it will look like three seconds from now is absolutely uncanny and puts me in mind of Cousy when he first came into the NBA, and Irvin Johnson when he was a freshman at Michigan State. That´s how good RR can be, and combined with his enthusiasm and infectious love of the game, it´s why the injury is such a heart breaker.

  19. wolves says:

    ànims ricky!! torna el més aviat possible a veure si hi ha sort i arribes als jocs olímpics! Sort

  20. KinG LEChoke says:

    I think kobe has nothing to do with his injury.., i know u gonna hate me on this but kobe is just showing his instinct to win.., i like ricky rubio but it’s unfortunate that he got injured…, i always put him in my fantasy roster…,

  21. Dutchie says:

    Maaaan, I was staying up so many nights for that kid. Changed the franchise, gave them a face and the arena filled up again like in the KG days. But his play of late was a signal of bad things to come: he hit that rookie ‘wall’, plus a condensed schedule, and the physical play of his opponents (those screens!) made things worse. Mentally and physically exhausted, injuries were looming, but no-one expected THIS. Heartbreak story of the year. All the best from Holland, hoping he returns even better.

  22. MonnalisaLove42 says:

    First of all none of you would predict that R.R was gonna get injure,yes maybe in the future he was gonna get,but not an injury like this one,maybe a minor injury of weeks maybe days but what has happen to him is bad an you can see is afecting the team a little bit.Now yesteerday Kevin Love injure is finger,he hitted to the hoop and hurt his nail,was his left thumb and it was hurting him so much he was shaking his hand seconds before the third quarter ended,but he came back in the fourt and i think he was O.K but i new it was hurting.When he was on the bench the doctors we’re trying to clean his nail cause its was blooding,i hope he feel much better today.R.R is injure for the rest of the season ,if Kevin Love injures too the moskies season is over so not only R.R is important to the team but also Kevin Love is too and the team because a team without players is not a team,is a waste of time.